‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Ranking the Different Universes Based on How Much They Deserve Their Own Movie

We may only be halfway through 2022, but it’s going to be tough for any film this year to be as popular as it is Everything everywhere at once. Acclaimed by both fans and critics, the film was praised for its creativity and unique approach to nihilistic themes while also proving to be one of the best the most hopeful and uplifting films lately.

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Everything everywhere Stars Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Wang, a laundromat owner struggling to keep her business afloat as relations with her husband Waymond (Ke Huy Quan) and daughter Joy (Stephanie Hasu) decay. Evelyn soon discovers that she exists in the multiverse and is just a version of herself. Countless portrayals of Evelyn are featured throughout the film, including surreal and animated, and many of these Evelyns could easily star in their own film. For the purpose of this list, only the larger universes will be discussed (sorry sign weirdo Evelyn, your Captain America skills are cool though).

The following contains spoilers for Everything everywhere at once


The Alphaverse – Where it all began

Evelyn and Waymond of the Alphaverse are the origin of all multiverse shenanigans and the creators of the technology that enables multiverse travel. Alpha Evelyn’s mistreatment of Alpha Joy, which forced her into a plethora of “slips”, caused her mind to snap apart, resulting in a threat to the multiverse she now represents.

While the concept of a future falling apart due to meddling in different universes is a cool idea, its bleak, apocalyptic setting is nothing new. The Alphaverse acts as a setup for the main film’s plot and the relationship between Evelyn and Alpha Joy/Jobu Tupaki, but is the least interesting of the film’s various universes. The Alphaverse complements the journey of the “normal” Evelyn perfectly, but does not require its own independent film.

The Singer Universe – A Star is Born

After a childhood accident leaves her blind (although the off-screen violence remains, it’s still a windy moment), Evelyn develops her vocal skills. Under the guidance of her father Gong Gong (James Hong) Evelyn grows into a professional singer, and the film takes a peek into this universe and sees her perform at a live concert in front of a large audience.

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Although this universe is not present for long, it is hinted that Gong Gong might be a bit of a controlling manager. A film telling the story of Evelyn’s rise to stardom could focus on that relationship, much like How did Everything everywhere focuses on the relationship between Evelyn and her own daughter. The ups and downs of Evelyn’s career could also be told as a musical, allowing Yeoh and the rest of the talented cast to showcase their singing talents on and off stage.

The Martial Arts Universe – The Story of Michelle Yeoh

In this universe, Evelyn refuses to flee to America with Waymond when they are young, leading to the end of their relationship. This alternate turn of events leads to Evelyn becoming a martial artist after an attempted mugging and eventually becoming an action movie star. “Normal” Evelyn uses this universe to gain combat abilities to defend herself, although in the film’s finale subverts the action genre as Evelyn wins using kindness instead.

This tribute to Michelle Yeoh‘s career in real life is evident as Evelyn’s international reputation as an ass-kicker is similar to Yeoh’s. Everything everywhere‘s directorsare respectful in their portrayal of this universe, keeping the similarities between Evelyn and Yeoh superficial rather than delving into their real-life story. However, a loose look at Yeoh’s life could be great if told in a similar way Nicolas Cages in The unbearable weight of massive talent, who reflects on her career in a comedic way. Any excuses to watch Yeoh kick more jerks in the face.

The Universe Where Life Never Was – Rock On

In the midst of all the wild action and the multiverse, jump in everything everywhere, There’s a tranquil scene that helps highlight all the crazy moments that surround her. Evelyn and Jobu Tupaki are in a universe where life was never born and exist like rocks. Although unable to speak, the two rocks engage in a conversation (represented by captions) touching some of the rocks the main themes of the filmlike the meaning of life and whether life is worth it at all.

A beautifully subdued moment amid the film’s over-the-top sequences, the Rockverse is ripe for nihilistic storytelling. It’s a wonder there isn’t already an indie film about Rocks’ inner monologues, like films like rubber I have already touched the feelings of inanimate objects. Perhaps the Rockverse could lead to a film about existentialism where Evelyn’s other-universe pinata self comes to life at a children’s birthday party and has to conserve the candy inside her to stay alive.

The Raccaccoonie Universe – Pixar After Dark

One of Everything everywhere‘s most hilarious moments is this callback to Evelyn’s false memory of Ratatouille as a raccoon. In a universe where Evelyn is working as a teppanyaki chef, she discovers one of her co-workers, Chad (Harry Shum Jr.) is secretly controlled by a raccoon, allowing him to become the professional chef he always wanted to be. After their plan is uncovered, Raccaccoonie’s first reaction is to order Chad to assassinate Evelyn.

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A very funny parody of the Pixar classic, the fact that Raccaccoonie says “She’s seen too much, you know what to do” suggests that this situation has happened more than once. Has Raccaccoonie silenced people before, perhaps with the same cleaver Chad is forced to use to threaten Evelyn? Perhaps, to hide their misdeeds, they insert the bodies of their victims into their dishes and from there into the bellies of their adoring customers? A horror comedy after Ratatouille could be a great time filled with black humor and disturbingly delicious dishes.

The Hot Dog Finger Universe – A love story with all the bells and whistles

A universe where human evolution took a different turn, resulting in everyone owning hot dog fingers with ketchup and mustard (Buy yours today!). This sequence has proven to be one of the most popular in the film Andrew Garfield was spotted in public with hot dog fingers in support of the film. In this universe, Evelyn is in a relationship with Deirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis), the IRS agent investigating them in the prime universe.

Despite sharing a home together, it’s clear the couple have fallen on hard times as Deirdre is about to say goodbye. Despite the absurdity of their limbs, the time they spend in this universe is touching as we get a glimpse of their failed marriage and how they eventually fall in love again. Who wouldn’t want a feature-length romantic drama starring Yeoh and Curtis as a married couple, with or without hot dog fingers?

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