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The LaGrange girls’ soccer team had eight players who were named to teams in all regions. Sam Cottle, Tatum Fritchley, Karley Perry and Olivia Sato all made up the first team for all regions, while Maddi Gay, Emma Maradik, Tyra Potts and Carlee Roland made up the second team for all regions. The team also had honorable mentions in Ava Arrington, Mariana Ceja, Delfina Martinez, Demi Russell and Morgan Mills White. It was a total team effort for the Grangers, who reached the second round of the state playoffs this year with eight starters for all regions and an additional five honorable mentions. The overall starting lineup was the top three in their positions in regional play.

The first-team all-region consisted of the eleven best players at their positions in the region.

Cottle was the team’s top scorer and earned first-team honors with her ability to create chances for her team in the final third of the pitch. A sophomore, Cottle has plenty of room at LaGrange to build her game over the next few years and is likely to be a first-team regular across the region for years to come.

“It’s really cool,” Cottle said.

Her liaison play with Karley Perry was instrumental in the Grangers team’s success last season. Perry also made first team awards. She’s just a freshman and has a bright future ahead of her. Their ability to attack, score and provide assists from either wing point will be crucial for the Grangers going forward. It’s quite an achievement for her to make the first team for the entire region in her freshman year of high school.

Olivia Sato made the first team in all regions in her senior year as Granger. Their versatility and ability to play in defense and midfield was a big part of the Grangers’ success last season. It was her ability to lead the back row that made her so special to the Grangers. She will be difficult to replace as LaGrange will look to replace her leadership and experience next season.

“It’s a very special moment,” Sato said. “It’s good to know that we have so many girls who are talented enough to make a team for all regions.”

These three ladies were joined in the first team by midfield maestro Tatum Fritchley. Fritchley dominated midfield in most of the games LaGrange played last season. Fritchley was also honored by being named the region’s best midfielder. She’s more than just a tactician with the ball at her feet, she’s also one of the leaders of the team. She will extend her lead even further next season as she leads them into the senior season.

“Doing this with seven others shows you that we have a tight-knit community with a Granger identity,” Fritchley said. “All our hard work has led to this.”

Emma Maradik won the second-team title in all regions with sensational performances in goal. Maradik was just a freshman this season but has adjusted to the far more physical game of high school. Their ability to be upside down in goal and make save after save was a key factor in the Grangers winning some games they would have lost with an inferior goaltender.

“I think it’s really great and very rewarding because we work for it all season,” said Maradik. “It’s just a good reward at the end of the season.”

Tyra Potts is a junior leader and is already making waves in midfield for LaGrange. Their ability to stop play and quickly get the ball to attacking players is vital for the team as full-backs are often given a license to roam the pitch, so their ability on the defensive is often crucial to the stabilize defenses. She is expected to take on more leadership next year as she transitions to a senior.

“I think that shows the whole team showed a lot of dedication and commitment,” Potts said. “To say there are eight of us shows it’s a team effort and comes from a place of hard work.”

Potts is often in the midfield trio with Fritchley and Maddi Gay, another second-team all-region player. All three are juniors and will be key figures on and off the pitch for the Grangers next year as seniors. Gay is a dead ball specialist and often finds himself higher up the pitch than the other two midfielders. Her ability to add extra body in and around the 18-yard box is tremendous for the Grangers offense.

The final member of LaGrange’s all-region girls teams is Carlee Roland. Often deployed as a full-back, Roland has mastered both the attacking and defensive roles of her position. She’s just as likely to pull off a bone-crushing tackle as a superb corner kick like the one she threw into the box to assist in the goal against Columbus that nearly earned the Grangers a regional title. Roland is only a sophomore and will be looking to build on this breakout season for the Grangers.

“I absolutely did not see myself being called an all-region player,” Roland said. “I’m worried, so I’m worried about my performances as well as the performances of the whole team.”

LaGrange will return seven of his eight All-Region players, as well as two of the five honorable mentions — Ava Arrington and Demi Russell. With so many young players forming teams from every region, the LaGrange girls’ soccer team is poised for years to come.

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