Every Actor Who’s Been In Multiple Quentin Tarantino Films

Like many other filmmakers Quentin Tarantino has created his own list of frequent collaborators, and here is every actor who has appeared in multiple Quentin Tarantino films. Tarantino has become one of the most respected, popular, but also most controversial filmmakers thanks to his idiosyncratic narrative and visual style, mastery of dialogue writing, and generous doses of violence and gore in each of his films. Tarantino has also had the privilege of working with some of the biggest and most popular names in the industry, many of whom have become his frequent collaborators.

Tarantino’s film career began in 1992 with crime fiction Reservoir Dogs, which not only introduced his unique style to the world, but was also the start of some long-lasting collaborations for him. Tarantino’s big break came two years later with another crime thriller. pulp fiction, which has the particularity of being told in a non-linear style. Since then, Tarantino has explored a variety of genres – from martial arts to kill Bill with slits death proof and even using alternate versions of the story Inglourious Basterds and Once upon a time in Hollywood – and his list of regular contributors grows longer and longer with each project.


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Tarantino always seems to have reserved a role for some of his frequent collaborators, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a starring role, as they’ve also taken part in supporting roles, cameos, and even speaking roles on his projects. There have been a few whose scenes were shortened or cut entirely during editing became. Here is every actor who has appeared in multiple Quentin Tarantino movies.

Samuel L Jackson

Jules Winnfield points a gun in Pulp Fiction.

Samuel L. Jackson is the only actor to have appeared in most Tarantino films, having appeared in lead, supporting, and speaking roles in six films. Samuel L. Jackson’s first Tarantino film was pulp fictionwhere he played and later appeared as hitman Jules Winnfield opposite John Travolta’s Vincent Vega Jackie Brown as an order, Kill Bill: Volume 2 as an organ player, Inglourious Basterds as a narrator, Django Unchained as Stephen Warren and The Hateful Eight as Major Marquis Warren.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill Vol 1

Uma Thurman has been the star of some of Tarantino’s most popular films, as well pulp fiction and both kill Bill movies. Thurman played Mia Wallace in it pulp fictionthe wife of Jules and Vincent’s boss and one of the main characters in the film, and nine years later she teamed up again with Tarantino to co-star in the lead role Kill Bill: Volume 1 and volume 2 as The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo.


Reservoir Dogs Mr. Blonde

Michael Madsen has been a part of several Tarantino films in lead, supporting and cameo roles, and it all started with Reservoir Dogs, where he is Vic Vega/Mr. Blonde, who was later revealed to be the brother of pulp fictionis Vincent Vega. Madsen’s later roles in Tarantino’s films were Budd in both kill Bill Movies, “Gruch” Douglass/Joe Gage in The Hateful Eightand Sheriff Hackett in Once upon a time there was Hollywoodalthough this was a cameo role that was cut even shorter during post-production.

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Harvey Keith

Harvey Keitel as Wolf in Pulp Fiction

Harvey Keitel is one of the actors who starred in Tarantino’s very first film and has continued to appear in his other projects. Keitel played Larry Dimmick/Mr. Pure white Reservoir DogsWinston “The Wolf” Wolfe in pulp fictionand had an uncredited voice role as an Allied Commander in Inglourious Basterds. He also played Jacob Fuller in From dusk to dawnwritten by Tarantino but directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Christopher Walz

Christoph Waltz as Colonel Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds

One of Tarantino’s most notable and popular associates is Christoph Waltz. Waltz famously played the antagonist Colonel Hans Landa Inglourious Basterdsfor which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2009, and later starred as Dr. King Schultz played Django Unchainedan ally of Jamie Foxx’s Django, won his second Oscar in the same category in 2012.

Timo Roth

Mr. Orange aims his gun at Reservoir Dogs.

Tim Roth has appeared in four Quentin Tarantino films beginning with Reservoir Dogs, where he played Mr. Orange/Freddy Newandyke, the undercover cop among thieves. Roth later played Pumpkin in pulp fiction‘English’ Pete Hicox/Oswaldo Mobray in The Hateful Eightand Raymond, Jay Sebring’s butler Once upon a time in Hollywood, but its scenes were cut. He also starred in Quentin Tarantino’s segment in Four rooms.

