Slugging Start Dooms Baseball in Series-Opening Loss to Ducks

PHOENIX – Sun Devil Baseball couldn’t shake a slow start in all facets of the game, losing the opener of the series Friday 11-3 at Phoenix Municipal Stadium to Oregon.

Oregon capitalized on a first-place single of the game and two Sun Devil errors to quickly take a 3-0 lead. ASU stranded a pair in the bottom half of the frame and the stage was set for a game that just wasn’t meant for the Devils.

Yeah lamp extended his hitting streak to 19 straight games in his final chance in the ninth inning. Sean McLain had two hits and Will Rogers recorded his eighth home run of the season, moving up to sixth place in ASU freshman history. Ethan Lang and Josh Hansel threw scoreless innings from the pen.


The Sun Devils had a difficult hand early in the game, going 3-0 down in the first inning. A leadoff single and a field error set the Ducks up for an early RBI single. The Ducks stacked another run with a single down the middle. A miss on the home toss put the batsman in second and the leading runner in third, allowing the next single to drive in another run. Kai Murphy caught the second runner at home with an accurate throw, but the Ducks would get one final single to extend their lead to three. The Ducks’ first inning would make the Sun Devils’ task of getting back into the game arduous.


After giving up the first three runs, the Sun Devils seemed poised to eat away the lead after a positive first inning. The Sun Devils were down by just two, but after the Ducks piled on three more in the third game, things got a lot tougher for the Sun Devils. Two walks and a double loaded the bases. A single through the right drove a run while the next single drove in the last two of the inning, taking the score to 6-1 before the Sun Devils had a second chance to score.


Two great plays out Cam Magee gave hope that the Sun Devils could find a way out of the third game without conceding. However, with two outs Jacob Walker abandoned a single and advanced to the second on a stolen basis. Walker passed the next batter on a full count, making way for the Ducks’ number three. The Ducks’ slugger delivered a single to thwart the Sun Devils’ plans for a quick and painless inning. Leading 7-0 in the bottom third of game three, the Sun Devils still showed struggle with Yeah lamp and Nate Baez Walks and McLain single. Bases loaded, two outs faced Conor Davisand the Ducks’ pitcher overpowered him to squirm out of an inning that could have changed the trajectory of the game.



On the first pitch, Tulloch gave up a single in the middle. The second batter hit a field error at first base and an out clinched the first run. The Ducks would get two more runs, with a single down the middle and a single between Baez and Tobias. While it was a disappointing start for the Sun Devils, six Ducks reached base meaning three runs weren’t as unlucky as they could have been. The Sun Devils didn’t go down easily after falling behind, however, since Yeah lamp hit a strong ball down the right field line, but an extension of the Ducks’ first baseman caused an extra base hit to become an out. Sean McLain was hit, and Campos smoked a single down the middle on a full count. With runners in first and third place, McLain jogged home on a pass to get one back for the Sun Devils.

Second guest appearance

It was an inning that mirrored the first as six more ducks came to base and three more scored. A leadoff walk advanced to third with a double escaping Will Rogers’ diving clutch. Tulloch would come out but load the bases on a walk. Tulloch’s night ended in a single, meaning four runs abandoned. No stranger to early and long relief, Jacob Walker Replaced Tulloch. Walker gave up a single and brought home two more runs. Two plays later, ASU closed the inning with a 4-6-3 doubles play. Jacob Tobias It seemed like the five-run deficit would put a dent in it, but nothing went for the Sun Devils to lose the lead.

Third inn
Cam Magee won some applause after jumping and coming down with a high bouncer to make a quick throw for Tobias, which he was able to pick to get out first. Magee made the next play by diving to snag a liner. Walker looked poised to get out of the inning unscathed, giving up a walk between two singles for another run. The third baseman hit his third play of the inning and fielded a groundout. Lamp went over eight pitches. McLain got in on a solid single, and Baez worked a full-count walk, but Conor Davis deleted, stranding of loaded bases.


A leadoff walk advanced to second place with a single with one out. A flyout gave ASU two outs. Walker went four pitches with his batter and called Danny Marshall to the mountain. Marshall went into a run to place an eighth run on the board for the Ducks. Magee flashed some more leather and scooped a Grounder for a much-needed third. With an out, Murphy hit a nice double in the corner of right field but didn’t cross home plate as Rogers and Magee both folded.


Both teams had uneventful innings. Danny Marshall continued on the mound for the Ducks’ first one-, two-, three- and scoreless innings. The Sun Devils had the front of the lineup at the plate, but the Sun Devils couldn’t strike either.


A leadoff home run gave the Ducks a ninth run, however Andrew Luke came in to relieve Marshall and worked around a no-outs single to ensure the home run was the only run scored in the inning. On the Sun Devils side, Davis hit a single with an out. Tobias walked to places two and three. Murphy hit a fly out, however Will Rogers’ A hit in the infield forced a throwing error from third base to score Davis.

Seventh guest appearance

The Ducks quickly loaded the bases with a single and two walks. A double play traded two outs for a run. Another run was pinned due to a single, but Baez finished off the opponent’s hitting with a fielder choice. The Sun Devils at-bats made it a quick remainder of a seventh inning with three pitchers hitting three outs.

Ethan Lang entered the game and got his first batsman to fly out. Long walked his next hitter, but Magee chased a foul ball for a second out, and the third out came from a strikeout. The Sun Devils went three up, three down to finish the eighth.

Ninth inning
Josh Hansells The shutout performance in the ninth consisted of a fly out, strike out, a batter reaching for a throwing error by Magee, and a groundout to close it. The Sun Devils managed to string together a couple of hits in the ninth, including a monstrous explosion of Will Rogers, which brings him to eight in his first season as a Sun Devil. Lampe and McLain have both previously sung Bronson Balholms groundout ended the game.


ASU will even watch the series tomorrow at 6pm AZT. Kyle Lucham will toe the rubber for the devils. The game will be broadcast on Pac-12 Arizona and available over the air on KDUS 1060 AM.

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