Beach Volleyball Wins Sixth-Straight CCSA Championship

Huntsville, Alabama – The fourth-ranked Florida State Seminoles (28-9) defeated No. 6 LSU and No. 2 TCU to win their sixth straight CCSA championship title. FSU has received the automatic bid for next week’s NCAA championships in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Morgan Chacon and Jordan Polo earned the Pair of the Tournament when they went unbeaten in fourth place over the weekend and picked up the crucial point in the championship dual against TCU.

Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer and Caitlin Moon/Raelyn White also earned spots on the All-Tournament Team. Anderson and Bauer went 3-1 at number one this weekend, with their only loss to TCU on Friday. Moon and Raelyn ended the weekend in fifth place, 3-1, losing their only loss to LSU.

FSU 4, LSU 1

The Seminoles started the day with another big win over the Tigers of LSU. Florida State defeated LSU four-ranked in two sets each. FSU improved their all-time lead to 17-2.

Brook Bauer and Maddie Anderson earned the first match point for the first-court Seminoles. The pair absolutely dominated, winning 21-15 in the first set and 21-13 in the second.

Madison Fitzpatrick and Alaina Chacon quickly finished in second. The pair held the Tigers to just 26 points overall, winning 21-14, 21-12. Fitzpatrick and Chacon have combined 52 wins, ranking fourth all-time for a pair’s wins in Florida State.

Kate Privett and Anna Long scored the crucial point in the match in third place. Privett and Long maintained the lead in both sets, winning 21-17, 21-16.

Jordan Polo and Morgan Chacon earned the final match point for the fourth-ranked Seminoles. Polo and Chacon defeated the Tigers 21-17, 21-18.

The Tigers’ only match point was forfeited in fifth place. Raelyn White and Caitlin Moon were eliminated from the match after winning the first set 26-24. They were trailing 12-9 in the second set when the match was abandoned.

FSU 3, TCU 1

The Seminoles avenged yesterday’s loss to the Horned Frogs with a dominant 3-1 win over TCU. Florida State is credited with two of TCU’s three losses this season and leads the series 14-3.

Maddie Anderson and Brook Bauer were strong today, scoring the first match point for the first-ranked Seminoles. After losing in straight sets yesterday, the two switched roles and won in straight sets today. TCU got off to a hot start in the first set until Anderson and Bauer gained momentum and couldn’t be stopped. The All-American duo defeated the TCU All-Americans 21-14, 21-18.

TCU earned their only match point due to injury in third place. Kate Privett and Anna Long dominated the first set and won 21:14. Midway through the second set, Privett was unable to continue through injury, resulting in a loss.

Caitlin Moon and Raelyn White scored the second match point for the Seminoles in fifth place. The pair defeated the Horned Frogs in straight sets for the second time this weekend. Moon and White defeated TCU 21-13, 21-19.

The match-clinching point came in second and fourth as both were forced to three sets. In fourth place, Jordan Polo and Morgan Chacon won the third set after losing the first set 25-23 and winning the second set 22-20. Polo and Chacon earned the pair of the tournament with the crucial point against TCU. They defeated the Horned Frogs 15-9 in the third set, sealing the Seminoles’ championship.

Although the match was played to a decider, Madison Fitzpatrick and Alaina Chacon came out big in second place. The pair was able to force TCU to three sets after losing the first set 21-15 and winning the second set 21-18. In the third set, Fitzpatrick and Chacon came back from a 10-5 deficit to take a 15-14 lead as the final point came in fourth place.

Assessment Summary – FSU 4, LSU 1

  1. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FS) defeated. Bella Bauman/Parker Bracken (LSU) 21-15, 21-13
  2. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FS) defeated. Kylie Deberg/Kelli Greene-Agnew (LSU) 21-14, 21-12
  3. Kate Privett/Anna Long (FS) defeated. Holly Carlton/Reilly Allred (LSU) 21-17, 21-16
  4. Jordan Polo/Morgan Chacon (FS) defeated. Grace Seits/Ellie Shank (LSU) 21-17, 21-18
  5. Sierra Caffo/Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope (LSU) def. Caitlin Moon/Raelyn White (FS) 26-24, 9-12, UNFINISHED

Finish order: 1,2,3,4,5

Assessment Summary – FSU 3, TCU 1

  1. Maddie Anderson/Brook Bauer (FS) defeated. Daniela Alvarez/Tania Moreno (TCU) 21-19, 21-15
  2. Alaina Chacon/Madison Fitzpatrick (FS) vs. Sutton Mactavish/Kaylie McHugh (TCU) 15-21, 21-18, 15-14 UNF
  3. Alexis Filippone/Hailey Brockett (TCU) defeated. Kate Privett/Anna Long (FSU) 14-21, 15-15 DQ
  4. Jordan Polo/Morgan Chacon (FS) defeated. Maria Gonzalez/Ana Vergara (TCU) 23-25, 22-20, 15-9
  5. Caitlin Moon/Raelyn White (FS) defeated. Megan Muret/Rochelle Scott (TCU) 21-13, 21-19

Finish order: 1,3,5,4

I’m looking forward to

The NCAA Selection Show is tonight at 9 p.m. EST. The Seminoles have an automatic bid but will find out their seed and opponents for the NCAA tournament in Gulf Shores, Alabama, next week.

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