Baseball quiz: Oh, the things you’ll learn

I consider and to be two of the greatest websites ever created.

I recently Googled Liz Sheridan, the actress who played Jerry Seinfeld’s mother on “Seinfeld.” I’m constantly learning things from obituaries and quizzes like this one that I find. Ms. Sheridan recently passed away and I learned that her childhood nickname was “Dizzy” when she was young and that she had a hot and intense romance with yet to be discovered actor James Dean. Once, while traveling, they met a pirate captor. That’s when she realized that if she and Dean got married, she would be “Dizzy Dean,” just like the pitcher.

One more thing, if you’re Googling Cubs rep Keegan Thompson, who was recently (and oddly) suspended, don’t confuse him with “Saturday Night Live’s” Kenan Thompson or Keegan-Michael Key, who starred alongside Jordan Peele in Comedy Central’s Key & Peele sketch series.

Enjoy the quiz and don’t google the answers.

1. Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, I’ve got a bad muscle strain. In the White Sox’s first week of the season, three players with ouchies went on the injured list. One had a tight abdomen, one had a tight oblique, and one had tight hamstrings. Which player had which injury?

a. AJ Pollock struggled…

b. Lucas Giolito made an effort …

c. Yoan Moncada tightened his…

2. Who was the last Chicago player to wear Jackie Robinson’s legendary No. 42?

a. Ron Kittel

b. Bruce Sutter

c. Glenallen Hill

i.e. Scott Rufcorn

3. The Dodgers recently had their home opener. Dodger Stadium opened on April 10, 1962 and is celebrating its 60th anniversary this season. Only Boston’s Fenway Park (1912) and Chicago’s Wrigley Field (1914) are older. Earlier this season, the home team was 2,757-1,989 (.581) at Dodger Stadium. Which Chicago team had a better home record earlier this season?

a. The young

b. The White Sox

c. Same (within 20 wins)

4. I’ve been thinking about how Chicago new favorite Seiya Suzuki started this season and I’ve been wondering: Which cub had the longest hitting streak to start a season?

a. Ron santo

b. Glen Beckert

c. Vance law

i.e. Bryan LaHair

5. Hall of Famer “Goose” Gossage pitched for both the White Sox and the Cubs. He was not born with the first name “Gans”. What is his real first name?

a. Grant

b. Dove

c. Richard

i.e. August

6. A winning formula in baseball is win games, win streaks, win weeks and win months. In 2021, the White Sox recorded over .500 win odds in all six months of the season. It was the first time they’d done that in what season?

a. 2008

b. 2005

c. 1963

i.e. 1959

7. Clayton Kershaw’s brilliant first game of the season got me thinking about perfect games. Felix Hernandez pitched baseball’s last perfect game. This question gives you a chance to get four correct answers (I’m a glass-half-full guy). Was each of these great inventions launched before or after Felix’ Perfecto?

a. The iPod

b. Netflix

c. Facebook

i.e. The self-draining Roomba

8. Robert Lamm, the keyboardist and singer of “Chicago,” wrote “25 or 6 to 4,” where the title referred to the time of day: either 3:35 p.m. (25 to 4) or 3:34 (26 to 4 p.m.). 4). I’ve always thought of it as 25 or “624”. With that in mind, what’s the only franchise with a team that finished a season with a win ratio of .624?

a. Boys

b. White socks

c. Giants

i.e. brave

9. Everyone knows that Wrigley Field is the MLB’s second oldest ballpark (honestly, how many times do I have to repeat that?). It was one of seven parks to host a game on opening day that season. Four of them are below. List them in order from oldest to newest.

a. Kauffman Stadium

b. chase field

c. angel stadium

i.e. Busch Stadium


1. Luckily, the quiz master didn’t bother asking himself this question. Here are the injured Sox: Lucas Giolito (abdominal strain), Yoan Moncada (oblique abdominal strain) and AJ Pollock (upper thigh strain).

2. The Cubs have gone 2,489-2,265 (.524) at Wrigley, and the Sox have gone 2,545-2,186 (.538) at their stadiums.

3. Each of the named players wore the No. 42 in Chicago. The last player to wear the No. 42 for the Cubs was Glenallen Hill in 1993. But the last player to wear the No. 42 for the Sox was Scott Ruffcorn in the Year 1996 -336) with 22 doubles, seven triples, five home runs and 43 RBI.

4. In 1988, Vance Law had hits in the Cubs’ first 16 games of the season.

5. Gossage’s real first name is Richard (his family called him Rick), and boy scouts called him Rich. A spring training roommate, Tom Bradley, thought he looked like a goose when he peered at signs, and the nickname was born.

6. In 1963, the White Sox finished second in the American League, 94-68, 10½ games behind the Yankees. There were no divisions, no wild cards – just golf.

7. On August 15, 2012, Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez threw for the 23rd and final perfect game in MLB history. The iPod came out in 2010. Netflix was launched in 1997 and started streaming movies in 2007. Facebook became a major source of misinformation for hundreds of millions of people around the world starting in 2004. In 2018, iRobot launched the Roomba i7+ — the first robot vacuum that “frees customers from all aspects of vacuuming for weeks, start to finish,” the company’s CEO claimed.

8th. Since 1901, two teams have finished with odds of .624. Each won the National League pennant and each lost the World Series to the Yankees: the 1951 New York Giants and the 1962 San Francisco Giants.

9. Angel Stadium (1966), Kauffman Stadium (1973), Chase Field (1998) and Busch Stadium (2006).

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