Barrie Karate offers classes for all ages and abilities with training that can benefit everyone

Karate Summer Camp is the ideal way for kids to train their mind and body while having fun!

With the pandemic finally in our rear-view mirrors and summer fast approaching, in-person summer activities have officially returned.

And while there are many team-based activities you could consider, karate is the ideal activity if you want your kids to participate in something that will help them build confidence, learn discipline and focus, said Dan McDougall , Founder and Sensei at Barrie Karate.

“Team sports are great, but karate is more beneficial to the individual,” he said. “There’s also the camaraderie and community that develops when some people make lifelong friends in the martial arts, but as far as a team or competitive environment is concerned, it’s quite the opposite, you have your own struggles but you have your own as well victories.”

This July, Barrie Karate is hosting its summer camp, the first in-person camp since 2019, offering children ages five to 12 the opportunity not only to learn the basics of karate, but to make new friends and memories in a fun and engaging way The atmosphere.

“After a few years of forced screen time, it’s important to get kids off the couch, off their screens, and into an activity that promotes physical conditioning and positive mental stimulation,” McDougall said.

Barrie Karate is a longtime member of the community and offers karate lessons for everyone

Karate is a unique sport that can benefit everyone, regardless of age or skill level. McDougall said they have classes for children as young as four and currently have one student who is 67, so it’s a really accessible activity that can be equally challenging and fulfilling for anyone.

“Skill doesn’t matter and age doesn’t matter and that’s why it’s a very individual training,” he said. “So what we like to do is challenge the students who are just above their ability level and we meet them wherever they are.”

Lil’ Dragons is offered for children ages four to seven, where children are exposed to positive social interaction and learn how to follow directions. Junior Karate is for children ages eight to 12 where respect, discipline and control are emphasized and demonstrated in each class, and Teen/Adults is for those aged 13 and up where training becomes more focused and serious about learning and perfecting of the physical skills of karate.

McDougall teaches a traditional style of karate from Okinawa, where karate originated, called Goju-ryu, while aiming to teach their students skills such as coordination, physical fitness and balance, with a focus on cultivating good behavior and instilling core values ​​such as such They convey discipline, respect and focus, which also benefits them in everyday life.

Barrie Karate offers a welcoming atmosphere where the whole family can train

McDougall often said that when they take on one student, they take on their entire family as well. This is because they offer a family plan where if two sign up, the rest of the family is free and parents train alongside their kids.

“Barrie Karate is like an extended family, and when new students qualify to train with us, we often get several family members to start training,” said McDougall.

McDougall opened in 1997 and has been practicing Barrie Karate for 25 years. Last year they welcomed Raki Sensei, a member of the Japan Karate Federation, from Japan as their newest instructor.

“Karate is his life, he’s very passionate and family-oriented, so his value structure is all about family,” he said. “Students love him and he has brought new energy to the dojo and his extreme passion continues to be inspiring,” he adds, adding that Raki’s value and passion align perfectly with the values ​​they already hold at Barrie Karate.

Barrie Karate is an established and respected dojo that has been a mainstay in the Barrie community for the past 25 years. Their longevity can be attributed to their professionalism, with their instructors having decades of experience providing traditional martial arts training in a safe, clean and friendly environment.

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However, McDougall warns that not all martial arts studios are created equal and the industry is unregulated, meaning anyone can offer karate classes. He would caution people to do their research when choosing a dojo to ensure you or your children are comfortable with the facility, the instructors, and are experiencing the best that karate training has to offer.

“There are many people who teach martial arts as a hobby and have a full-time job during the day, but we are different. We’re a full-time dojo, it’s not just our career, it’s our passion,” he said.

To learn more about Barrie Karate’s summer camp program, call them today at 705-812-8022 or email them at! You can also visit their Facebook page to find out more.

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