Kurt Russell

Stuntman Mike sits in his car in Death Proof.

Kurt Russell played stuntman Mike McKay in Tarantino’s death proofthe entry of the director for the grinding house Project with Robert Rodriguez. Even though death proof Widely considered Tarantino’s weakest film, that didn’t stop Russell from working with him again. Russell played John Ruth in it The Hateful Eight and later Randy Lloyd and The Narrator in Once upon a time in Hollywood.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has appeared in two Tarantino films so far. It all started when he played Aldo Raine Inglourious Basterdsthe leader of the title Basterds, and played Rick Dalton’s best friend and stuntman Cliff Booth in 2019 Once upon a time in Hollywoodwhich earned him his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has also acted in two Tarantino films so far, the first Django Unchained, where he played the villain Calvin J. Candie. DiCaprio returned to the Tarantino universe Once upon a time in Hollywoodwhere he played movie star Rick Dalton, whose career was in decline as Hollywood’s golden age drew to a close.

Michael & James Parks

Texas Ranger Earl McGraw at a liquor store in From Dusk Till Dawn

Michael and James Parks are also among Tarantino’s most frequent associates, with Michael being second on the list. Michael Parks played Earl McGraw in Texas Ranger Kill Bill: Volume 1 and death proof (as well as in planet terror and From dusk to dawn), Esteban Vihaio in Kill Bill: Volume 2and an employee of the LeQuint Dickey Mining Company in Django Unchained. Funnily enough, James Parks played his father’s character’s son, Edgar McGraw, in both kill Bill movies & death proofas well as a tracker in Django Unchained and OB pure The Hateful Eight.

Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins is also part of the Tarantino universe thanks to his appearances in three films so far. first was Django Unchainedwhere he played Billy Crash, followed by The Hateful Eight where he played Chris Mannix and he had a speaking role in an Old Chattanooga Beer commercial in Once upon a time in Hollywoodalthough this scene has been cut and is only found in the extended version of the film.

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Julie Dreyfus

Kill Bill Sofie Fatale

Julie Dreyfus has appeared in two Tarantino films so far, but it has long been rumoured Kill Bill 3 happens, she will surely add one more to the list. Julie Dreyfus played Sofie Natale, O-Ren Ishii’s attorney, confidant, and second lieutenant, and a former protégé of Bill in Kill Bill: Volume 1and she also had a small role in Inglourious Basterds as Francesca Mondino.

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has had a lead role in a Tarantino film and a cameo that’s easy to miss in another film. Buscemi played Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogsand he returned to the Tarantino universe two years later pulp fictionwhere a waiter dressed as Buddy Holly played, giving way to some theories that these two characters were somehow connected.

Bruce Dern

Once upon a time in Hollywood Cliff Booth George Spahn

Bruce Dern also has a spot on Quentin Tarantino’s list of frequent collaborators. Dern played Curtis Carrucan in it Django Unchainedfollowed by General Sanford Smithers The Hateful Eight and Georg Spahn Once upon a time in Hollywoodthe latter a role originally planned for Burt Reynolds.

Eli Roth

Inglourious Basterds Donny Bear Jude

Eli Roth has appeared in two Tarantino films to date, and one of them has become a fan favorite. First he played Dov in it death proofand two years later he became Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz in Inglourious Basterdsone of the most valuable members of Aldo Raine’s Basterds crew and one of the Basterds who sacrificed themselves to kill Adolf Hitler.

Zoe Bell

Another frequent employee of Quentin Tarantino is stuntwoman Zoë Bell. Her first appearance in the Tarantino universe was in death proofwhere she played herself, and she later played a tracker in it Django UnchainedSix Horse Judy in The Hateful Eightand Janet Lloyd in Once upon a time in Hollywood. Bell has also done stunts for other Tarantino films, such as both kill Bill movies & Inglourious Basterds.

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