A Beginner’s Guide to Baseball Betting

Baseball betting for beginners

Making odd bets with friends over a pint in a pub is one thing, but when you’re new to sports betting it can quickly become extremely difficult. While many sites are quick to provide odds and stats, the sheer volume of numbers can be overwhelming. Because of this, baseball betting is often seen as one of the most attractive markets for savvy bettors. But unfortunately, understanding how to read numbers is only one component of the puzzle. Your understanding of being a competent bettor must go beyond numbers and numerous betting tactics. But first you need to start with the basics and know the answers to questions like: B. what is a walking line? Well, we’re here to help.

Baseball betting offers three basic bet types: Money Line, Run Line and Total.

money line

A money line bet is a prediction of who will win the game. If we select the favorite to win, our odds will be shown as negative (−) and our payout will be lower. Conversely, when picking an underdog, the odds are in our favor (+) and the payoff is more substantial. Baseball moneyline betting is the easiest way to get started. All we do is pick the winner directly, rather than determining whether the spread (difference in points) will be covered or not.

Baseball moneyline betting can also be used to create a combination of multiple selections. The more teams we have in a combination bet, the better our odds and chances of winning. With numerous games played every day of the season, constructing multi-leg parlays is easy.

running line

Baseball’s version of point spread betting, the run line, allows a bettor to bet on whether the favorite will win on more than one run or whether the underdog will hold the game within one run. As a result, running line betting can be attractive in situations where players want a higher payout on the superior side or the cushion of being able to lose on a run and still win their bet.

In total

Baseball totals are essentially a bet on whether the total number of runs scored in a game will be more or less than the total set by a sportsbook’s odds maker. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses. For example, if you look at the run total, it might read Cubs @ Cardinals O/U 9. Your job is to correctly predict whether the Cubs and Cardinals will go over nine runs or under nine runs in the game. O/U odds are usually around -110, although this can vary. With odds of -110, you would have to bet $110 to win $100.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when betting on baseball.



The starting pitcher has the greatest influence on the outcome of a game in professional sports. The best hitters in Major League Baseball only get 4-5 chances to bat in an average game, and defenders are only allowed 10 touches. Now, every game in an MLB game starts with the pitcher on the mound, and the starters are on the field most of the time. A dominant pitcher is the greatest leveler in baseball. As the saying goes, good pitching stops excellent hitting, and even the most menacing lineups can be brought down by an opposing ace that doesn’t give them many good pitches to hit.


One of the key differences between baseball and other professional sports is that baseball is played almost every day. While the National Football League has a week between games and the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League have limited back-to-back games (never three in a row), Major League Baseball players play from early April through early October with only 10- 15 days off. There’s not much time to mentally recover from the previous day’s performance, so streaks in baseball seem to last longer than in any other sport.


Another thing to keep in mind if you are new to baseball betting is the sport’s exceptional parity. We don’t always mean end-of-season rankings or a team’s ability to win championships when we talk about equality. Outside of the NBA, Major League Baseball is possibly the league most guilty of having the same teams as the top contenders year after year. But in Major League Baseball, anything is possible on any given day. In a baseball game, skill only goes so far, and ultimately luck determines many outcomes.


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