Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty: Release date, trailers, gameplay

One of the most popular historical eras to be covered in games, outside of WWII, is most likely the Three Kingdoms era in Chinese history. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, just think of the Dynasty Warriors games, all of which focus on the wars and battles at this point in history. Unlike those Muso-style games where you have to slice your way through hundreds and hundreds of forage enemies in simple but satisfying action, Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty It looks like there will be a very different account of these events.

They come from Team Ninja, who just released the big hits in the Nioh titles, as well as other members who have been previously worked on bloodborne, Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty also seems to be influenced by the Souls formula, although a heavy dose of the fantastic also plays a part. There are many elements of this game that have not been shown in the footage released so far. So if you’re ready to dive into ancient China, here’s everything we know about Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty.

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release date

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is currently scheduled for release in early 2023. However, we can at least say it will arrive before June 2023 as it was part of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, which listed every featured game as coming out within 12 months.


A soldier in red looks out over a burning village.

Although there is a big platform on the Xbox stage and it will come to Game Pass at launch, Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is not an Xbox exclusive game. It will appear simultaneously on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


The reveal trailer was shown during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in June 2022. In it, we immediately jump into a gory scene of a burning village under siege by zombie-like enemies. In a wide-angle shot, a dragon flies up from the center, cementing that there will be some mystical elements at play here. After a mysterious old man claims to have found the bearer of the eternal elixir field, we get a more down-to-earth action scene of two soldiers fighting on a cliff. When one, presumably the hero, is knocked down, they start glowing with a yellow light. This gives him the power to launch a counterattack.

The trailer cuts to someone else ingesting a red orb that transforms him into a giant, hairy beast. We get one last look at the dragon and a very intimidating man on horseback before the trailer ends.

The official outline for Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is: “The story of a militiaman struggling to survive in the chaotic Three Kingdoms. In the later Han Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms, an unnamed militiaman uses Chinese martial arts swordsmanship to fight demons in a dark fantasy world.” The reason for this shot, according to the game’s producer, was that “we were looking for a shot , which could work for a sequel to Nioh. We had already developed many games based on the Japanese Sengoku period, so we wanted a new setting. That’s when we came up with the idea of ​​making a game set in China during the Three Kingdoms period. The years after the fall of the Han Dynasty is an environment that Koei Tecmo specializes in, and also one that has always fascinated me personally. I’m a fan of manga and anime based on this era. A game with this setting sounded like an interesting new challenge.”

For those unfamiliar with this particular setting, the game will be set during a time period called the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which takes place just before the fall of the Han Dynasty. War devastates the nation, poverty spreads, but new heroes emerge to restore order.

playing style

Two soldiers cross swords.

While the trailer was fully cinematic, two members of the development team gave plenty of insights into the game in an interview with IGN. In it they confirmed it Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty would be another step up in their souls like gameplay titles. Producer Fumihiko Yasuda explained, “We decided from the start to make it a challenging game. With all the legendary heroes of the Three Kingdoms period, it can seem a bit campy, but in reality it was a time of war and devastation. It was a dark time where people were constantly fighting, which is fitting for a Soulslike game.”

While pointing out that this will be their most difficult game yet, they also imply that there will be more ways for players to expand the game and approach it in their own way to overcome challenges.

Although FromSoftware’s latest success goes to the world of open, Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty will remain in the level-based structure of the linear levels found in Nioh. Unlike these games Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty won’t be as loot-focused. You’ll still have a variety of weapons to get and swap between, but you won’t be constantly upgrading, selling, and scrapping weapons and armor sets.

Combat is based on genuine, traditional Chinese martial arts that emphasize graceful movement and allow you to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive movements. It’s also said to be more realistic, with less exaggerated movements. A new mechanic is the morale system, which has not been detailed very much, except that both the player and the enemies have it and it will open up new strategies for the genre. We know that you gain morale by defeating strong opponents and lose it on death.

Speaking of death, it seems that dying also affects how strong your character is, but also how strong the enemies are.

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty will also contain a custom character created by you, as was the case nioh 2, which makes sense because the game simply describes the main character as “an unnamed militiaman,” implying that they weren’t important prior to the game’s events. Incidentally, Wo Long is not a name, but actually means crouching dragon, which is supposed to symbolize a hero before he is known.


A huge beast with red eyes.

Coming back to the same interview, all we know is that Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty will indeed include multiplayer. They said there will at least be a co-op mode like we say in the Nioh games, but there might be other PvP-style options as well. Being a Souls-like game, things like invasions would make sense, but it’s likely that Team Ninja would put their own spin on the mechanics.


A shadowy soldier on horseback.

Pre-orders are not yet possible Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty, but you have two options if you want to get ahead of the game. First of all, this game will be available on Game Pass on day one, which means that if you subscribe to this service, you will be able to download and play it immediately when it launches. Otherwise, you can now also add it to your Wishlist on Steam. We’ll definitely update you as soon as the official pre-orders come in along with information on different versions.

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