PREP BASEBALL: IML-leading Timberlake splits with Kellogg

OSBURN — Wyatt Kitchin went 2 for 4 with three RBIs and a run made for the Timberlake Tigers in a 13-3 win over the Kellogg Wildcats in the first game of an Intermountain League doubleheader on Saturday at Morehouse Field.

In the nightcap, Luke Frohlich scored to score Brayden Hoffman with the winning run as the Wildcats rallied with three runs at the bottom of seventh place to win 8-7 and earn the split.

Caden Robinett scored 11 in 4 ⅔ innings in the first game for Timberlake.

Timberlake (10-4, 6-2 IML) hosts Priest River on Tuesday.

Kellogg (7-7, 5-3) travels to Bonners Ferry on Tuesday.


Timberlake 413 110 3 — 13 13 0

Kellogg 010 101 0 — 3 4 3

Caden Robinett, Grant Allaway (5) and Joseph Borges; Brayden Hoffman, Reed Whatcott (4), Austin Clapper (7) and Luke Merry.

HITS: TL – Wells, Lenz 2, Horn 2, Armes, Allaway 3, Kitchin 2, Gallimore 2. Kell – Rainio, Silva, Eixenberger, Whatcott. 2B — Eixenberger.


Timberlake 100 105 0 — 7 12 4

Kellogg 101 030 3 — 8 10 1

Wyatt Kitchin, Andrew Horn (7) and Joseph Borges; Travis Eixenberger, Asher Goodner (6) and Luke Froehlich.

HITS: TL – Wells 3, Robinett 2, Allaway 2, Borges 2, Kitchin 2, Gallimore. Kell – Rainio 2, Silva 2, Eixenberger 2, Whatcott, Fröhlich 2, Clapper. 2B — Robinett, Eixenberger 2, Whatcott. 3B — Rainio.

Lewiston 4-9

Sand point 1-6

SANDPOINT — The Bulldogs had their chances before being swept by the visiting and leading Inland Empire League Bengals at War Memorial Field.

“This is the best we’ve played all year,” said Sandpoint coach Chase Tigert. “We came out and played with intensity, it’s something I’ve been looking for all year. Today was a huge step forward for us.”

Sandpoint (2-9, 0-8 IEL) had a 4-2 lead over Lewiston after three innings in the nightcap — but Lewiston (14-4, 9-3) responded quickly with a two-run inning at the top of the fourth to bind the game.

After a goal from Auggie Lehman at the end of the fifth, Sandpoint took the lead 6-5.

“(Auggie) Lehman did a great job,” Tigert said. “He’s back from a two-week break with an ankle injury.”

Lehman also started on the mound for Sandpoint. He went four innings, allowed four runs and struck out one.

Lewiston brought home two runners at the top of sixth to regain their 7-6 lead.

The Bengals kept the Bulldogs scoreless at the end of the sixth to retain a one-run lead. Lewiston loaded the bases into the top of the seventh. Zeke Roop went back-to-back batters, resulting in Lewiston scoring from the inning with two runs remaining in the final.

Once Sandpoint started to bat, it loaded the pockets with two outs when Austin Dillion came up to bat.

Lewiston pitcher Cruz Hepburn knocked out Dillion to complete the sweep.

“We had an hour-long talk yesterday at practice about the mental side of baseball,” Tigert said. “The children understand what it takes to be resilient and competitive.”

Senior Ethan Butler hit Sandpoint’s first home run of the season at the bottom of the third inning

“It couldn’t have happened to a better kid,” Tigert said. “He’s always working. He put a lot of work into the team. I’m really proud of him.”

Sandpoint hosts Moscow in an IEL doubleheader on Tuesday.


Lewiston 101 001 1 – 4 6 1

Sand Point 000 001 0 — 1 3 3

Killian Fox and Jake Ferger. Colin Roos, Jack Ringer (5) and Kohlton Wagoner.

HITS: Lew – Edminson, Bensching, Barden, Fox, Kolb. Late — Zimmerman, Dillon, Sherrill. 2B—Fuchs, Edminson, Sherrill.


