The Glaivier Advanced Class is coming to Lost Ark

A new Lost Ark class is expected to be released later this week. The Glaivian and advanced martial arts class is coming very soon and like its martial arts cousins, it has a dynamic playstyle.

The Glaivian alternates between two stances, which are essentially a “fast” stance and a “force” stance. The Focus stance uses the Glaivian’s short spear to unleash a flurry of hits, while the heavy “Flurry” stance switches to the glaive for powerful, deadly hits. Switching between the two stances grants the Glaivier various bonuses, such as increased movement speed, attack speed, damage, or critical damage.

When it comes to engraves, the choice is simple: if you like to switch styles and use the entire inventory of skills, choose the Pinnacle class engrave. If you want to stay in the Focus style and simply slay enemies, go for the Control class engraving.

You can read the full Glaivier preview below to help you prepare for its release.

heroes of arkesia,

The Glaivian will arrive in Arkesia later this week! Practicing an artistic and deadly form of martial art, the Glaivian carves her way through the battlefield, weaving together attacks with her spear and glaive. In this Lost Ark Academy you will find information to help you plan the skills and engravings you want to use to level up your Glaivian and how to catch up with your existing characters.

To prepare for the release of the new Martial Artist Advanced Class on April 21st, learn more about the Glaivier’s unique playstyle, class engravings, and abilities.

Stance swapping & dual meters

The Glaivian has two distinct skillsets to trade between – Focus and Flurry – with each stance and skillset represented by one of her two weapons. The shorter Spear is used to unleash a furious barrage in Focus Stance, while the longer Glaive uses Flurry Stance for graceful killing blows and long-range attacks. While certain builds can draw your attention to one of these weapons, an effective Glaivian can maximize their potential by balancing the two stances and building energy in one stance that grants a powerful stat boost when switching to the other.

While you can press [Z] With the ability to switch weapons at any time and switch between Focus and Flurry stances, the Glaivian specialty is their “Dual Meter”. Over time and as you hit enemies with abilities, your Dual Meter charges up and fills three segments. Switching uses the Counter Energy you’ve accumulated, granting increasingly powerful boosts based on the Counter level you’ve reached. These bonuses are based on the stance you switch to.

Switching from Flurry to Focus:

  • Dual Meter Level 1 grants a 5% movement speed bonus

  • Dual Meter Level 2 grants 10% movement speed and 10% damage bonus

  • Dual Meter Level 3 grants a bonus of 15% Movement Speed, 10% Damage, and 25% Crit Damage

Switching from Focus to Flurry:

  • Dual Meter Level 1 grants a 5% bonus attack speed

  • Dual Meter Level 2 grants 10% attack speed and 10% damage bonus

  • Dual Meter Level 3 grants a bonus of 15% attack speed, 10% damage and 25% crit damage

Next we will look at how we can further improve or remove the stance change mechanic with engravings.

Glaivier engravings

Like all Advanced Classes in lost ark, The Glaivian will have two class-specific engravings, each based on a different playstyle.


Pinnacle Engraving continues and enhances the Glaivier’s stance-shifting nature. It replaces the Dual Meter Stage 3 effect and grants increasingly powerful bonuses as you progress through the three levels of Engraving.


Not a fan of stance changes but still want to play the Glaivier? This is the engraving for you. Control disables focus stance, but increases Flurry ability damage by 18% at level 1, 27% at level 2, and 36% at level 3. While you have access to fewer skills and cannot trade bonuses for them, the damage increase will give you help deliver a punch.

Feiton power pass

Last Tip – Want to play the Glaivier? Get a head start with the new Powerpass! In the April update, all player accounts will be granted a Feiton Power Pass to accompany the release of the Glaivier. The Feiton Power Pass will work like the Vern Power Passes available to players in the launch version of Lost Ark– Once you’ve completed that continent’s story, you can use it to take an alternate character to that point in the game. If you’ve already completed Feiton, you’ll be able to use the power pass right away on your new Glaivier (or another character if this deadly martial artist isn’t your thing). If you haven’t made it to Feiton yet but are getting closer to your main character, it might be worth asserting yourself so you don’t have to start from scratch with your new Glaivian – unless you want to relive the main character’s story!

