Mr. Stats Notes: All Rise for Tigers vs Yankees

There is a game between the Tigers and the Yankees on Sunday morning at the Big Ball Court in the Bronx, which can be seen on Peacock at 11:35 am.

Very few franchises can match the Yankees when it comes to assembling an all-time team. The tigers can actually do it. How many teams can have an advantage over the Yanks in midfield where New York has both Joe DiMaggio and Mickey coat? Well, the Detroit Tigers did Ty Cobb.

Tigers vs Yankees Live on Peacock: How to Watch, Stream, Launch, TV Channel for the MLB Sunday Leadoff Game

How many teams can get close to the Yankees on first base when New York has the Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig? Well, the Detroit Tigers had the Bronx native Hank Greenberg. If Hank hadn’t lost four years of his prime, his numbers would look remarkably similar to Gehrig’s. By the looks of it, Greenberg’s career OPS of 1,017 is higher than all but a small handful of players. If your OPS is higher than Mike Trouts, Stan Musicals, Mickey Mantles, and Joe DiMaggio’s, you don’t take a backseat to anyone. Including Gehrig (who tragically lost time at the end of his career, but not in his prime).

Please forgive me Yankee fans, but I’m not sure your captain – Derek Jeter – is somehow better than Detroits Alan trammel.

That’s where I said it. Look, almost anyone who’s followed baseball for any length of time would choose Jeter over Trammell. But it’s closer than you think.

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Jeter played 20 years in the majors, all for the Yankees.

Trammell played 20 years in the majors, all for the Tigers.

Jeter never won an MVP, although he finished runner-up in 2006 justin Morneau.

Trammell never won an MVP, although he finished runner-up in 1987 George bell.

For the right context, Jeter should won MVP in 2006. He had a much better year than Morneau (who had 34 HR, 130 RBI). And trammel should won the MVP in 1987. He had a much better year than George Bell (who had 47 HR, 134 RBI).

Jeter was the 2000 World Series MVP.

Trammell was the 1984 World Series MVP.

For context, Jeter fought .409/.480/.864 (9-22 AB) in the 2000 World Series.

Trammell competed against .450/.500/.800 (9-20 AB) in the 1984 World Series.

Jeter’s bWAR was 71.3

Trammell’s bWAR was 70.7

A closer look at Baseball Reference’s WAR for the two reveals the difference. Jeter was a better offensive player, Trammell was a better defensive player.

If you look at WAR’s 7-year high, Trammell was at 44.8. Jeter’s 7-year high WAR was 42.4.

In his 1985 baseball abstract, Bill James wrote that Trammell had no weaknesses and had a long reach at the shortstop. And he added that if Trammell had played his home games on artificial turf (as was prevalent in 1985) he would have much, much better offensive numbers.

For 20 years, Jeter’s OPS+ was 115 and Trammell’s was 110. Jete was a better hitter.

All I can say to that is: Trammell is very underestimated. Jeter is very overrated. Why was Trammell so ignored? He has never received more than 41% of the Hall of Fame vote in 15 election cycles, despite similar numbers to Player Barry Larkin and Jeter (Trammell was eventually anchored by the Veterans Committee). It wasn’t Trammel Cal Rippen, Jr. – a contemporary who consumed much of the oxygen spent on American League shortstops in Trammell’s day.

At some positions, the Yankees have no one they can compare to the great Tigers of all time. Detroit has Charlie Gehringer at second base. And they have Lou Whitaker. Case closed. Miguel Cabrera was Detroit’s third baseman in his best season about a decade ago. I can’t remember a Yankee Triple Crown winner on third base, can I?

Even if you only wanted to include players from the last half century, Detroit could roll out Justin Verlander and Jack Morris on the bump; Bill Freehan behind the plate Miggy Cabrera, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell on the infield. It might not beat a comparable Yankee roster, but they would more than hold their own.

And now a look at the Yankees 2022.

Are the Yankees nearly a third of a “special” season (like Detroit in 1984 and the Yankees in 1998)?

1984 Tigers: 104-58 started 35-5.

1998 Yanks: 114-48 started 46-13

One thing I’ve learned from watching baseball for more than half a century is that it’s hard to stop a roaring locomotive train. This 2022 Yankees train picked up steam as soon as it left Detroit on Thursday, April 21st.

On Thursday, April 21, the Tigers Michael Pineda and four assists shut out the Yanks 3-0, dropping the Yanks to a record of 7-6.

Since leaving Detroit, the Yankees have a record of 27-9 in Thursday’s split-doubleheader.

Since leaving Detroit, Yankees Aaron Judge has turned into Babe Ruth, except maybe better.

