Baki Vs. Kengan Ashura: Which is Better?

baki and Kengan Ashura are iconic series within the martial arts genre. Both shows feature inhumanly strong martial artists striving to achieve different goals, ranging from lofty goals like being the “World’s Strongest Man” to fighting to protect corporate rights.

baki and Kengan Ashura are often compared based on their similarities, leading fans to believe that the author of Kengan Ashura was inspired by the baki series before creating his unique version. Viewers often discuss the martial arts show that is superior in between baki and Kengan Ashura; However, a nearly accurate decision requires consideration of different factors and aspects of both series.


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Bakis The plot tends to be a bit simplistic and stars a teenager on a mission to defeat his almighty father, who is revered as the “The strongest creature in the world.” Aside from the show’s main premise, there is little character development, particularly among the characters. In baki, there is no refreshing or unequivocal narrative aside from the main narration, making the show’s plot border on monotonous and straightforward. Every martial artist in baki has one goal: to be the strongest. While this is an interesting narrative, there are few occasions when characters fight for other reasons.

On the other hand, Kengan Ashura assumes Bakis Tournament based style but the rationale behind each battle is different and more interesting compared to baki. Kengan Ashura contains a storyline involving the making of business contracts through gladiator-based tournaments, routine for the characters since the Edo period. Also, the plot reflects reality, albeit a bit exaggerated. This makes it satisfying to watch and read the series in comparison to Baki, where superhuman feats range from defeating a prehistoric elephant to battling a caveman that existed during the dinosaur age.

Plot: Kengan Ashura.

combat strength

baki and Kengan Ashura both feature characters with superhuman strength and deeds. Although the shows are based on regular martial arts, the executions are on a larger scale. In Kengan Ashura, some characters can dodge bullets, throw their opponents like rag dolls, and dish out punches that carry a lot of weight. A classic illustration was when Kiozan Takeru threw Sekibayashi Jun, who weighed over 150 kg, against a wall, crushing it in the process.

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Although Kengan Ashura has pretty strong characters, most of them baki Characters are monsters. The main character’s father, Hanma Yujiro, only visibly smashed the concrete floor of an arena with his bare fists. Yujiro also brought down a large prehistoric elephant that easily destroyed countless armored tanks with just a few attacks. Another character, Spec, escaped from an underwater prison 200 meters below sea level and swam through the underwater currents at an approximate current of 200 miles per hour without even batting an eyelid.

Spec also shot himself, proving his invulnerability, mental instability, and strength to his fellow combatants. Finally, Bakis Signs possess high durability; They can take crippling attacks and still fight as if they were unharmed.

combat strength: baki.

Bloody fights

In both shows, the fights can get pretty intense and gory. One of the meanest fights in Kengan Ashura was the fight between Muteba Gizenga and Meguro Misaki. Gizenga was a notorious blind mercenary known for his brutality. Single-handedly, he managed to clash with a rebel force that was threatening to take over the government. On the other hand, Meguro Misaki is a twisted psychopath and a judo expert who loves murder. In the fight between these two, Muteba manages to damage his opponent, but Misaki still rips Muteba’s eyes out. This fight makes among other things Kengan Ashura a cruel series.

However, baki does it better when it comes to goriness. During the Ratai Tournament, Hanma Yujiro dueled the Sea King Ryu, a Chinese martial arts master known for his incredible martial arts. However, the expected fight ended after Hanma ripped his opponent’s face out within seconds. Another cruel fight in baki was shown when Yanagi, a notorious criminal, escaped from prison.

Before Yanagi escaped, he placed his mouth on a prison guard’s ear and exerted a force that blew the guard’s brains away and portrayed it baki as a cruel show. As already pointed out, baki Characters are very durable, so duels sometimes become chaotic when characters refuse to back down in battle.

Bloody fights: baki.

martial arts

Both series have martial arts at the epicenter of their story. However, the methods of execution of both anime differ significantly. In baki, the character choreography and designs before executing a move is fun. However, all the flashy choreography usually boils down to a move or a few moves. General, baki adopts instinct-based fighting, with few exceptions such as the practitioners of karate and Chinese martial arts, but the fights still lead to the execution of a punch and the characters’ thought-process narrative behind each punch.

However, Kengan Ashurathe manga in particular, portrays different fighting styles that readers can relate to, giving the story an impressive impact. kengan introduces readers to an in-depth overview of the world of martial arts, including styles such as sumo wrestling and karate, among others. Kengan Ashuras author describes fights in an interesting way and pulls the reader into the fight making it a fascinating read.

martial arts: Kengan Ashura.

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