Play-to-Earn P2E Cricket Game Cricket Star Manager IDO Launch Slated for 25 April 2022 Aims to become One of the Top-10 Cricket Gaming Platforms in India by 2023

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The platform generates NFTs by stadiums and players, both evolving over time to increase player income while creating unique sellable tokens through the in-game marketplace

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsVoir)

Cricket Star Manager (CSM), a full-featured blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform with a mobile-first approach, is poised to launch its Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on April 25, 2022 at the StarLaunch Platform to Launch The launch of Cricket Star Manager IDO is a significant step in supporting the development and execution of the first-ever P2E cricket manager game to rival the most successful sports manager games.

To help deliver a stunning sports management game, CSM has drawn on the knowledge and experience of the best and brightest in crypto and gaming. CSM has closed its strategic investment round – raising $2M in collaboration with prominent VCs and founders in the crypto space including Black Edge Capital, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), Ethernal Labs, Banter Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Solidity Ventures, Oddiyana Ventures, Prometeus Labs,, Maven Capital, Paribus Ventures, Vorto Gaming and a star team of angel investors. By analyzing the current field of blockchain-led developments worldwide, building this unique game will enable CSM to grow its sports fan community in India and around the world.

Speaking about the blockchain-based gaming market and the uniqueness of CSM, Daniel Thomas, co-adviser for the Southeast Asia region, CSM said: “CSM has a strong focus on becoming one of the leading providers of P2E mainstream adoption, with managers , who are able to play the game without having to pay any form of entry fee or purchase a specific token to get started, which is different from many other blockchain games. The goal is to provide players with a fun and addictive gaming experience while providing a potentially life-changing income stream for loyal and active players. The project roadmap is clear and achievable with long-term appeal and benefits for both players and collectors. The CSM team will be working with some of the biggest cricket stars in the world.”

How CSM works

Cricket Star Manager players have the opportunity to build and manage their own cricket team. As a player in CSM, anyone can create their own cricket team, start in the lowest leagues alongside other novices and, just like in the real world, climb up the divisions to compete for the highest title in their country. As a manager game, CSM isn’t a fantasy sports game per se (no hefty licensing fees for acquisition and renewal). However, to add an extra (fantasy) layer, CSM will introduce gamified NFTs as playing cards into the game.

The game will feature both competitive (PvP) and non-competitive (PvE) game modes. Managers have the opportunity to compete in league matches, win championship titles while accumulating a variety of NFT-based in-game assets. These assets include new cricketers for their teams, stadiums that can be used to host matches and more. NFT-based in-game assets will vary in rarity and utility, and will be tradable on a native Cricket Star Manager P2P marketplace. As a P2E title, players win a share of in-game currency (USD CRIX tokens) up for grabs with each game. But active players aren’t the only ones who benefit from engaging with the game. Stadium owners will also receive a portion of these tokens for hosting a PvP match.

About Cricket Star Manager (CSM)

The Cricket Star Manager team is made up of gaming and blockchain industry veterans, including the founders of Gold Town Games. Drawing on the experience and success of its previous title, World Hockey Manager, with over two million downloads and over 100 million games played, the CSM team is developing a P2E game that targets a huge, overlooked niche and massive fanbase and at the same time something gives our users not only a great gaming experience, but also an opportunity to earn real rewards for playing.

Built on the fastest growing crypto ecosystem – the decentralized Solana blockchain – you can develop your player and team and play to make money or just play for fun.

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