Battle West Athletics hold junior & senior badminton events

The Battle West District Championships ended the junior badminton season, while senior badminton winners advance to regional competitions.

UNITY– Another successful sporting season has come to a close for junior badminton players at local schools with the Battle West District Championships. This is the highest level of competition at the conclusion of the junior badminton season. Junior Conference badminton was held at McLurg High School in Wilkie on April 26, with players progressing from that division moving on to the Battle West District event, played at the John Paul II Collegiate on April 29.

For senior badminton athletes, conference playdowns were held on April 27 at Unity Composite High School. Athletes promoted from conferences played April 30 at the Battle West District Championships at McLurg High School. Players and teams promoted from the April 30 event would compete in the SHSAA regional playdowns on May 7 in Osler. The athlete’s goal is to earn a spot at the SHSAA Provincial Championships, taking place May 14 in Rosthern.

The Kerrobert Composite School posted the following update from their badminton season on their Facebook page: “KCS had a great year in junior badminton with a team of 14 athletes. The badminton students are: Evan Neumeier, Mathew Olson, Carson Kraft, Ryland Richmond, Madison Ley, Bronc Johnson, Grayson Nunweiler, Rylan Abbott, Brooklyn Kraft, Jordan Charteris, Zoe Eagles, Dawson Halter, Ryker Seversen and Cohen Phillips.”

“We competed in the league and played games against Unity, Wilkie and Luseland. On April 26th, 12 of these athletes attended the Wilkie conferences and had many wonderful games, results and great progress to show throughout the day and year. The future of KCS Junior Badminton is bright.”

Kerrobert Composite School was proud of student-athlete Madison Ley, who advanced to districts in North Battleford after taking the top two places in the girls’ individual division.

Unity Composite High School has also enjoyed a wonderful badminton season of personal bests and success stories and continues to build on its strong program.

In the UCHS junior badminton program, a number of Warrior athletes would advance to represent the school at junior district championships at North Battleford. Competitors would be: Girls Singles: Sunshine D; Boys Singles: Ethan S and Zayden W; Girls doubles: Chloe & Kira and Anna & Ava; Boys Doubles: Jagr & Nash and Lynden & Bennett; and mixed doubles: Halle & Ethan B and Kasey P & Mateo R.

For the Battle West District Championship, the following victories were achieved in the UCHS junior badminton program: Jagr Lewin and Nash Sperle won gold in boys’ doubles. Zayden Wagner won silver in boys’ singles, Ethan Stifter won bronze in the same category. Sunshine Delorme won bronze in the girls’ singles, while the duo of Kasey Parker and Mateo Rutley finished fourth in the mixed doubles.

UCHS was well represented in nine out of ten categories in the youth districts, showing the hard work and dedication of the athletes to their season. The senior badminton program will be in good hands as some of these juniors will move up to the senior category next year.

The UCHS junior badminton program coaches include Mrs. Snell, Mr. Cey and Miss Arsenault.

The UCHS senior badminton program saw a whopping 10 teams of 16 athletes progress to the Battle West District Championships, resulting in several athletes progressing to the regional championships next May 7th in Osler.

District event results included: Dahlia Rafid Hamed finished fourth but advanced to regional competition as a substitute. The boys’ doubles duo, Thomas Snell and Jesse Deck, won silver, advancing to regional competition. Ken Parker coaches the senior badminton program at UCHS.

At McLurg High School, the badminton program has many years of success stories and 2022 would prove to be no different.

Junior badminton players took part in conferences held at their own school on April 26. Athletes who advanced to the Battle West District Championships, held at North Battleford, included all of the conference McLurg teams. Austin Sittler and Josh Tatton won the bronze medal in boys’ doubles. Brynlee Leinenweber and Kaiden Fenrich won district bronze in mixed doubles. The girls’ doubles duo, Kierra Babchuk and Cheyanne Cey, won a silver medal. Young badminton athletes are looked after by Ms. Braun.

Among McLurg’s senior badminton players were a number of athletes who had been promoted from the Battle West District Championships to continue their season at regional playdowns held May 7 in Osler. All of the McLurg Broncs teams that represented McLurg in the April 27 conference playdowns advanced to district events in Battle West.

For McLurg, Grade 10 Kayden Cey will advance to the Regionals and win district silvers in the boys’ singles event. 11th grade student Brooklyn Salewski, who plays in the girls’ singles tournament, won BW district gold and advanced to regionals. The doubles duo of McLurg boys Lyndon Ochs and Keyan Sittler, both 12th graders, won gold, advancing to the regional competition. McLurg also won a gold medal in mixed doubles, with the team of Grade 11 students Payton Schell and Kaden Braun advancing to the Regionals. Grade 12 athlete Isaiah Mamer also won gold at the district event but is unable to compete in the regional championships due to a provincial club volleyball commitment. The mixed doubles duo of Amy Gruber and Owen Mann won a bronze medal but did not advance to regional competition. These six athletes want to secure a provincial place on May 14th and 15th in Rosthern. Laurie Churchill coaches the McLurg senior badminton program.

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