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MIRROY — The Willmar Rails didn’t just beat one of the top teams in the Corn Belt League — they did it in a dominant way.

Willmar traveled to Yankee Field for Friday’s amateur baseball match and defeated Milroy 17-2 en route to a 12-0 win in seven innings.

The win moves the rails up to 4-4 in the corn belt. The Yankees, who took the lead with the Raymond Rockets on Friday night, fall to 7-3 in league play.

Willmar broke up the game with a four-run top of the third inning. Ashton Gregory hit an RBI single followed by a two-run double from Wade Fischer that earned Jack Baumgart and Gregory. Fischer came home with a groundout for the last run.

Zach Reierson accelerated the Rails offense, going 4-on-4 with a run and an RBI. Jordan Steffer finished 3-on-3 with three carries and an RBI, and Baumgart added three hits and two carries. Christian and Riley Lessman both had two hits in the win.

Jayden Dierenfeld hit eight with two walks and two hits that gave Willmar the win over six innings.

Willmar has a quick turnaround and takes on the New London-Spicer Twins in an exhibition game at Spicer on Saturday noon. The Rails hit the streets again at 2:00 p.m. Sunday to take on the Tracy Engineers.

Willmar 104 221 2-12 17 0
Milroy 000 000 0-0 2 1
Beat – Willmar: Jack Baumgart 3-4 r-2 bb, Jordan Steffer 3-3 2b r-3 rbi bb sac, Ashton Gregory 1-4 r rbi bb, Wade Fischer 2-3 2b r rbi-3, Zach Reierson 4-4 r rbi bb, Christian Lessman 2-5, Riley Lessman 2-2 rbi, Adam Herman 0-3 rbi bb, Caleb Owens 0-2 rbi bb sf sac, Jayden Dierenfeld 0-3 r bb, Dustin Overcash 0-1 rbi … Milroy: David Schmidt 1-3, Jackson Hughes 1-2
Pitch (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Willmar: Dierenfeld (W) 6-2-0-0-2-8, C. Lessman 1-0-0-0-1-2 … Milroy: Isaac Schmitt (L) 3-8-5-5-1-4, Aaron Mathiowetz 3-7-5-4-4-3, Derrick Walker 1-2-2-2-2-0

Mike Jeseritz and Isaac Call each hit two home runs for the Raymond Rockets in a seven-inning Corn Belt League win over the Marshall A’s at Lilleberg Field in Raymond.

Jeseritz hit a two-barrel homer in the second and a three-barrel shot in the fifth. He finished the game 3-on-4 with six RBIs and four carries.

Call followed up Jeseritz’s homer with a solo shot in the fifth inning. Call added a three-run thingy in the sixth. He was 3-for-4 with four RBIs and three runs.

Paxton Nelson, Caleb Ditmarson and Tanner Bauman each had two goals for Raymond. The Rockets beat Marshall 18-6.

Marshall 100 000 0-1 6 1
Raymond 233 054x-17 18 0
Beat – Marshall: Peyton Grant 1-2 r bb-2, Ryan Schwagel 2-4, Logan Tomasek 1-4 rbi, Zach Olson 1-4 2b, Andrew Cowden 1-3 … Raymond: Paxton Nelson 2-3 2b r-3 rbi-2 bb, Brady Kienitz 1-3 rbi-2 sf sac, Mike Jeseritz 3-4 hr-2 r-4 rbi-6 bb, Isaac Call 3-4 hr-2 r -3 rbi-4bb, Caleb Ditmarson 2-5 rbi-2, Tanner Bauman 2-5 2b, Eli Nelson 1-3r-3bb, Brett Swanson 1-3r-2sb, Asaiah Smith 1-1r, Zach Nelson 1-1, Brooks Ash 1-1 2b r
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Marshall: Mitchell Bouwman (L) 6-18-17-14-6-4… Raymond: John Sawatzky (W) 6-5-1-1-3-9, Z Nelson 1-1-0-0-0-2

Vogelinsel 11, Wabasso 1

Bird Island Bullfrogs starting pitcher Casey Lewandoski batted 12 and held the Wabasso Jaxx to three hits in a Corn Belt League win at Wabasso.

Four Bird Island players – Braeden Tersteeg, Trent Athmann, Logan Swann and Nic Taylor – had two hits in the win.

