What is President Biden up to in Seattle?: Today So Far

  • By now you’ve probably heard that President Biden is visiting Seattle on Friday. If not, well…President Biden is visiting Seattle on Friday.
  • Also, an update is planned for Northwest maps that will rename landmarks with offensive titles.

This post originally appeared in KUOW’s Today So Far newsletter on April 20, 2022.

Biden will be in Portland on Thursday and will be in Seattle the next day, on Earth Day. Which is very fitting as the President is expected to talk about clean energy and the economy. But as NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith tells KUOW Seattle nowThis is another big issue – midterm elections.

“This is spring break for Congress,” Keith said. “Congressmen are back in their districts, and President Biden and the White House see this as an opportunity for him to go to the commons with them and talk about the message Democrats want to spread this mid-election year.”

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The Biden administration was able to push through a bipartisan infrastructure package. Keith says the president is likely to point out parts of this package that address climate change or aim to build more electric vehicle charging stations. But in Seattle, like many other cities, the big questions will revolve around current spikes in spending on everything from gas to groceries.

“I think ‘cutting costs to American families’ is a phrase you’re going to hear a lot as long as inflation is this red-hot concern of the American public,” Keith said. “It’s a massive political responsibility for the president and his party… I’m thinking of the Build Back Better initiative, that stalled legislation in Congress that President Biden has been pushing for, that deals with things like prescription drug prices and child care.” would address costs and college costs and things like that…they haven’t talked about having this problem but what they say is that they’ve done other things to bring costs down for families, so I’ll point that out lay wherever the President goes.”

Hear Keith’s full conversation about Biden’s planned visit here.

It is not yet known where the President will visit during his stay in the city. But I have some Dyer predictions. Local officials will be in tow. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell recently said he spoke to the President and told Biden that the answers to many of America’s problems are in Seattle. I expect Biden to show up at some big tech companies or startups (particularly those involved in energy and new technologies) that would address some of the economic talking points. And finally, I expect Biden to be flying around Seattle to get from place to place. If it takes local roads, expect a lot of closures and traffic jams (more than usual).

I also have a few suggestions for President Biden’s visit that will hit some sweet spots in Seattle:

  • Clean energy and future-oriented companies like Sphere Solar Energy or Rad Bikes. Sure, Seattle is known for big tech companies, but small companies can help normalize green technology and deploy it more widely. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate bikes into a city like Seattle.
  • The Roanoke: That’s where all the Democrats are anyway. I recommend the nachos.
  • With affordability being a big deal, Biden should visit every apartment building in the region — any, take your pick. First, check if there are any vacancies. And secondly, see if he can even qualify for a lease, that is, if he can be the first candidate in line renting at 4 a.m. on open house and making triple the rent and also a Year long pays value of bank statements…

OK. So only the first suggestion was real. Where would you like to see President Biden visit in Seattle?

In non-presidential news, Northwest maps are scheduled for an update. The US Department of the Interior is looking around the country, swapping out names of lakes, mountains, hiking trails and other geographic features with derogatory titles. In Washington, for example, there are 18 mountains, lakes, canyons, valleys, and more that contain the word “squaw.” There are more than 50 such names in Oregon. And Idaho has more than 60 with offensive titles.

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Efforts to rename our local landmarks have already begun. Most take names from nearby historic farms, creeks, etc. There is a suggestion that a remote creek near Forks be renamed “Cullen Creek” which is taken from the famous Twilight books. And that got me thinking. Our region has many unsung heroes and unappreciated attributes. I think we should strategically rename people and things that are culturally significant. I would like to drive over the Cobain Bridge. Or take the Fast Live! Trail (preferably near Kent). Go fishing in Hendrix Lake. And I wouldn’t mind seeing “Tall, Half-Caff, Soy Latte Canyon” on a map.

However, it might be a better idea to ask local tribes what these places were even called and just go with it. Northwest News Network’s Tom Banse has the full story here.


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In 1976, in an abandoned fire station on Seattle’s First Hill, a group of Chicano and Chicana organizers came together to start a Spanish-language community radio station called Radio Cadena. Back in the day, if you were looking for a Spanish-language show with the latest information on Chicano activism — or the farm labor movement — tune in to Radio Cadena. Its founders and volunteers are shown here in front of a transmitter hut overlooking the Yakima Valley. (Courtesy of Rosa Ramón)


The MLS soccer season started earlier this year and the Seattle Sounders are scheduled to play through October. OL Reign is scheduled to start playing in May. Did you know that Seattle is one of the best soccer cities in the USA?

The folks at WalletHub ranked Seattle as the second best city for football fans. Seattle ranks high for some sporting factors, like the performance of our local teams (The Reign and the Sounders) and the dedication of our fans.

And because you’re curious, WalletHub considered more than 295 cities for this list. LA takes first place. And I feel sorry for everyone in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the worst city for soccer fans in the United States.


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Netflix has lost viewers for the first time in 10 years, saying password sharing is to blame

Netflix lost 200,000 U.S. subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, marking its first customer drop in more than a decade. She attributed the losses to factors such as increased competition, the Ukraine-Russia conflict and password sharing.


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