Bullet Train Can Deliver On Bruce Lee’s Best Unfinished Movie Plan

The upcoming action movie Bullet Train shares some parallels with Bruce Lee’s unfinished Game of Death and could fulfill its potential.

The upcoming action movie fast train Bruce Lee’s concept for his unfinished film game of death to use in its express train setting. Directed by David Leitch fast train Stars Brad Pitt as an assassin codenamed Ladybug, who is sent on a mission to recover a briefcase on a Japanese bullet train. In doing so, he faces stiff competition from numerous other assassins on board with the same objective, and that gives fast train what could a game of death-like feeling.

game of death was intended by Bruce Lee to have his character Hai Tien climb a pagoda to retrieve a mysterious item on the top floor. Hai Tien meets an opponent trained in a specific martial arts discipline on each floor, with Hai Tien matching his skills in combat to hers. Lee passed away in 1973 game of death unfinished although a body double heavy version of game of death was released in 1978 with parts of Lee’s footage and his character’s renaming as Billy Lo. fast train could actually deliver on Bruce Lee’s promise game of death plans in a more comprehensive form.


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In fast train, Pitt’s ladybug is similarly battled by a range of enemies, each touting different abilities and weapons ranging from crowbars to swords to firearms, as seen in the trailer. All of them in search of the same hidden treasure moves the submission of game of death from a vertical fight up to a high-speed horizontal war zone. With this as a basis fast train the audience the full, albeit adapted, game of death Experience Lee envisioned.

In his idea of game of deathLee intended it as a metaphor for his belief in the importance of adaptation and fluidity in martial arts, which was the basis of Bruce Lee’s martial art Jeet Kune Do. fast train seems to have a more light-hearted tone, but the idea isn’t that far off given Ladybug faces enemies that all bring something different to the fight. The different types of weapons used notably by the other assassins involved expand on Lee’s idea, with Ladybug having to counter both blade and bullet attacks.

fast train also builds on that game of death with Ladybug’s rival assassins being more elaborate characters. Due to the nature of game of deathLee’s premise, Lee’s opponents should be introduced rather spontaneously and defined broadly in opposition to his quest, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s final boss at the top being the only one who gets a chance for full characterization. That’s not a flaw in Lee’s plan game of death but simply a by-product of its establishment, fast train is equipped to humanize Ladybug’s fellow assassins.

game of death itself, in its crudely compiled form, sadly does little to capture Bruce Lee’s vision of what it was meant to be, although the documentary Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journeywith all of Lee’s finished footage, gives a great insight into what he was up to. fast train as a highly anticipated summer action film with an ensemble cast and comparable action style John Wick, seems to have similar ideas in mind. I hope so, fast train can offer a modernized taste of the energy and finesse that Bruce Lee dreamed of game of death.

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  • Bullet Train (2022)Release date: July 29, 2022

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