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Which skates for women are the best?

If you’ve ever dreamed of gliding gently across a pristine frozen pond, you’re not alone. From community ice palaces to backyard ice rinks, women across the US are lace up and taking off, skating for the health benefits and pleasure of being outside.

For women who have been skating for a season or longer, the Jackson Ultima Women’s Mystique Figure Skates are an excellent choice. They are easy to adjust and offer good ankle support for more demanding movements.

What you should know before buying women’s ice skates

skating level

In many sports, the athlete’s skill level doesn’t matter when it comes to buying equipment, but the same isn’t true when it comes to women’s ice skates.

Women’s beginner skates have more padding inside the skate and are more comfortable to wear right out of the box. The toe pick at the front of the blade is smaller than that of a professional skater, and the skate’s boot is made of more flexible material.

Professional skates have features that support more athletic and complex maneuvers. These include a larger toe pick as well as stiffer shoe material that requires a longer break-in period. Professional skates also have less padding in the shoe.

blade materials

Blades come in a variety of materials including nickel, chrome-plated carbon steel, hardened carbon steel, and aluminum.

These blades can be pre-sharpened and ready to use, but some skaters prefer to sharpen their own blades.

boot material

When it comes to women’s ice skates, there are two options when it comes to shoe material: leather or synthetic.

  • leather: Leather is the choice of professionals for its durability and support. This material tends to be more expensive and requires a longer break-in period to be comfortable.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic shoe material is instantly comfortable and requires little, if any, break-in. However, it doesn’t last as long as leather and offers less foot and ankle support.

What you should look for in high-quality ice skates for women

blade covers

Removable blade covers protect the blades from damage and prevent them from losing their sharpness. You can also add blade covers to your skates if you want to roam around on the ice between sessions or while breaking in your skates at home.

Padded lining

For beginner skaters, a padded liner can mean the difference between a comfortable afternoon skating and a miserable evening with soaked feet. Also pay attention to padding in the boot and on the tongue.

Detachable blades

Removable blades are easier to sharpen. They are also easier to replace if damaged beyond repair.

How much you can spend on women’s ice skates

While professional women’s skates cost $900 or more, you should spend $30 to $200 for beginner skates.

Frequently asked questions about ice skates for women

How do you get fit for skating?

A When buying ice skates, many people assume that their shoe size and the size of their skates are the same – this is not correct.

Start by carefully reading the skate manufacturer’s fit instructions. This can help you properly measure your feet to order the pair that fits you. Some brands also run big or small.

Keep in mind that skates with thick padding will feel tighter than skates with a plain inner. While you don’t want to feel like your feet are being pinched uncomfortably, it’s important that your skates fit snugly. This helps support your knuckles when moving on a thin metal blade. If your skates are too loose, the shoe can rub and cause blisters.

The fit can be adjusted slightly if you lace up the boots, but start with an unglaced boot first. The toes should just brush the front of the skate, and you should have no more than half an inch of space between your heel and the back of the boot.

How long does it take to break in a pair of ice skates?

A This depends on the material of the skate and how often you go on the ice. As a general rule, it takes six to eight hours at the rink to break in new skates. You can speed up the process at home.

  • Use a shoe tree.
  • Put on a wet pair of socks, put on your skates and walk around the house.
  • Rub with oil (mink oil or neatsfoot oil works).

The best way to break them in is to skate as much as possible.

What are the best ice skates for women?

Top ice skates for women

Jackson Ultima Mystique women’s ice skates

What you need to know: These skates are perfect for intermediate and advanced riders.

What you will love: The boot is stiff but the size is perfect. They are good for practicing more advanced turns and jumps. They have extra ankle padding for support, as well as a foam-padded tongue.

What you should consider: The break-in period can be long and uncomfortable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Great women’s ice skates for the money

American Athletic Shoe women's figure skating with tricot lining

American Athletic Shoe women’s figure skating with tricot lining

What you need to know: This is a good entry level skate at a reasonable price.

What you will love: The stiff material provides good ankle support and keeps your foot centered in the skate. The lining is padded for comfort. The stainless steel blade has a beginner-style toe pick.

What you should consider: These cannot withstand heavy use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

It’s worth trying

Rollerface Switch 3-in-1 skates

Rollerface Switch 3-in-1 skates

What you need to know: This is a multi-purpose skate set for year-round recreation.

What you will love: These transform from ice skates to roller skates to inline skates simply by swapping the blades. The inside is padded and helps stabilize your ankles. The skate blade is made of stainless steel and has a blade guard to keep it sharp when not in use.

What you should consider: Learning how to switch between blades and wheels is challenging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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