YONEX All England: Volunteer now!

You can now apply to volunteer at the world’s oldest and most prestigious badminton tournament, the YONEX All England Open.

The Legendary Championships return to the Utilita Arena Birmingham 16th-20th March 2022 and we are looking for passionate volunteers to join the team.

As spectators will be welcomed back to the tournament for the first time since 2020, volunteers will, as always, play a crucial role in running the event.

Their friendly faces capture the passion and excitement of the event, and their focus and dedication make it a welcoming and compelling event for everyone involved.

Volunteering is an opportunity to learn new skills, meet like-minded people, give back to the community and feel part of a team – all while having fun!

You can now apply for up to 15 volunteer roles ranging from field to media center, umpire, mixed zone and venue operations.

There are vacancies in accreditation, athlete services, media center, results service, shuttle control, team liaison and transportation.

The roles of technical officials are now open, including for qualified linesmen and referees.

These are central to ensuring fair match play and following the rules of badminton.

There are roles for different abilities – if you’re good behind the wheel, then transport is for you.

If you’re attentive and good with IT, you’d smash it in results service or shuttle controls. And if you’re a hotshot, you’re ready for the pitch or venue operations teams.

Check out the full range of roles below, along with an overview of what each role entails:

  • Accreditation – Accreditation team members present the friendly face of the tournament at the arrival point of teams, volunteers, officials and VIPs, welcoming everyone to the event and presenting accreditation.
  • Athlete Service – Athlete Services team members present a friendly face to athletes and team officials in the practice area. They will maintain the facilities and help coordinate the practice and warm-up laps, as well as the Player Green Room.
  • Entrance to the playing field – The Field of Play Entrance team works with Sports Presentation to get the athletes, technical officials and field maintenance volunteers onto the field at the right time and in the right order.
  • Matchfield – Field of Play (FOP) team members assist with the set-up, maintenance, remodeling, and teardown of the Field of Play, including the final warm-up pitches.
  • linesman – THIS ROLE IS FOR QUALIFIED LINESMAN ONLY: Technical Officials are central to ensuring fair match play conforms to the rules of badminton and competition regulations. A linesman is responsible for indicating where a shuttle has landed “in” or “out” if the shuttle lands near the lines he/she is assigned to monitor.
  • media center – Media center team members will assist the attending accredited media, television production crews and event photographers by staffing the media center during the Championships, responding to requests for interviews/information and access, and ensuring their comfort and well-being. Content generation can also be requested.
  • Mixed Media Zone – As the first point of contact for players leaving the field, Mixed Zone team members provide critical support to accredited media by ensuring the efficient operation of the Championship’s Mixed Zone (where players are informed by world media after each game be interviewed when they leave the field).
  • Results Service – Results service team members help coordinate the tournament software, work with the referee and announcers, display games/results for viewers, and provide information for other key staff to help with their duties.
  • Shuttle Control – Shuttle Control Team members help maintain a safe and clean playing environment for badminton athletes during competition by collecting and replacing shuttles before and after each game.
  • Team Connection – Team Liaison Officers are the primary point of contact for teams and individual players during their stay at the event. They are vital in presenting the friendly face of the tournament from the moment teams arrive and acting as a liaison between teams and tournament organizers.
  • Transport – Transport team members meet and greet key customer groups and transport them to pre-determined destinations.
  • Referee – THIS ROLE IS FOR QUALIFIED REFEREES ONLY: Technical Officials are central to regulating badminton on the court and ensuring fair match play that conforms to the Badminton Rules and the various competition regulations. The referee has authority over a specific game and is responsible for the field of play and its immediate surroundings.
  • Venue Access – Venue Access team members share information and direct volunteers, players and officials to the appropriate areas based on their accreditation.
  • event operation – Event Operations Team members assist with pitch setup, repositioning, and dismantling, and maintain specific areas at the event.
  • Volunteer Services – The volunteer service team members are the first point of contact for all volunteers. They distribute resources, support the volunteers and help ensure the best possible volunteering experience.

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