Vogelinsel 020 010 107-11 12 0
Wabasso 100 000 000-1 3 1
Beat – Bird Island: Braeden Tersteeg 2-4 rbi bb hbp sb, Trent Athmann 2-5 2b-2 rbi bb, Jordan Sagedahl 1-4 r-2 rbi bb sb, Dylan Gass 1-5 2b r-2 bb, Logan Swann 2- 4 2b r-2 rbi-2 bb, Nic Taylor 2-5 rrbi, John Burman 1-2 rbi, Riley Dikken 0-1 rbi bb-2 sf sac, Tanner Helin 0-0 rrbi bb-2 … Wabasso: Carter Guetter 1-4 2b, Josh Guetter 1-3 rbi, Bryant Haas 1-3, Samuel Guetter 0-2 r
Line up (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Bird Island: Casey Lewandoski (W) 7-3-1-1-1-12, Gass 1-0-0-0-0-2, Sagedahl 1-0-0-0-0-1… Wabasso: Kyle Lechner (L) 7-8-4-4-3-5, Ryan Liebl 1-0-0-0-2-0, Anthony Franta 0,1-4-7-7-4-1, Kenric Baune 0 ,2-0-0-0-2-1

The Atwater Chuckers accumulated 12 hits while pitcher Josh Kingery held the New London-Spicer Twins to three hits in a seven-inning County Line League win at Kingery Field in Atwater.

Josh Kingery finished 3-for-3 with three runs. On the mound, he hit 13 in a complete game win.

Josh Cunningham went 3-for-4 with a home run, a double, two runs and an RBI. Kobe Holtz also had a home run for the Chuckers, finishing 1-for-3. Jeff Peterson was 2-for-3 with a double and three RBIs.

Ben Kulset was 1-for-3 with an RBI while Derek Dolezal hit a run for the Twins.

NLS twins 001 000 0-1 3 4
Atwater 340 130x-11 12 0
Batting – NLS Twins: Ben Kulset 1-3 rbi, Josh Soine 1-3 3b, Derek Dolezal 1-2 r sb… Atwater: Josh Kingery 3-3 r-3 bb, David Kingery 1-4 rbi, Kobe Holtz 1-3 hr rbi-3 sf sac, Jordan Olson 1-4 r-2 rbi-3, Josh Cunningham 3-4 2b hr r – 2 rbi, Jeff Peterson 2-3 2b rbi-3, Afton Kaping 1-2 r bb, Hayden Straumann 0-0 r, Terrell Renne 0-0 r
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – NLS twins: Kulset (L) 4-12-11-6-2-2, Evan Haugen 2-0-0-0-0-3… Atwater: J Kingery (W) 7-3-1-1-2-13

Hutchinson 16, Litchfield 2

Tyler Schiller was 4-for-4 with three carries and two RBIs while Matt Piechowski and Jake Wendland had three hits each for the Hutchinson Huskies. They picked up the seven-inning win over the Litchfield Blues in the North Star League game at Optimist Park in Litchfield.

Hutchinson’s Jayden Fleck hit a grand slam at the top of seventh place to finish the tournament 4-1 with three runs and four RBIs.

Avery Liestman and Brady Smith each had a hit for Litchfield.

Hutchinson 330 203 5-16 17 3
Litchfield 000 000 2-2 2 2
Beat – Hutchinson: Matt Piechowski 3-5 2b r-3 bb, Jayden Fleck 1-4 hr r-3 rbi-4 bb-2, Tyler Schiller 4-4 2b r-3 rbi-2 bb hbp, Jake Wendland 3-5 2b r rbi -3, Lane Glaser 2-6 2b rbi-2, Zach Kuseke 1-3 rbb, Cody Arlt 2-4 2b r rbi-3bb, Adam Katzenmeyer 1-4 rrbi bb, Caleb Marquardt 0-0rbb, Marcus Hahn 0-3 r-2 rbi bb-2 … light field: Avery Liestman 1-3 r, Brady Smith 1-1, Kaleb Kalkbrenner 0-0 r, David Hamm 0-1 rbi
Pitching (ip-hr-er-bb-so) – Hutchinson: John DeRock (W) 6-2-2-1-2-4, Noah Corrow 1-0-0-0-0-1 … light field: Dylan Koll (L) 3.1-10-8-5-3-0, Ben Alsleben 1.2-2-3-3-4-1, Jack Ramthun 2-5-5-5-3-0

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