Ian Jurgensen’s 6-goal night could be Ames boys soccer turning point

Ian Jürgensen had to breathe.

The 2022 boys’ soccer season got off to a frustrating start for Ames ahead of last Tuesday’s game in Mason City. The Little Cyclones had only played three games up to that point due to poor weather conditions and had no tournaments scheduled over the weekend, so the boys were getting a little nervous.

To make matters worse, the Little Cyclones had only scored two goals overall in the games they got into. Jurgensen was yet to score after scoring five goals in 14 games last year and he was struggling with a sore ankle to boot.

“I was angry,” said Jürgensen. “During training, I felt like I wasn’t doing anything. I was trying to focus on the bus ride there (to Mason City) and find the right mindset.”

Whatever he did to focus on Mason City worked.

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Ian Jurgensen helped the Ames boys' soccer team break out of jitters with 6 goals in a 10-0 win at Mason City last Tuesday.  Jurgensen's amazing performance started a fire among the Little Cyclones, who earned another 10-0 win over Fort Dodge in Ames on Friday.

Jurgensen scored six goals against the Mohawks as Ames rolled to a 10-0 win.

“Ian was a man on a mission,” said Ames head coach Ryan McGowan. “The boys always found him. He was really good at connecting with his teammates, then getting behind (the defence) and finishing the crosses that came into the box. Ian was everywhere Tuesday night.”

Jürgensen brought his six goals to 14 shots. He finished a goal short of the school record of seven singles games set by Dylan Martinez in 2000 against Newton.

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