An explanation of Wins Above Replacement and why it’s important

The baseball world has gone through a revolution that has taken place over the last few decades. It changed how many watch the game. And while no metric can fully quantify the game as a whole, those in and around baseball now have better ways to break down what’s happening and what might happen next.

In addition to batting averages, RBIs, pitcher wins, and ERA, some advanced metrics – fWAR, wRC+, BABIP, FIP, OOA, wOBA, and so many others – give us a more complete picture of what’s going on or why something happened. It should not only replace the “eye test” or scouting, but superimpose everything else, like a blueprint, so to speak.

And why is it so important that these metrics appear in our reporting, in addition to allowing us to tell more about the story and in a more accurate way? It’s simple: because teams use advanced metrics as part of their decision-making, be it overall player ratings, free agency, trade decisions, the draft, anything and everything. And as teams have incorporated analytical methods of rating players into their decision making, it is imperative that these teams’ reporting reflects this. Otherwise, readers and listeners are missing out on key aspects that evaluate how teams function in this modern age of baseball. Pitcher wins and RBIs leave a lot of context on the table when used to rank players against one another

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