Gambling On The Future: Blockchain, Bets, And Cryptocurrency

Last updated 18 April 2022 10:40am (UK time)

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The development of gambling in recent years has turned out to be quite rapid with the help of mobile technology. However, the age-old concept of gambling, or taking a risk, has remained mostly the same for millennia. They existed before mankind even invented printed money or minted coins. In the past, people played with other personal items such as land or livestock. After the first currency was minted in the 7th century, currencies began to be used in gambling. However, gambling remained the same until casinos appeared in the 17th century. Some experts believe that Italy was the birthplace of casinos, and it was from Italy that casinos spread across Europe and eventually found their way to North America.

After centuries of ongoing state and federal litigation, gambling was finally legalized in certain US states like Nevada to support economies during the Great Depression. After that, the allure of gambling spread until it became legal in almost every state. Finally, with the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, online gambling made its debut and eventually grew into a multi-billion dollar industry. So what’s next for this seemingly fluid industry? Only time will tell, but some further advances have already been made and are explained below.

About gambling with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

Playing with cryptocurrency is not only a new trend among gamblers but also seems to be a real next step in the modern evolution of gambling. Additionally, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon, especially because of the blockchain. Blockchain is a technology that has emerged as a game changer in many markets. Thanks to blockchain technology, the internet and online gamblers are taking cryptocurrency casinos to a whole different level. Aside from the anonymity afforded to players and other reasons, cryptocurrency casinos can be played by anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, as technology continues to evolve, online casinos such as Bet88, also need to evolve. As time goes by, we can only assume that cryptocurrencies and other technologies can have a huge impact on how online gambling will change in the future.

Why did people start gambling with cryptocurrency? The number one reason why users worldwide have started playing with this new form of currency is that it ensures that their real money is always safe and secure. Also, blockchain technology allows people who don’t really trust each other (e.g. those involved in gambling) to share their valuable data in a secure way that doesn’t bring them any harm or additional risk. Furthermore, investing their traditional currency in online casinos has always been a challenge as people feared being hacked or scammed. Security and protection is what cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have changed for gambling. Now online players no longer need real money to enjoy the benefits of online casinos. Instead, they can use digital currencies from their digital wallet and invest them anywhere, anytime.

If you are still wondering what blockchain is all about, then you know that it is a decentralized and digital record of all your online transactions using digital assets. Every online transaction is stored as a “block” and added to the existing term or account, hence the nickname Blockchain. It’s basically a database that stores encrypted “blocks” of data that are chained together, creating a ledger of transactions in chronological order. Additionally, every new transaction is timestamped and verified by every blockchain-using person involved in the transactions. The sequence of each block is unique, which explains why blockchain is often associated with a fingerprint – everyone is unique.

In settlement, the concept of cryptocurrency gambling using blockchain will also evolve as technology advances. Experts also speculate that cryptocurrency will be the preferred payment method in the future of online gambling as players become more and more convenient to gamble with digital currencies.

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