The best video games of April 2022

April was relatively quiet on the gaming front after a busy first quarter for video game releases. There have only been a few notable AAA releases, so indie games have had more time to shine. Although April didn’t have any elden ringlevel release, many more great games were released in the last month.

Looking back at April 2022, five video games and a brand new system stand out in particular. If you’re wondering what new games to play in this slower age, check out these titles.

Nintendo Switch Sports

The Nintendo Switch finally got its own Wii sports successor this month. Nintendo Switch Sports features simplified versions of sports like bowling, soccer, volleyball, badminton, chambara, and tennis that use the Joy-Con’s motion controls and are fun for the whole family. It offers full online support and will be updated with new sports including golf in the future.

Nintendo Switch Sports is exactly what it needs to be,” wrote Digital Trends’ Giovanni Colantonio in a three-and-a-half star review for the game. “It’s an intuitive Wii-era sports mini-game package with finer motion controls and full online integration. Addictive activities like bowling and badminton make it one of the best multiplayer party games on the Switch, although overly complicated mini-games like soccer take away from the series’ simple appeal.”

Wii sports is one of the most ubiquitous video games out there, so it’s good to know Nintendo Switch Sports lives up to its name even if it doesn’t reinvent the formula. This isn’t a complex title, but it’s the next great multiplayer party game for Nintendo Switch.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

TT Games’ latest Lego title has been a long time coming, and its scope matches its development time. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga features retelling of all nine classic Star Wars main films in one massive game filled with large hub worlds based on iconic planets. It doesn’t always go well together, but there’s certainly no shortage of fun here.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is the most immersive Lego game in years thanks to its deeper gameplay and all the faithfully recreated Star Wars locations for players to explore,” I wrote in a three-star review. “But like the protagonists of every Star Wars trilogy, The Skywalker Saga has an identity crisis.”

Although I was a bit more mixed than some at the game, The Skywalker Saga certainly has its merits and will be an adorable game for kids and families. If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan and plan on spending a lot of time exploring once you’ve worked through all nine films, then you’ll enjoy it Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

MLB The Show 22

A pitcher throws a ball in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 is the latest baseball simulation from Sony’s San Diego Studio. It’s one of the rare Sony games that isn’t a PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show 22 is also available this year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch with full crossplay and cross-progression support. Not much has changed since then MLB The Show 21but MLB The Show 22 is still the most comprehensive baseball game currently available. You can take a player to the big leagues in Road to the Show, play a faster season than your favorite team from March to October, or collect player cards to create a dream team in Diamond Dynasty. It’s all here and as polished as ever.

“Of course, MLB The Show 22′‘s gameplay is also just in a really good place,” I previously wrote when discussing how MLB The Show 22 is a fantastic fit for Xbox Game Pass. “Pitching, batting and fielding all have a lot of depth and different control schemes, although these mechanics are the same as last year.”

It won’t blow your mind, but this is another excellent baseball sim for fans of the sport that’s as relaxing or exciting as they like. And now that it’s available on both Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch, MLB The Show 22 is available to almost everyone. Hopefully we’ll get a PC port next year.

tear down

In Teardown, a building explodes.

tear down is one of several outstanding indie games leaving Early Access this month. In it, players conduct raids in levels that have fully destructible environments. This detailed level of destruction gives the player a lot of freedom in achieving objectives, making it an unforgettable immersive simulation.

“It might look like it Minecraft Mod at first glance, but Teardown shines as a destruction sandbox, brilliant puzzler, and thrilling action title all at once,” wrote Colantonio. “I’ve never seen a video game that comes closest to the spirit of movies ocean 11 to date.”

tear down first entered Early Access in October 2020 but was eventually released as 1.0 on April 21st. Now that the game is complete, players can see everything this heist sandbox has to offer.

village romance

A village romance town is being expanded.

city ​​building games like Cities: skylines can often be overwhelming and exhausting to play. village romance This concept goes in the opposite direction, presenting a minimalist city builder where players slowly build a city using a procedurally generated stack of city tiles.

“It’s a game I play almost every day when I relax before bed,” Colantonio wrote in an article about the game that includes insights from its developers. “And while I tune in to it as a relaxing comedown, I’m still eager to beat my high score and create an even bigger landmass.” I can play strategically without my blood pressure skyrocketing.”

village romance garnered a lot of positive attention when it entered early access in March 2021, but finally left early access on April 28. Those who like relaxing games, puzzle games or city builders owe it to themselves to check it out village romance out of.

game date

Playdate is not a game; It’s a new handheld system with some very specific features. It has the display of a Game Boy but offers modern touches such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. There’s also a rotating crank on the device, which is used in nearly all games that ship weekly to handheld as part of a season.

“The Playdate won’t be for everyone, but the intended audience will eat up this charming little handheld,” writes Colantonio in his three-and-a-half star review of the system. “Its unique crank controls are already leading to some wildly creative video games, some of which are genuinely brilliant.”

Playdate only started shipping and distributing two games a week this month, so early adopters haven’t even gotten the full Playdate experience yet. But it’s an exciting system to keep an eye on as it attracts a lot of talented indie developers.

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