Colorado Rockies news: Striking out in Brendan Rodger’s neighborhood

En route to their strong start in 2022, the Rockies have done a good job of socializing and stringing together quality bats. There’s still plenty of room for improvement, but it’s been promising up and down the lineup. While most of the lineup is successful, Brendan Rodgers has one player who got off to an unexpectedly difficult start. The Rockies’ second baseman is expected to make a key contribution at the heart of the lineup after a strong 2021 season in which he batted .284/.328/.470 with 15 homers. Rodgers struggles mightily at the plate, but what’s giving him the most trouble?

Strikeouts, the answer is strikeouts.

In seven games this season, BRod became KRod in a worrying display of plate discipline. In 31 plate appearances, Rodgers is 3 to 27 with 11 strikeouts and just three walks, while his disappointing .111/.194/.111 slash line isn’t a reason to hit the panic button these early weeks. A 36.7% strike rate is something about you have to worry.

The profusion of punchouts is a clear indication that Rodgers currently has no quality approach to the record. Rodgers swings about 50% of the time, which is good. He’s swinging out of zone 38% of the time, that’s bad. He’s making contact 65% of the time overall on swings, which is good. Still, 17% of his swings are swinging strikes and 11% are called strikes, which is bad.

Rodgers has had a lot of success making contacts on the outside of the zone courts in the past, averaging about 60% in each of the last three seasons, but he’s at 53% in 2022. He sees the same percentage of pitches within the zone. But his contact rates across the board have dropped and it shows the league is adjusting him to the point of making it difficult for him to get the racquet to the ball and drive it for base hits.

Baseball Reference shows Rodgers sees approximately 4.44 pitches per plate appearance. That fits his norm, but of his 11 strikeouts, nine were strikeouts. Despite seeing the same number of pitches, he swings more and comes up empty more often.

So far, Rodgers is seeing more sliders and cutters than fastballs and curveballs, which could be a difficult adjustment to begin with. As a result, he has trouble making contact and the pitching sequence from opposing pitchers is enough to throw Rodgers off balance and he swings out of desperate guesswork as opposed to a calculated attacking plan. Yes, it’s not possible to have a perfect plan every time to know what the pitcher is going to throw, but you do need to have an idea of ​​what to look for, and Rodgers has yet to show that approach.

So what can Rodgers do to turn things around? Well, the first thing he can do is get a little more selective and determined at the plate. That means reducing ringing and improving its pitch detection. His contact on pitches within the zone is sufficient enough that results will follow if he puts the ball in play more than he currently does. Increasing discipline naturally leads to increased walking speed, which the Rockies continue to need.

2021 has been a testing year for Brendan Rodgers, but in his second full season as a healthy starter, his racquet must live up to the expectations the Rockies have of him. If that means pushing him down the lineup to take the pressure off him, they might need to think about it. Regardless, the Rockies need Rodgers at bat, and he needs to prove 2021 wasn’t a fluke.


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On the farm

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