Aaron Richter

First 13 games: .255/.340/.404 with 1 HR, 2 RBI

Last 34 games: .321/.383/.748 with 17 HR, 36 RBI

That’s 17 HR in 131 AB since leaving Detroit, or one HR every 7.7 AB.

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Now you’re wondering what happened late in that final game in Detroit that could have prompted the Baseball Gods to turn their attention to quickly making the 2022 Yankees one of the all-time teams?

Oh yes, with the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera on the verge of 3,000 goals, Aaron Boone had his helper Lucas Lütge Give Miggy an intentional walk.

Here’s the situation: The Tigers were 1-0 up by the end of the eighth inning but had bases full with no one outside. Boone added Luetge to the game. Lucas got Jeimer Canelario to ground into a double game.

That sent Cabrera onto the plate with runners at 2nd and 3approx with two out. Boone let Miggy go. Austin Meadows then doubled in two runs. The Yankees lost that game, but at least Cabrera didn’t get his 3,000th Goal against New York.

And good karma has been with Boone and the Yankees ever since.

If you’re wondering how the Yankees dominate, it’s quite simple.

The Yankees have hit 69 home runs and are second in MLB to the Brewers (70).

The Yankees have conceded just 38 home runs, the fewest in MLB.

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A lot of things are going right with the Yankees. We can talk about starting the pitcher Nestor Cortest Jr. and his 1.70 ERA. We can talk about relief Clay Holmes (Why does his name conjure up images of boxers?). But we have to start with Aaron Judge.

And now some much needed words on Aaron Judge.

How many times does “99” transition to “50”?

Aaron Judge, who wears jersey number 99, reached 52 HR as a rookie in 2017.

Judge, who hit 18 home runs through the end of May, will almost certainly hit 50 or more this season (he’s at 59 paces). Also, turning 50 is no longer that easy for anyone. Nobody made it last year. Only Peter Alonso did it in 2019. And nobody did it in 2018.

Take a quick guess. How many players have hit 50+ home runs for the Yankees at least twice in a season?

Only two players, Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, have had multiple 50+ home run seasons for the Yankees.

The only other players to even have a 50-homer season for the Yanks aside from Judge, Ruth and Mantle were Roger Maris and Alex Rodriguez.

Aaron Judge hits .657 and goes into Thursday’s doubleheader with the Angels. If he keeps hitting that all season, these are the only Yankees to have a higher slugging percentage in a single season.

Babe Ruth

Lou Gehrig

Mickey coat

Joe DiMaggio

The Yankees have had some pretty great seasons — hey, particularly — from right fielders. Think Reggie Jackson and David Winfield. Think like the non-Hall of Famers Roger Maris and Paul O’Neil. None of them come close to what Judge produces.

And not just this year.

Aaron Judge averages an HR every 12.76 AB throughout his career.

And Aaron Judge was even better at home in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium.

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In his career, Aaron Judge has hit 1,097 AB at Yankee Stadium and 94 homers. That’s one HR every 11.6 At bats.

Is it good?

Well, let’s put it this way. Aaron Judge has 2,668 recording appearances in his career. He will soon be at 3,000.

Career Ladder, At Bats per Home Run (min. 3,000 Plate Appearances)

  1. Mark McGwire – 10.61
  2. Babe Ruth—11.76
  3. Barry Bonds – 12.92

Now if we were playing with minimums and had the leaderboard for the category with at least 2,600 Plate Appearances, we would have judge between Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds.

Who are we to judge (judges)?

A long time ago, the Tigers had a great right fielder who played his entire career in Detroit. Al Kaline was known for the rest of his life as “Mr. Tiger.” If Aaron Judge stays in New York for his entire career, he could be known as “Mr. Yankee.”

On Sunday morning we could all “get up” to see the Judge on Peacock.

Aaron Judge and the 1st seed New York Yankees host Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers from Yankee Stadium at the MLB Sunday Leadoff live this Sunday, June 5 at 11:30am ET on Peacock. This week’s MLB Sunday Leadoff coverage begins with the pregame show at 11 p.m. ET on Peacock. NBC Sports’

CC Sabathiathe 2007 Cy Young Award winner and 19-year MLB veteran, including 11 seasons with the Yankees, will join Ahmed Farid as an analyst on the MLB Sunday Leadoff pre- and postgame shows. Sabathia, who won the World Series with the Yankees in 2009, was a six-time All-Star, had 251 career wins and is one of three left-handed pitchers in major league history with at least 3,000 strikeouts (Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson). Sabathia is currently the co-host of the R2C2 podcast.

How to see:

date Demonstrate time (ET) platform
Sun., June 5th MLB Sunday Leadoff foreplay 11 clock peacock
Sun., June 5th Tigers vs Yankees 11:30 a.m peacock

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