a guide for you or your boomer parents (UPDATED)

Tuesday’s game against the Colorado Avalanche (who I believe will win the cup) will not be broadcast on NBC Sports Washington. It’s also not a gong to be on ESPN or TNT or SpikeTV or whatever. It’s something new:

The game is running ESPN+/Hulu. Let’s find out together what that means.

Note: This story has been updated. If you don’t want to unzip the whole thing, here are two helpful links:

Last month Ian posted the TV schedule right here on RMNB. Below the TV column were the values:

  • NBCSW,
  • NBCSW+,
  • TNT,
  • ESPN,
  • ESPN+/Hulu (this is Tuesday) and

ABC/ESPN+ means you can watch this game on the ABC network OR via the ESPN+ streaming service.

Capitals vs Avalanche is not on the ESPN+ streaming schedule.

ESPN+ hockey schedule for Tuesday starting Sunday

Updated Monday 2:00 p.m: Corrected the ESPN+ streaming schedule. It now lists Colorado @ Washington!

ESPN+ hockey schedule for Tuesday starting Monday

Yes, this is confusing, but we’ll get you through it.

First we need to know what subscriptions you have. What do you have?

I have ESPN+ and Hulu ✅

You’re good. Jump to like watching heading below.

I have ESPN+ but no Hulu ✅

You should be able to watch on any device with access to ESPN+. Here is a direct link to the game.

I have ad-supported Hulu but not ESPN+ 🚫

Probably not. Hulu is just how your ESPN+ game could be delivered to you. You must subscribe to ESPN+.

I have a premium Hulu subscription but no ESPN+ 🤔

Same deal, rich guy. You must subscribe to ESPN+. Hulu Live has plenty of streaming channels, but no ESPN+ unless you get the add-on.

I get my Hulu subscription through Spotify 💩

Okay, this is a hot mess. That’s not entirely clear, but I don’t think you can get the ESPN+ add-on with that kind of subscription. You may need to go to Spotify, then select Account, then your services, then deactivate your Hulu subscription and then subscribe again, possibly with the Disney/ESPN/Hulu bundle.

Spotify Premium service page

If you get your Hulu through Spotify and have a separate Disney+ account, you’ll need to follow the steps above, but make sure you upgrade to the bundle via Disney Plusthen they send you an email like this to complete the process:

Email from Disney

I recommend doing all of this from a laptop, not a phone because that’s hell.

I also recommend not waiting until just before the game to do this, as updating your Hulu subscription settings can sometimes take a hot minute and might even require customer service.

I also recommend checking your account page under Disney+ to make sure you aren’t being charged twice.

Disney+ subscriptions trying to double charge your Meemaw

Definitely have to cancel it Disney+ (monthly) Subscription if you have the package. Oddly enough, they don’t automatically do that for you. Yes. Indeed strange.

I don’t have Hulu or ESPN+ 👻

Oh, you’re totally screwed. I don’t know how to talk to you.

I don’t even know what Hulu and ESPN+ are 👴

Oh God.

I live without breath; as cold as death; never thirsty, always drinking; everything in post, never jingling 💍

you are a fish

How to watch over Hulu

Capitals vs Avalanche on Hulu

You can access Hulu through whatever.

If you’re using a phone or tablet, go to your app store and search for Hi. You see an ad for HBO Max. That’s a dick move. Scroll past HBO Max, then select To install next to Hulu. The app is free (the subscription costs money).

Total Dick Move on the App Store

If you’re on a computer, here’s a direct link to the game’s page.

If you want to watch the game on a TV like it was the Clinton years or something, then you need to find a way to get Hulu on your TV. This can be done through your cable box, through your TV itself, or through an external device like a Roku. (Yes, this is all designed to make people over 45 feel like their brains are melting.) I don’t know which one you have, but look at your remote control. Is there a Hulu button on it? let’s hope so Just click on it and maybe we’ll get lucky.

If the Hulu app shows up, thank goodness. Seek now NHL like in the video above and you are golden.

How to Watch on ESPN+

Capitals vs Avalanche on ESPN+

Use the same steps above to get the ESPN+ app on your phone or tablet. You can also watch directly in your browser.

I’m very excited to see how the delay will compare to the radio which, oh I forgot to mention the radio. That’s easy.

Anyway, if you can’t get this to work for Tuesday’s game, you have until Friday, December 10th’s Pens game to find out. i need a nap

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