Below is a full list of the Glaivian’s abilities, but if you’re interested in seeing some video demonstrations, be sure to check them out Advanced class page for the Glaivier.

Flurry posture skills

  • double punch — Strike 2 times with your spear and deal damage.

  • windsplitter — Strike your spear in multiple directions, dealing damage and pulling enemies towards you.

  • Punching slash — Swing your spear madly while moving forward, dealing damage 3 times, followed by a final blow that deals damage. Airborne enemies will be re-launched when hit.

  • Wheel of Blades — Turn sideways and deal damage 3 times, followed by a final hit that deals damage. Airborne enemies hit by the Spinning Attack are launched again into the air and then knocked down with the final blow.

  • flash kick — Use your spear as leverage to advance forward and deal damage 3 times, followed by a powerful kick that deals damage.

  • Vault Stick – Insert your spear into the ground and somersault, dealing damage and knocking enemies into the air.

  • Blue dragon claw — Move forward, deal damage, then twist your spear to deal damage 6 times and retreat. Airborne enemies will be re-launched when hit.

  • Crescent Strike — Drag your spear across the ground while moving forward, dealing damage 2 times, followed by a diagonal uppercut that deals damage. Enemies hit are thrown into the air.

  • chain slash — Strike upwards with your spear to deal damage and knock enemies into the air, then strike with your spear while moving forward and dealing damage. After that, hit 2 times in the opposite direction and deal damage. Airborne enemies will be re-launched when hit.

  • cutting wind — Move past enemies to deal damage 3 times and return to your position to deal damage.

  • soul cutter — Glide forward and swing your spear to deal damage before immediately backing away and crouching. Use the skill again to charge forward and deal damage 2 times, then quickly swing your spear left and right for a final damaging blow. Airborne enemies will be re-launched when hit.

  • Furious Dragon Strike — Expand your spear and rotate it 360 degrees to deal damage and knock back enemies.

  • spear diving — Leap up and thrust your spear forward, damaging nearby enemies before performing a rotating kick attack that deals damage 4 times. Use the skill again to land at the target location, swing your spear, and deal damage.

  • Captivating blue dragon — Twist your spear where you’re standing and knock it down with force, creating a shockwave that deals damage. Enemies hit by this skill see a reduction in Crit Resistance.

Focus on standing skills

  • Spiral spear — Lower your stance and thrust your spear to deal damage.

  • 4-headed dragon — Thrust your spear in front of you 8 times, dealing damage, followed by a final thrust that deals even more damage.

  • blast of destruction — Gather energy on your spear, damaging enemies at close range, then thrust forward and release a beam of energy that deals damage and knocks enemies back.

  • Starfall Leap — Leap within range of the target location and upon landing, create a shockwave that deals damage and knocks enemies into the air. You can change direction before landing.

  • Defense of the Dragonscales — Block front attacks with your spear and negate damage proportional to your max HP. If you successfully block an attack within 1.1 seconds, thrust your spear forward 2 times to deal damage.

  • Horn of the Red Dragon — Hold the skill hotkey to focus your mind and gather energy, then aim and thrust your spear at a 90 degree angle at an enemy in a 12 meter radius and deal damage. Hit the perfect zone to extend attack range up to 16 meters, dealing damage and knocking back enemies.

Awakening Abilities

Yeon-style spear technique: Speer Meteor

  • Perform an attack at the target location. Jump backwards while looking ahead, focus the energy on your spear and throw it at the target area. The spear hits the ground to deal damage, then causes an explosion that deals damage and knocks enemies back with the final hit.

Yeon-style Spear Technique: Charging Red Dragon

  • Focus and thrust your spear in front of you to deal damage, then pull back to deal damage and pull enemies closer. After that, swing your spear and deal damage 5 times, followed by a series of jabs that deal damage 8 times. Move past enemies and perform a final blow that deals damage and knocks enemies back.

Thanks for attending another Lost Ark Academy! We look forward to watching you master the Glaivian’s abilities later this week on the battlefields of Arkesia. If you are new Lost Ark, we’ve put together a playlist of tutorials and guides to help you keep up to date on our YouTube channel. Learn from some knowledgeable ones Lost Ark Players and content creators in the Lost Ark Academy YouTube playlist.

See you in Arkesia!

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