Badminton DVC Doubles Championship 04.28.22

The Badminton DVC Doubles Championship is hosted by Naperville Central where Metea Valley’s Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok win the title. This highlight is sponsored by BMO Harris Bank.

Always a fun time at the DVC doubles championships with six teams who know each other so well. Naperville Central is hosting this season.

A doubles in the quarterfinals

The quarter-final round begins with Neuqua Valley trio Bhavi Barnwal and Nayoon Lee taking on Cassie Chen and Dhriti Vaitla in a doubles match.

The Warriors are both high potential freshmen. Cassie Chen with some lightning quick reactions to this return giving green and gold the point.

Later in the game, Vaitla hit some hard returns near the back line, but Lee and Barnwal used their experience to pull back and advance in straight sets. Chen and Vaitla are fifth.

One doubles third place

Now later in the tournament we move for third place in a doubles matchup. Rosana Liang and Connie Lu from Naperville North against Michell Hu and Hanna An from Naperville Central. A very even matchup with both teams talented enough to win the whole.

In the first set we are offered a good, fast rally. Liang somehow gets her bat up in time to keep him alive. The Redhawks can’t make the return. Point for the huskies.

Unsurprisingly, each team wins one of the first two sets. In the third set, Hu and An force Connie Lu to work hard on the defensive line and set up a smash to secure Naperville Central third place in the match.

Two doubles third place

Now for doubles number two and the third place matchup between Simi Kama and Jessica Pei of Naperville Central versus Bibiane Kan and Kotryna Petreikyte of Naperville North.

Another Huskie and Redhawk battle it out for third place, with Central serving after winning the first set. A volley between the teams before Kan places a backhand lob in the perfect spot in the back corner. North pushes that to a tiebreaker in the third set.

In set three, however, the central control. Pei works the back on the returns and then Kama with a great overhand drop shot. The Redhawks also take third place in two doubles.

Championship in doubles

Still in doubles with Championship finishers Anjana Viswanathan and Riya Alwala of Metea Valley against Neuqua Valley’s Aarush Choudhary and Cynthia Zhang.

The Mustangs defeated Kan and Petreikyte from the North to reach the championship game. A nice soft touch on that backhand from Viswanathan shows why these two were the top seeds to enter the tournament.

The Wildcats defeated Central’s Kama and Pei to secure their spot in the finals. Some good teamwork from these two as Choudhary ends the point with a smash. Neuqua wins the first set 21-16.

But Metea Valley will not just disappear. Alwala with a well-placed shot that falls over the net and quickly sinks to the point helps the Mustangs force a third set to decide the two doubles champions after a 21-15 result.

Neuqua leads 22-21, just a point away from victory. Again we see good chemistry in the Cats. Choudhary slides in and drops a shot at the empty spot on the floor. The Wildcats complete the surprise win in three sets.

A doubles championship

Now we go to the one doubles championship game. Bhavi Barnwal and Nayoon Lee advance to the finals after defeating Naperville Central in the semifinals. Metea Valley has its top duo back together as Vivian Kok reunites with longtime partner Sophia Wang, who is back from injury.

So many great shots in this type of matchup. Here Barnwal using two back-to-back drop shots to get the point. Neuqua Valley slips past 21-19 in set one.

Metea Valley is so hard to put down. Wang with the initial return until Vivian Kok dropped a nice shot from the back of the court. Mustangs control set two with 21-14 points.

Neuqua Valley dropped everything in the third set with the DVC doubles title at stake. Wang and Kok return with a barrage of quick shots, but Nayoon Lee is always there to send back the birdie. A mighty rally until a Metea shot is too low for Lee to get back over the net. You see the Wildcats’ synchronized disappointment as the Mustangs win the third set 21-15. Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok from Metea Valley are the double DVC champions.

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