10 Pictures Of Kyle O’Reilly Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

A top star in the tag division for years, Kyle O’Reilly broke out as a singles star before leaving NXT. He picked up where he left off with a good start AEW Run, including a big win over Darby Allin in a superb match at Double or Nothing 2022.

Also see: AEW Double or Nothing 2022: Every match from worst to bestDue to his reserved personality on screen and the fact that he doesn’t portray the biggest personality outside of the ring, fans don’t necessarily know much about his personal life outside of wrestling, or even the earlier stages of his career in the business.

10 Kyle O’Reilly celebrates Father’s Day with his daughter

On January 17, 2022, Kyle O’Reilly became a father when he and his wife Erica welcomed their first child into the world. O’Reilly posted on social media that they named their baby girl Janie Elizabeth after O’Reilly’s late mother, who wanted so badly to be a grandmother. On Father’s Day, he posted a picture of him posing at home with the child in a pair of Star Wars-themed t-shirts for a fun behind-the-curtain look at the special bond the two share.

9 Kyle O’Reilly competes in Jiu-Jitsu

Kyle O’Reilly has a unique offensive style that has greatly influenced what mixed martial arts fans know. These include punches that indicate O’Reilly’s real-life background in kickboxing, scientific wrestling that indicates his legitimate grappling background, and moves like his knee bar that attest to his experience in jiu-jitsu training.

See Also: 10 Wrestlers With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu BackgroundsIn this image, O’Reilly appears in a Gi and competes against another athlete. Sharing the photo, O’Reilly revealed that he ended up on the losing side in this particular encounter and ultimately got out.


8th The Undisputed Era makes its debut at Madison Square Garden

Every member of The Undisputed Era had their fair share of wrestling experience before joining NXT. However, the day after Christmas 2018 marked a special milestone for the quartet. Given the historical relationship between the venue and the company, it’s difficult to get a chance to wrestle at Madison Square Garden unless a wrestler is under WWE contract. The stable received an unusual accolade when they hosted a rare NXT match at the venue, amid a main roster house show. The four posed for this picture together to celebrate the occasion.

7 Kyle O’Reilly and his wife buy a house

Like many wrestlers who have risen in the business across India, Kyle O’Reilly had a bit of a nomadic life for some time. Despite that, he forged a stable relationship with now-wife Erica, sharing this photo of the two as brand new homeowners in Florida in June 2019. He also wrote about putting herself through school to be a pharmacist to get to this point and her new ownership gave her dogs more space to roam. Now that they’ve also welcomed a child, the house seems to be filling.

6 Kyle O’Reilly poses with Jushin Liger

Kyle O’Reilly’s career before signing with WWE saw him work on a variety of stages against various future stars and legends. A notable name on this list was Jushin Liger, a one-of-a-kind wrestler who was a Japanese icon and pioneer of the cruiserweight style that gained traction in the United States in no small part due to its influence. O’Reilly shared the ring with him in a special milestone in 2015, as the younger star was building his international reputation.

5 The undisputed era appears in the Special Olympics

The Undisputed Era played heels for most of their run together in WWE. Nonetheless, it was a joy to see them break character when they showed up to greet the athletes at Special Olympics. This shot shows Kyle O’Reilly and teammates Adam Cole and Roderick Strong at a meet-and-greet table, with title belts on display in front of them, while a fan, clearly overjoyed to meet the boys, absorbs the experience .

4 A young Kyle O’Reilly meets Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond became a 1990s pop culture icon through his acting work as Screech in Saved By The Bell. In the following years he had a second role as a foul-lipped comedian who could polarize a bit. It was during this stretch that young Kyle O’Reilly met him. It might not have been the most spectacular wrestler-celebrity interaction of all time, but it was still a fun moment to capture on film. O’Reilly posted this photo of the two together as a tribute to the actor’s death in 2021.

3 The Undisputed Era poses in their Christmas jumpers

The Undisputed Era occupies an interesting niche somewhere between old school and cool heels. They had their following but still cheated to win. They played in front of the fans, for example leading the “Adam Cole BAY-BAY” chants, but also showed no lack of spite when teaming up against babyface opponents.

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When the foursome did a photoshoot for WWEShop.com, fans got to see another dimension of the group. They wore Christmas jumpers branded to match their stable – a piece of merchandise fans found hard to believe – and adopted a variation on their signature pose, but also jazzed it up with wholesome facial expressions. Kyle O’Reilly looked particularly hilarious in this shot.

2 Herb Dean awards Kyle O’Reilly a grappling medal in Chicago

When NXT TakeOver came to Chicago’s All State Arena, Kyle O’Reilly had no problem blowing his own horn. He drew attention to the fact that he had won a gold medal for submission grappling at the same Chicago venue in 2012 – and received his award from none other than Herb Dean. Dean was a veteran mixed martial artist who went on to become one of the UFC’s most respected umpires.

1 An undisputed NXT success story

This shot of The Undisputed Era with Triple H represents a lot about the faction’s talent and the success they’ve had together. Here the group is cloaked in gold, from their NXT, NXT Tag Team and NXT North America Championships to their impressive string of year-end awards. Having The Game standing over them like a proud father figure is anything but the embodiment of the black and gold era of NXT and all the great action and entertainment that this particular group brought to fans. The group could not only be considered the largest faction in NXT, but also one of the best stables that WWE as a whole has seen.

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