Czech hockey great Jaromír Jágr’s car collides with Prague tram

May 25, 2022

illness Second suspicion of monkeypox in the Czech Republic clarified

The State Institute of Health (SZU) is examining another sample suspected of having monkeypox from a person who was in contact with the first infected patient in the Czech Republic and the result is due to be announced this afternoon, SZU spokeswoman Stepanka Cechova said today. The inpatient at the Central Military Hospital in Prague was probably infected at a music festival in Belgium, the SZU said.

ACCIDENT Czech ice hockey player Jaromír Jágr collided with a tram

Legendary Czech ice hockey player Jaromír Jágr reportedly fell on Plzeňská Street in Prague on Wednesday, writes He collided with his Kia electric car with a tram. Firefighters, police and ambulances intervened at the scene. The driver was taken into the care of paramedics, the accident was avoided without serious injuries. The circumstances of the accident are being investigated by the police.

corruption Police discovered millions of kronor in the apartments of Czech officials

The police checked three actors in the April operation at the Ministry of Agriculture and are now waiting for officials to explain where the money came from. Investigators collected about 20 million CZK from former Agriculture Minister Miroslav Toman, which they found during a house search, Seznam Zpravy reported. State Secretary Jan Sixta had 250,000 CZK in the ministry’s vault, and detectives found a similar amount in the case of IT Chief Minister Oleg Blašek.

TO TRAVEL Sleeper train Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels is delayed

The start of the night train planned for this summer on the Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam-Brussels route has been postponed. The Dutch start-up European Sleeper has not yet published a new start date on its website.

The company is planning an overnight connection with the Czech private airline RegioJet. European Sleeper didn’t reveal the cause of the delay and didn’t give a new launch date to “avoid disappointment”. The launch of the line was announced last year and is aimed not only at tourists but also at customers on business trips.

ECONOMY EU approves Czech increase in mandatory VAT limit

The European Union today approved the increase in the limit for the compulsory payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) by the Czech Republic from one to two million crowns. Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura told reporters on Tuesday. According to Stanjura, the government is ready to implement the change from early next year. The ministry estimates that raising the limit should relieve VAT payers by about 105,000.

CRIME Czech police discover exotic animal remains

An unknown person hid exotic animal remains, likely tigers, at a property near Smečno in central Bohemia, reported on Tuesday. Police plan to release more information about the case today. The Czech Republic has seen cases of illegal killing of tigers for trade in their body parts. In 2018, a zoo park operator was accused of delivering dead tigers to a taxidermist who sold the remains on the black market. The taxidermist, who was sentenced to prison, is currently hearing before the Supreme Court.

POLITICS The Czech government is discussing wage increases today

Union leaders and government officials will meet today to start negotiations on public sector wage increases. Because of the high inflation, the unions are demanding a wage increase this year. They are also demanding an increase in the minimum wage from CZK 2,000 to CZK 18,200 from July. The public sector employed 656,500 people last year. Half of them earn more than CZK 41,921 gross per month. The average salary in the public sector was CZK 44,782.

TECHNOLOGY Czech Radiocommunications is building a data center in Prague for billions

The Czech radio communications company wants to build a multi-billion kroner data center on the outskirts of Prague, according to and has been confirmed by the company’s sales manager, Miloš Mastník. According to the server, it will be the largest data center in the Czech Republic. It is scheduled to be built in 2024 on Czech Radio’s own property near Zbraslav in Prague. It will have a capacity of at least 2,000 server cabinets, writes The company now has the largest data center under the Žižkov transmitter in Prague and smaller data centers in the Prague cities of Strahov, Pardubice and Ostrava. All of these existing centers have a total capacity of over 500 server racks.

May 25, 2022

health First Czech monkeypox infection identified in Czech woman

The first monkeypox patient in the Czech Republic is in the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN) in Prague. The infected person attended a festival in Antwerp, Belgium, in early May. Upon her return, she developed a high temperature and painful pimples that turned into bursting blisters, the National Institute of Public Health (SZÚ) said. SZÚ has not named the event, but separate news reports have linked the outbreak to Belgium’s Darklands festival and the event’s website is now urging attendees to monitor their health.

The Prague hygiene station tracks down people who have been in contact with the infected person. They are instructed to monitor their health and refrain from sexual contact or blood donations. Samples from two other people who may be infected are also being examined by the SZÚ. The infected patient must remain isolated for several weeks until the skin lesions disappear. Monkeypox is a rare viral disease that resembles smallpox but usually takes on a milder form.

Internet Eight disinformation websites to be unblocked

Internet association CZ.Nic will on Wednesday unblock eight disinformation websites whose domains were made inaccessible on February 25 in connection with the war in Ukraine, new server Seznam Zprávy reported. The sites are no longer dangerous, partly due to the expected decline in traffic, the association said. The main objective of the measure was to limit the dissemination of false and misleading information that attempted to relativize, justify or condone Russia’s aggression. These sites no longer pose a threat from this perspective, as the three-month shutdown will result in a significant drop in their traffic, CZ.Nic said.

Business EU approves change in mandatory VAT payment limit

The European Union approved the Czech Republic’s increase in the lower limit for compulsory payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) from CZK 1 million to CZK 2 million (EUR 85,000). The Czech Ministry of Finance announced the change on its website. The government is ready to implement the change from early next year. Those falling below the new limit from next year can instead pay a flat tax, Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura said. According to the Czech Chamber of Commerce, increasing the limit for mandatory VAT payments will simplify administration for small businesses. The border has not changed since the Czech Republic joined the EU.

Agriculture Rammstein fans are said to have damaged sugar beet fields

The Rammstein concerts on May 15-16 in Letiště Letňany in Prague resulted in damage of between CZK 100,000 and CZK 200,000 on the sugar beet fields of the agricultural company VIN Agro. The fields next to the concert hall were occupied by fans who didn’t have tickets but wanted to listen. The Chamber of Agriculture pointed out the damage on Facebook. Petr Řebíček, CEO of VIN Agro, said he saw no way to get compensation as there was no one to blame. He added that he contacted the organizers before the concert, but his questions went unanswered. Several large concerts are planned in Letňany this summer.

Culture Art collector Meda Mládková was buried near Brno

The remains of art collector and patron Meda Mládková, who died on May 3 at the age of 102, were buried in the family crypt of her late husband Jan Viktor Mládek in Rosice near Brno, news server České noviny reported. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation, the Kampa Museum and several local residents. In a short speech, the chairman of the foundation, Jiří Pospíšil, paid tribute to Mládková for her life’s work and the promotion of Czech art. Mládková had expressed the wish that her remains remain in the Czech Republic. Last week a funeral mass was held in the Church of Our Lady of Victory in Prague.

Books The Czech Republic enters into a three-year partnership with German libraries

The Czech Republic will be a partner country of the German library system for three years. This should lead to closer cross-border cooperation and mutual inspiration. The Czech Republic is a partner country at the Librarian Congress in Leipzig, one of the largest events for librarians in Europe. The Czech Republic will replace the Netherlands as Germany’s partner. As one of their projects, Czech librarians will create a map to connect the offers and priorities of Czech and German libraries.

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