Sifu Update 1.08 is Out Now

SifuSloclap’s latest update has introduced a healthy dose of new content for Sloclap’s martial arts beat ’em up. New difficulty options are available for players fighting their way through Sifu or those looking for an even greater challenge, and the new advanced training mode will be helpful for players looking to hone their skills before their next playthrough.

Sifu was released on February 8th and received positive reviews from critics and players thanks to its challenging and deep combat, rewarding progression, immersive environments and competent AI. Developed by Sloclap, the same team behind the martial arts multiplayer game reliever, Sifu is a story about a child’s search for revenge for the death of his father. Each time the protagonist dies, they age and become slightly weaker, eventually possibly dying permanently and ending the playthrough if they get too old. The game uses a complex and authentic Bak Mei-style kung foo combat system with over 150 possible moves to master.


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The latest update for Sifu has brought some new features into play. Perhaps most notable is the inclusion of several new difficulty levels: Student, Disciple, and Master. This should be a relief for players who were hoping for adjustable difficulty levels Sifu. The original default difficulty of Sifu matches student difficulty, so players now have the option to run easier with the student setting or step up a level by opting for master difficulty. Apprentice difficulty increases life and structure for the player, reduces enemy aggression and reaction, simplifies boss patterns, and caps the death meter. Master Difficulty does the exact opposite, introducing new patterns for bosses.

The new advanced training mode introduced with this update also builds players’ Kung Foo skills, thanks to the ability to face any enemy or boss they’ve defeated in the story, including multiple opponents at once. This addition should help players fine-tune their strategies to face more difficult opponents on later playthroughs. Some important quality of life improvements have also been implemented, such as: B. the in-game menus, which now have dark mode, ultra-wide resolution support, and 5.1 surround sound support. PC player from Sifu can dodge and parry a bit easier thanks to better mouse and keyboard support and HUD readability.

After over a million sales of the game since its release Sifu has proven to be a hit among fans of martial arts games, and continued support through major updates shows Sloclap strives to refine its game based on player feedback. Players can expect future Sifu Updates to fix more bugs and add more features while the modding community is also hard at work making interesting mods for Sifu.

Sifu update 1.08 patch notes

Summary of new features:

Our Sifu Spring 2022 Content Update brings a number of new features for our players:

  • difficulty options – Players can now choose their difficulty level in Sifu: Student, Disciple & Master. The original Sifu difficulty level corresponds to the medium setting, students. It is now possible to either play the game in an easier environment or make it more difficult for experienced players who have already finished the game.
  • New outfit feature – Players can now change the main character’s outfit in Wuguan. All players can unlock two new outfits and more will be added in upcoming updates. An additional outfit will also be added for all Deluxe Edition owners!
  • Advanced training mode – In the updated training mode, players can now face all types of enemy archetypes or bosses they defeated in the story, as well as face multiple enemies at once.
  • Dark mode and UI improvements – We also added various quality of life improvements such as: B. a dark mode for the in-game menus, better mouse and keyboard support and improved HUD readability. We’ve also added 5.1 sound system support and 21:9 format resolutions.

Full list of changes:

Design – Outfits:

  • An interactive wardrobe has been added in Wuguan for outfit selection
  • Added 3 new outfits with unlock conditions

Design – training room:

  • Added most enemy types in the game: When you fight and defeat an enemy, you unlock them in the training room, allowing you to train and fight against advanced archetypes and the superiors.
  • Added ability to fight multiple enemies at once.
  • Added ability to repeat the tutorial.

Theme – Difficulty Settings:

Student Difficulty (Easy Mode):

  • More life and structure for the main character
  • Enemies are less aggressive
  • Enemies are less reactive on defense
  • Simplified patterns for various archetypes and bosses
  • The death counter cannot go beyond 1
  • Better shrine rewards

Student Difficulty (Normal Mode):

  • The original Sifu experience

Master Difficulty (Hard mode):

  • Less life and structure for the main character
  • More life and structure for different enemies
  • Enemies are more aggressive
  • Enemies are more reactive on defense
  • New patterns for bosses

Theme – Hotfixes:

  • Fixed Juggernaut ability to retaliate while defending
  • Faster follow up after parrying with different weapons
  • Camera is farther away when surrounded by enemies during takedowns and focusing


  • Fixed issues with 21/9 screens


  • Fixed video looping issue on PS5
  • Various rendering fixes for low quality mode
  • Fixed some streaming issues
  • Fixed some minor texturing issues for Yang’s 3D models


  • Add a Dark Mode display option to switch between light and dark backgrounds in the menus. Light backgrounds are now slightly less bright
  • Pop-ups now warn you more clearly about important decisions
  • More subtle XP box in the HUD
  • Clearer feedback when a focus bar is full
  • Various keystrokes have been fixed

Audio Creation:

  • Audio output format selection
  • Fix some unwanted behaviors on surround audio systems

Sifu is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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