Why we’re treated to more position players pitching, including Giants and A’s

Well no. Not at all. Actually mathematically impossible. That’s according to Statcast, our go-to source for MLB metrics, which noted the San Francisco Giants were all done as they trailed the St. Louis Cardinals 15-2 in the eighth inning last Sunday.

According to Statcast, the Cardinals had a 100% chance of winning at the time. So Giants outfielder Luis Gonzalez threw up last eighth place finish at Busch Stadium.

Three days later, the Oakland Athletics were down by a not-so-bad seven runs in eight innings, 11-4, but Statcast had put the Minnesota Twins’ winning probability at 99.9%.

So A’s outfielder Chad Pinder took over the mound for the top of ninth place.

Position players being called to the pitch have become a regular thing, not to mention a delight for fans and a distraction for boat racing players. Now more than ever, managers are taking advantage of blowouts as an opportunity to rest their bullpens and make a hitter’s dream come true.

As hard as it is to accept, it’s the equivalent of waving a white flag, an odd gesture made by baseball players who have been taught that no lead is insurmountable, especially without a shot clock.

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