Phillies Mailbag: Kingery, Moniak, Harper’s Meeting

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Ok, what’s Scott Kingery’s status?

Scott Kingery will finally play baseball in 2022. After falling out with a torn labrum (shoulder), he was activated and assigned to Triple-A Lehigh Valley. This is a big moment for Kingery and the Phillies organization. With the Phillies to save their investment or will Kingery save his career?

The Phillies then pledged $24 million to Kingery in anticipation of having a piece going forward.

Phillies beat coaches in Clearwater Kevin Lang worked with Kingery. New minor league batting coordinator Jason Ochart tried last year. The difference between now and before is that the expectations for Kingery are very low.

Will the Phillies end up with a player who can start in the major leagues? They’re going to need one of them in the infield next year. But even if they can get a solid bench piece that can play many positions, he could add value for that as well.

But for now, Kingery is a sunk price. What they get from him by the end of next season when he’s a free agent is going to be gravy. He will play at Triple-A any day and they will find out what they have.

Any chance you can get us a good Mickey Moniak update, Frank?
~ Matt
If Moniak comes back, who’s the victim? ~ Eric W

There is currently no timetable for Moniak’s return. But on Friday, Phillies manager Joe Girardi said that Moniak hits something and feels better. However, no rehab assignment has been announced yet.

I would worry about moving later. Today is the day when Didier Gregory is entitled to return from the injured list. The Phillies have since lost a position player Matthew Vierling was optional. will BrysonStott Back to Triple A? That could be a deciding factor.

Franklin Morales was already optioned to triple-A yesterday. The Phillies have to add Zach Eflin into the active squad so he can start today. That could be the train in question.

But as we’ve seen, there have been injuries on and off this Phillies team. So there’s no point in waiting to see what happens until Moniak is ready. Hopefully we’ll find out about that schedule soon. If he hits, I would expect rehab soon.

Bryce’s private team meeting: will this be the turning point for the season? And if it was just players, what does that say about Joe (trying not to read too far into it)? ~ Dave

A few reports have come out that Phillis is a star outfielder Bryce Harper held a team meeting prior to the Mets series last week, including this one from the former Phillie David Gallagher:

Really, the Phillies seemed to turn things around that day. After arguably their worst loss in recent memory, the Phillies could easily have looked down the road ahead against the Mets, Mariners and (gulp) four against the Dodgers and felt the walls were crumbling down on the team.

Instead, the Phillies have gone 6-2 since that meeting. And just a game just under the .500 mark, the Phillies are in full swing. If you were listening last week, you might have noticed that I mentioned if the Phillies could stay around the 500 mark during this rough stretch, they might be able to take off.

The ingredients are there. If you look at the four main elements: offense, defense, permanent staff and bullpen, offense was mostly fine now that there are some clicks. The starting eleven gets used to the season with question marks after 3/5 of the rotation.

That’s right, the bullpen let Sunday’s game go. But they were fine overall. No bullpen is ever perfect. Every bullpen will lose some games.

Defense is what it is. That cost the Phillies the one game they lost in Seattle. You will have such games.

But do they have pieces to be better? Absolutely. And who better to tell them than the team’s MVP?

And say what you want joe girardi, he’s not the one out there playing the games. He was given what he was given and cannot field for the players. There’s the occasional move we question (like renting James Norwood implode too long before you call Corey Gag in this Mets loss), but players have to make the moves.

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