Coast Guard Karnataka holds badminton tourney


The Karnataka Coast Guard hosts a badminton tournament

The Karnataka Coast Guard held a regional badminton championship at the Golden Shuttle Indoor Stadium.

The event was attended by enthusiastic players from the Pan Coast Guard’s western region. A total of 24 players, who were further divided into six teams, took part in the national badminton championship.

The main goal of the championship was to improve the overall physical standards of CG personnel and to develop physical talents to their maximum potential.

The event was graced by Commissioner of Police N Shashi Kumar and Vice Chairman of the Port of New Mangalore (NMPA) KG Nath.

Shashi Kumar said that any sporting event like badminton offers a whole host of benefits ranging from increased life expectancy and mobility to promoting heart health and exercise for all ages.

“Badminton is a sport where you train your whole body and to some extent your mind. You’ll engage your core, limbs and brain as you serve up and roam the court. It requires quick thinking and speed. A game that lasts over an hour can help you burn about 480 calories. If you play it daily, you can lose about 4kg a month,” KG Nath said.

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