Zone Technique and Zone Therapy

The origins of Zone Technique, the six major systems of the body and spinal cord stimulation to heal the brain

Zone technology was founded 1931 by Thurman Fleet, DC, of ​​San Antonio, Texas in connection with the creation of Zone Therapy. Fleet is considered by many to be the greatest healing achievements in the history of the profession.

Beginning in the 1930s, San Antonio police had to divert traffic patterns to accommodate the patients who came to his office when he was open to adjust hours. He had to relocate his office three times to comply with fire codes because there were too many people in his office at the same time. Patients from across the nation came to Fleet to heal ailments other chiropractors and physicians didn’t know where to begin. A large percentage of these patients came to Fleet with what appeared to be very serious non-musculoskeletal conditions that baffled the medical community.

The six zones

Fleet’s Zone Therapy analyzed the six major systems of the body: glandular, excretory, nervous, digestive, muscular and circulatory. He found that the brain has six main centers that control these six systems. He said that every disease is the physical result of one or more of these six systems that need to be healed.

Fleet compared the human body to an electrical machine, with the brain as the positive pole and the spinal cord as the negative pole. He taught that on a physical level, a brain center in need of healing can be addressed by stimulating four points in the spinal cord. Each brain center (positive pole) had four corresponding levels of cord (negative pole) correlated with it. He determined which brain center needed attention by palpating the occipital fibers at the top of the neck.

As an aside, this has nothing to do with Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) palpation for a number of reasons: SOT has 21 points while zones have six; and the zone technique dots indicate very different things than the SOT dots, which makes sense once you start learning the technique.

The zones have a physical aspect (summarized above) and a metaphysical aspect. Understanding the metaphysical aspect of healing played a significant role in Fleet’s amazing results. Bringing both aspects of healing together paved the way for Fleet’s 40-year journey, teaching DCs across the country how to efficiently help people who were essentially considered helpless.

Zone therapy to zone technique

Peter Goldman, DC, was first introduced to Fleet’s work at a very young age, as his family’s Brooklyn chiropractor was a distinguished student of Fleet’s. Fast forward to the early 1990’s when Goldman began chiropractic school at Life College; He sought out four of Fleet’s direct students and they began tutoring him while he was at school. He spent over 100 hours with each of them learning and studying the technique.

Upon graduation, Goldman combined what he had learned from his four key Fleet line mentors and began the practice. Goldman had patients who flew in to see him from over 30 cities and countries around the world, reminiscent of the Fleet days in San Antonio.

About five years ago, Goldman decided he wanted to share his knowledge with the profession because if he did, suffering people wouldn’t have to fly all over the world to see him and get help. At this time the zone technique was developed. It differed from Fleet’s Zone Therapy because it combined many years of Goldman’s study and experience with various healing influences such as metaphysics and world-class martial arts training.

Alongside Fleet Nisargadatta, Koichi Tohei, Soshu Shigeru Oyama (his Kyokushin karate master), Goldman’s major influences include DD Palmer, Yogi Ramacharaka, Vivekananda, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Musashi.

Spinal cord stimulation for healing

Goldman’s zone technique is spinal cord stimulation to heal the brain, not an intersegmental bone movement technique.

In chiropractic, the “safety pin cycle” theory posits that the brain sends out the correct signals that can potentially be blocked by vertebral misalignments or subluxations that cause disease. The chiropractor is then tasked with locating and alleviating these subluxations by realigning the spine to free up these brain signals so they can travel unhindered to the body’s cells.

While this theory makes sense, what if the brain is out of balance and sending erroneous signals in the first place? Then you’ve merely opened the way for a potentially erroneous brain signal to travel through the body. For this reason (and others), many people who undergo regular fitting are still not healthy. The Zone Technique efficiently identifies which brain centers are not functioning properly and compensates for them through gentle spinal cord stimulation.

Additionally, a very important part of healing is understanding that the body is a reflection of concepts in the subconscious. Knowing how to access the subconscious and how to create a proper healing concept is critical to healing at the highest level. All of this is clearly taught with the Zone Technique.

Helping people who cannot find relief

Proper application of the Zone Technique coupled with the high level knowledge of the healing principles taught at the Zone School of Healing produces unparalleled results.

The Zone Technique has gained immense popularity around the world in recent years because it is fun to learn and easy to incorporate into practice. An average patient visit takes five minutes or less, making it very efficient without requiring you to change your physical adaptation. This was a turning point for the more than 1,000 members of the Zone School of Healing.

Nothing should make you more fulfilling than helping an ailing person who has gone to multiple chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, homeopaths, etc. without the results they were hoping for but found relief in your practice. This is why Goldman founded the Zone School of Healing and its students achieve the best results in the profession.

NATHAN BROWNE, DC, is a Mastermind Certified Zone Practitioner committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address unique needs including typical back or neck pain, headaches, glandular issues, digestive issues, circulatory issues, emotional distress and more. He can be contacted at For more information on the Zone Technique, visit

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