Nintendo Switch Sports – Best Games To Play With Your Kids

Nintendo Switch Sports will not be as popular as Wii sports however, since it’s not a pack-in title at launch, that doesn’t mean parents won’t want to pick it up for their families. That Wii sports Games for the Wii were a great way to encourage family gatherings and helped kids exercise a lot of energy. While the Nintendo Switch good party games like Mario Party Superstars and Clubhouse Gamesthe only other game like Nintendo Switch Sports was Mario and Sonic at the Olympics. With a focus on delivering six optimized gaming experiences, Nintendo Switch Sports aims to provide game longevity and more precise motion controls for families who want to get off their couch and party.


Still, before starting a game, some parents might be wondering which games are best suited to younger audiences. Although the kid-friendly Nintendo Switch is a console advertised for all ages, the motion controls still have drawbacks and could potentially lead to accidents. All of these games still have safety precautions that make them much safer for kids, such as: B. using the Joy-Con straps that come with the console, but for those with limited space or other concerns, there’s definitely a reason to pick certain games over others.

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When deciding which Nintendo Switch Sports Games are best for children, it is important to consider safety and how much fun they are actually playing. Nintendo Switch Sports offers a fun, competitive experience, and there are certain games included in the package that are both safer and potentially less frustrating to play. The games that are best played with children are those that encourage playful competition and direct involvement with the other players. There are six games in total at the time of writing, with golf to follow later in the year. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, but here each game is ranked by experience.

Bowling from Nintendo Switch Sports is a well-known classic

Nintendo Switch Sports will offer an online playtest for players to try out the game and stress test its network capabilities

Versions of bowling came with the Wii and even the Switch Clubhouse Games, it is likely that families have played motion-controlled bowling before. As in Wii sports, there are challenge frames and competitive aspects, but it’s nothing that hasn’t already been achieved. Bowling is fun but also competitive in a way that doesn’t encourage direct interaction with other players. For young kids and families with a Nintendo Switch, it might be fun to try and beat a high score, but couple that with the ability to accidentally toss the Joy-Cons across the room, and bowling takes the lead in terms of safety lowest place.

Switch Sports Tennis makes arm-failing fun, but could be dangerous

Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis

tennis on Wii sports was most likely the game that was most responsible for the negative press surrounding motion controls in Wii games. The tennis racket’s arm swing motion caused people to lose their grip on the controller, meaning it could hit the TV screen or anyone else in the room. Tennis has its perks for parents with older kids, but it’s still a fairly simple game when played digitally – there are no direct movement controls, only controls for hitting the ball.

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Since a maximum of three people can play, a CPU must play on someone’s side to balance teams. Unfortunately, this is one aspect where Nintendo Switch Sports falls compared to other co-op games releasing in 2022. It’s still fun, but whoever ends up with the AI ​​teammate might find the experience more frustrating.

Badminton is a quieter version of Switch Sports Tennis

A player character using a smash in badminton

While badminton will probably not be as familiar to children Nintendo Switch Sports, it’s a fun and slightly easier version of tennis when transmitted digitally. There’s no double play, but the lack of frantic energy, the one-on-one playstyle, and the simpler control scheme make this a much more relaxed experience. However, given the simplicity and lack of gameplay options, the game doesn’t have as much replay value as the other games in the collection. However, there is added tension and excitement in trying not to drop the shuttlecock on the ground.

Chambara is a tough but well thought out game in Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara

Chambara (aka Swordfighting) is one of the most complex games in the world Nintendo Switch Sports Collection but great for educating kids through critical thinking and reaction gameplay. The game has a surprising depth compared to the other games in the collection, which means everyone can come back to it and learn something new along the way. Of course, many of the specialty moves like charge strikes and counters are difficult to teach to younger kids, but the reward is a game that helps kids understand the tactics and strategies behind many physical sports.

Soccer is one of the funnest Nintendo Switch Sport games

The player character kicking a ball in soccer

Soccer is a great experience with a more traditional video game-like control scheme that can be played with two Joy-Cons per player. Moving is done with the joystick, kicking is achieved by swinging the Joy-Cons up and down, and sprinting is an action performed with buttons. These simple, yet arcade-like controls mean that kids familiar with other video games may find this game easier to grasp than some other motion-based Switch games such as Skyward Sword.

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Without the included leg strap the game doesn’t feel exactly like soccer, but with the strap the game comes alive as kicking is definitely a unique exercise compared to the others in collecting. The only thing stopping football from being the best experience Nintendo Switch Sports is the lack of a four-player mode. This could potentially mean that some family members have to sit out the round.

Volleyball is the best family game in switch sports

Competitive local gameplay in Nintendo Switch Sports

Volleyball has been adapted to be a two-on-two court game, making it another great game for a group of four. Tennis has backswings and forwards, but the extra teamwork involved in building the bumps, sets and spikes in volleyball makes it a great family game. The vertical movements required to play the game means there are fewer chances of hitting other players, and the gameplay is fast and addictive without being as difficult to learn as Chambara. Of all the games included in Nintendo Switch Sportsis this one that is most likely to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Overall, while there are games that are better suited to families than others, Nintendo Switch SportsThe main appeal is the fact that each of these games has an audience and is easier to learn and play than other video games. For those concerned about safety, taking the right precautions and ensuring everyone is aware of their surroundings should ensure even the most hectic tennis lessons are safe for young children. There is a lot to learn and have fun with Nintendo Switch Sportsand hopefully family game night will have a new core game to come back to multiple times.

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