Milwaukee Brewers vs Cincinnati Reds- May 11, 2022

Regards! Welcome to the Reds Wednesday Matinee. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, or at least take a break. Such was the case for the Reds against the Milwaukee Brewers on Tuesday night when a late Reds rally left them behind. If you missed the details, check out the Redleg Nation recap here.

The Reds can still win the series this afternoon in the rubber match at GABP starting at 12:35 p.m. Eastern Time. Note that the game will not be shown on Bally Sports TV but will be streamed via

Starting Lineups

Tyler Stephenson starts as DH on a day off from catch. Maybe David Bell read Redleg Nation’s comments?

start pitchers

RED: Vladimir Gutierrez (R)

Brewer: Adrian Houser (R)

Vladimir Gutierrez

Vladimir Gutierrez made his MLB debut in time last season to record 22 starts, about 2/3 the season value in a 5-man rotation. While a close look at his metrics suggested he might struggle to advance into 2022, Gutierrez had made enough good to excellent starts to earn a reputation as a competitive fighter. This picture of him has been brought forward to 2022 by many.

Unfortunately for the Reds and Gutierrez, to date in 2022, the ground has collapsed beneath him. The numbers say it all. He passes more batsmen than he knocks out. Too often bad things happen when the ball is put into play. Lefties hit an incredible .767 against Gutierrez in 2022 and drive a legal OPS against LH clubs of 1.232. RH hitters light it up with the tune of an .887 OPS

Where to go from here to Gutierrez? With Luis Castillo recently back in the rotation and Mike Minor in rehab at AAA, Gutierrez’s place in the rotation could be in jeopardy. Hopefully Gutierrez the fighter will show up in full armor this afternoon and make a positive statement about his future.


Splits PA H 2 B 3B MR bb K avg OBP SLG
RHH 51 12 3 1 0 5 8th .308 .451 .436
LHH 56 14 3 2 4 12 8th .326 .464 .767

use of parking space

4 seam slider To change Curve
bike 92.5 82.2 82.5 78.0
purpose of use 50.7% 21.9% 13.2% 16.9%

Adrian Hauser

Adrian Houser makes his second start in a week against the Reds. On May 5 in Milwaukee, the Reds caught him for 5 runs (4 earned) over 5 innings. Statistically, this is Houser’s only poor start to the season. However, there is a small caveat. For those who want to be reminded, the Brewers won that game 10-5. Despite getting roughed up for 3 runs in the first inning, Houser got underfoot but allowed extra single runs in both the 4th and 5th innings that were essentially garbage time.

The numbers state that in 2022, Houser allowed an OPS of less than .600 against right-handers and an OPS of less than .650 against left-handers. So there isn’t much choice between the two. He doesn’t knock out a large number of thugs and walks his fair share. His most used pitch is his sinker (49%), which leads to a lot of ground balls. Beware of the Reds’ propensity to hit doubleplays with groundballs, which could make a difference in a competitive game.


Splits PA H 2 B 3B MR bb K avg OBP SLG
RHH 64 12 2 0 1 6 11 .211 .281 .298
LHH 47 10 2 1 0 5 11 .238 .319 .333

use of parking space

Metric 4 seam sinkers slider To change Curve
bike 94.8 94.4 84.3 86.0 80.7
purpose of use 15.5% 49.2% 10.2% 11.8% 13.3%

Bullpen Outlook


The Reds came up short on Tuesday night but undoubtedly took Devin Williams (38 spots) out of the mix for today. Brad Boxberger worked a second straight game but only threw 9 pitches. Given the short turnaround time today, given the 3-batter rule, he may miss out. The Reds also forced the Brewers to field Josh Hader, who ended up throwing 16 pitches and figures to limit himself to one inning at most.


Art Warren (20 pitches on Tuesday) and Hunter Strickland (24 pitches) want to be spectators today. Lucas Sims (18 seats) can also be booked for a spectator role. All in all, before the brief turn in Sims and Warren, David Bell put a lot of firepower into it and didn’t get a compassionate return on his investment.

When and where

  • playing time: 12:35 p.m. ET
  • From where: Big American Ballpark
  • Consider:, also streamed on
  • Listen: 700 WLW AM (Cincinnati area)
  • Forecast: 80°, mostly sunny, 1% chance of rain


We don’t have a physical report the morning after, but Mike Minor’s rehab start at AAA Tuesday night appears to have been a success. He threw 3 perfect innings, batting out 4 in the process.

Data and stats courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball Reference

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