Hilarious Naruto Vs. Dragon Ball Memes

Naruto and dragon ball are two of the biggest Shonen franchises of all time, with multiple series, movies, a variety of manga, toys, and other connections to appease their legions of rabid fans. Given how passionate these fans are — whether it’s the lore, skills, or characters of their favorite series — it’s no surprise that the memes world would mix the two together.

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So Goku and Naruto, as the main characters and two of the most iconic anime characters of all time, carry the brunt of the jokes, but no character survives long without enjoying a little fun with them. Despite the perceived rivalry between the two fandoms, it’s easy to get together for a laugh at the expense of these world-class martial artists, their supernatural powers, and the sometimes silly jokes they pull at each other. Here are some of the best Naruto x Dragon Ballcrossover memes.


8th A desire

Enigmatic team leader and ninja extraordinary, Kakashi Hatake started out as a fan favorite as soon as he was introduced. His ninja talents, personality and training style were no doubt important factors, but even more important was his enigmatic mask.

Both literally and symbolically, Kakashi’s mask kept many of the enigmatic ninja’s most interesting features under wraps for some time. Fans are clamoring for a face reveal. It’s easy to see why some fans might not even feel that dragon balls Wish-granting dragon Shenron would have the power to reveal everything fans wanted to know about Kakashi, starting with what lay beneath his mask.

7 He loses to everyone

Yamchu is pretty much the laughing stock of the dragon ball universe, at least in the eyes of fans, and that’s saying something in a fandom that includes “doing nothing right” characters like Mr. Satan and Yajirobe. Even by those standards, Yamcha has a history of failures, losing battles, and other things contribute nothing to the team.

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It’s probably painful for Naruto Fans to see Sakura compared to Yamcha in this way as the comparison is a bit unfair. Sakura may not contribute as much to her group’s success as some others, but she certainly accomplishes more than Yamcha, even at his best. As unfair as the comparison might be, it’s certainly funny to think about.

6 Fight Goku, they said

One of the internet’s most popular pastimes is comparing iconic characters to Goku and seeing who would win. It’s a debate as eternal as Batman vs. Superman, and it shows no signs of dying down. The Fight Goku, They Said meme summarizes the general opinion on the subject: Naruto is undeniably a great martial artist and warrior, but he wouldn’t stand a chance against Goku.

Naruto’s face, messed up and scratched, is internet shorthand, meme shorthand for exactly the course of most of Goku’s fights. He’s the best in his universe and almost every other universe, to the point that throwing a poor ninja kid at him is ridiculous.

5 A Super Saiyan!

Frieza competes with Cell and Majin Buu for the title of Greatest dragon ball Villain’ and his grandiose ego and over-the-top personality are big points in his favor, setting him apart even from other legendary villains. More than anything, Frieza hates Saiyans.

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With his spiky golden hair, it’s hard not to compare Naruto to Goku in his Super Saiyan form, and it’s all too easy to imagine a simple misunderstanding leading to Frieza unleashing a rain of destruction on the unfortunate’s head Ninja Boy drops. The meme is solid throughout, but it’s the last panel to sell, with Naruto’s over-the-top, horrified expression making it impossible not to hear the last few words in his voice.

4 Children try their best

Creative works, be they anime, comics, films or songs, constantly borrow from each other as writers and artists draw inspiration from the amazing projects that came before them. Sometimes the similarities are superficial. Sometimes they are much more than that.

The Kids Try Their Best meme points to how close some of these similarities are by showing Goku, Vegeta, Naruto, and Sasuke dressed similarly and in similar poses. That Naruto and Sasuke have a rivalry that mirrors that of Goku and Vegeta makes the comparison even clearer. However, feeling elevated above the artist influence, it’s hard not to laugh when you see the comparison so directly.

3 I saw these colors

Similar to the Kids Try Their Best meme, I’ve Seen Those Colors shows how close it is Naruto and dragon ball have come together at times, especially aesthetically. The orange and black gi is iconic for both series at this point, and despite that dragon ball made the look iconic more than a decade earlier naruto, that’s not really the point.

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The funniest part of the meme is the way it captures the characters’ ignorance. Neither is known for his powers of observation, so it is in the humor of both universes that even their own joke would miss the point (one isn’t entirely sure he’s seen the colors before, the other is convinced). that his opponent has not done it). not noticed). Similar uniforms aren’t the only thing the two shows have in common it seems, as this meme also references their similar humor.

2 parents are dead

When it comes to martial arts stories, tragic backstories are as commonplace as grains of sand in a desert. Naruto and Goku both suffered greatly from a young age, as evidenced by the Parents Are Dead meme. However, their reactions to these tragedies could not be more different. Goku is something of an innocent compared to Naruto and seeing him doing what he does best (eating) is in stark contrast to the image of Naruto huddled in on himself and looking defeated.

As much talk of similarities between the shows as there is on the internet, It’s important to point out (and poke fun at) how glaring some of their differences are, and Naruto and Goku’s different attitude towards loss is surely such a difference.

1 Rasengan V. Spirit Bomb

Everyone seems to want to pit Goku against the whole world, and some think that Naruto is the challenger who will beat him. So how do two of their most iconic special abilities compare? This meme highlights some key differences, not just between skills but between shows, and gets funnier as time goes on. Goku’s ghost bomb can destroy a planet, but Naruto’s rasengan charges much faster dragon ball notorious for multi-episode power-ups.

However, Goku has the final, cutting words, pointing out that as quick as Naruto may be to turn on, he’s painfully slow when it comes to learning new skills. The meme “Rasengan v. Spirit Bomb highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the characters and shows and is one of the best of both fandoms.

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