Lewiston 200 212 2 — 9 10 3

Sand point 112 020 0 — 6 4 0

Carson Kolb, Cruz Hepburn (6) and James McCoy. Auggie Lehman, Jack Ringer (5), Zeke Roop (7) and Kohlton Wagoner.

HITS: Lew – Edminson 2, Hepburn 3, Fuchs, Kolb 3, Massey. Spt — Zimmermann, Butler 2, Turner. Human Resources – Butler.

Bonn ferry 37-10

Priest River 1-0

PRIEST RIVER — Trey Bateman and Roger Naylor teamed with a one-hitter in the opener, and Tiegan Banning fanned out eight with a one-hitter in the nightcap as the visiting Badgers beat the Spartans in the Intermountain League game.

In the first game, Banning doubled and tripled and went 4 for 6 with four RBIs and four runs scored for Bonners Ferry (8-10, 5-3 IML). Trey Bateman was 3 for 6 with four RBIs and four runs for the Badgers, and Blake Rice doubled and drove in four runs. Naylor and Bo Bateman drove four runs each.

In the second game, Rice went 3 for 4 with a triple and two RBIs.

Priest River’s pitchers (2-12, 0-8) went nine and hit 13 batters in the first game. Everett Hannah hit eight in 4.2 innings in the second game.

On Tuesday, Priest River travels to Timberlake and Bonners Ferry hosts Kellogg in IML doubleheaders.


Bonner’s Ferry (16)53 (12)1 — 37 20 2

Priest River 000 01 — 1 1 7

Trey Bateman, Roger Naylor (5) and Teigan Banning; Colton Brooks, Kyle Patterson (1), Kerrick Isenberger (2), Landon Reynolds (4) and Tyson Troudt.

HITS: BF — B. Bateman 2, Th. Batemann, Tr. Bateman 3, Rice, Banning 4, Newell 2, Dahl, Willis, Schulte 2, Naylor 2, Duffy. PR — Berns. 2B – Banning, B. Bateman, Rice. 3B – Prohibition.


Bonn ferry 221 05 — 10 8 0

Priest Flow 000 00 — 0 1 5

Tiegan Banning and Trey Bateman; Everett Hannah, Charles Bennett (5) and Tyson Troudt.

HITS: BF — B. Bateman 2, Tr. Bateman 2, Reis 3, Schulte. PR—Patterson. 2B – T. Bateman. 3B – Rice.

St. Mary 7-18

Orofino 1-8

ST. MARIES — Dylan Larson had five RBIs on the opener, including a three-run home run at the bottom of the fifth for the Lumberjacks, who defeated the Maniacs in first-place Central Idaho League play.

Larson also had a double in two runs in the fourth inning and Wyatt Holmes scored 11 in the opener for St. Maries, who started the day with just one win all season.

On the nightcap, Eli Villa had four hits and three runs, Tyler Olson had five RBIs for the Lumberjacks to get the sweep.

Dillion Holder had two hits and three RBIs in the second game for St. Maries (3-8, 2-2 CIL) hosting Wednesday’s Potlatch.

Orofino is 12-4-1, 4-3.


Orofino 000 000 1 — 1 3 2

St. Mary 000 430 x — 7 7 0

Tryston Erbst, Dash Barlow (4) and Silas Naranjo; Wyatt Holmes, Trace Wicks (7) and Dillon Holder.

HITS: Oro – Drobish, Olive, Bradbury. SM – Wicks 2, Holmes, Larson 2, Olson, Abell. 2B—Abell, Larson. Human Resources—Larson.


Orofino 301 040 — 8 8 5

St. Marien 003 (10)05 — 18 17 1

The game was called due to the 10 run rule with 2 outs at the end of the 6th inning.

John Wicks, Landon Hudson (4) and Eddy Harrison; Brock Anderson, Dillon Holder (4) and Tyler Olson.

HITS: Oro – Hanna 2, Harrison 3, Wicks 2, Karling. SM – Wicks 2, Anderson 3, Olson 2, Abell, Gibson 2, Holder 2, Renner, Villa 4. 2B – Harrison, Wicks, Holder, Olson, Wicks, Villa. 3B — Racer.

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