Lamoureux height, weight make him unique prospect for 2022 NHL Draft

The 2022 Upper Deck NHL Draft will be held July 7-8 at the Bell Center in Montreal. Round 1 will be July 7 (7:00 p.m. ET; ESPN, ESPN+, SN, TVAS) and Rounds 2-7 will be July 8 (11:00 a.m. ET; NHLN, ESPN+, SN, TVAS) instead of. counts down to the draft with in-depth profiles of top prospects, podcasts and other features.

Today’s look at Drummondville defenseman Maveric Lamoureux of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The full draft coverage from You will find here.

Maveric Lamoureux could be the most unique player in the 2022 Upper Deck NHL Draft.

He’s a 6-foot-7, right-shooting defensive back for Quebec Major Junior Hockey League’s Drummondville who skates with the speed and agility of a much smaller player.

But at 199 pounds, it also weighs as much as a much smaller player.

To reach the NHL, Lamoureux knows he must find a way to increase the weight and strength he needs while maintaining the skating skills that make him a top contender.

“I can’t put on 20 pounds in a summer like this because after that I’ll be so slow that I won’t have any mobility,” Lamoureux said. “I’m just going to be a big guy who can’t move or skate. I will say there is a process.”

Lamoureux will help coach Stéphane Dube and nutritionist Carl Bombardier.

Dube, a former conditioning coach for the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins, has worked with Lamoureux for three years. It has allowed Dube to develop a long-term plan with short-term goals that Lamoureux has already begun to achieve.

“Maveric is a very, very smart kid who’s very aware of what he needs to do and how he wants to do it,” Dube said. “He jumped into the plan from day one and that’s how we keep improving year after year. It’s going to be a long-term process, but with this type of athlete, we have the luxury of achieving some long-term goals, because I think that, doing that, he has very, very good potential.

“He’s not going to gain 10, 12 pounds in a year. The goal is to gain four or five pounds of quality muscle every year for the next four or five years. So eventually that will bring him [age] 21, 22 and he’ll be around 220 [pounds].”

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Lamoureux’s workouts on and off the ice are driven by the nutrition plan put together by Bombardier. He has been working with Lamoureux since 2020 and creates a daily schedule during the off-season that allows Lamoureux to have the energy he needs to burn off his workouts on and off the ice at Dube’s Center Performe Plus gym in Boisbriand, Quebec .

A normal day begins with a high-carb breakfast, typically four scrambled eggs, a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal with fruit, orange juice, and a cup of diced watermelon. A post-workout smoothie has 20-30 grams of protein powder and orange juice, frozen mango and frozen pineapple to keep it hydrated, and more carbs to replenish its glycogen levels.

Lunch is generally a rice bowl with fish, beef, or chicken and an olive oil dressing. The goal is for him to eat about 1,000 calories, with carbs from the rice, protein from the meat, and some fat from the dressing.

Dinner would be a chicken wrap with a Caesar salad.

Lamoureux also recommends having smart snacks during the day, either Energy Bites or fruit, and at night those snacks can be yogurt, beef jerky, more fruit, or protein bars.

“I just made a plan where I made sure he was getting the right nutrition at the right time throughout the day,” Bombardier said. “If he trained at 10, make sure he has breakfast around 7, 7:30. Having carbs to make sure he’s getting enough to do his lifts and his lifts, make sure he’s getting enough post-workout protein, etc. Once I got his goal in calories, I just had a plan around it created around and broken him down throughout the day and made sure he got everything he needed.

Lamoureux already feels his work is paying off. He said he’s felt stronger on his skates this season without sacrificing mobility. He has 24 points (four goals, 20 assists) in 54 games and is No. 20 The definitive ranking of North American skaters from NHL Central Scouting.

“His skating is really good in every way,” said Jean-Francois Damphousse of Central Scouting. “In terms of speed, but also agility, mobility. His back step is smooth, he turns well, agility, edge work. Every aspect of skating a scout could look at, I think Maveric has it covered, as far as the size and power ratio it’s up there with everyone.

“He’s a fascinating player because he’s not that stay-at-home, off-the-glass, hard-fringe defender. … He’ll hit the stretch pass. He will try to hit the center post. Is it always accurate? No, but I think he has the right mindset, good IQ, he reads the play well. I think it’s just about getting more reps, more experience and execution will come.

Lamoureux said he tries to model his game after that Colton Parayko of the St. Louis Blues and Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“They are both tall [defensemen], but also Parayko, he’s strong, he’s tall (6-6, 228), he’s physical but he’s also good in every aspect of the game,” he said. “And on the Hedman side, it’s more of his skating, its agility. I also like to see his more offensive side.”

To join them in the NHL, Lamoureux must stay on the path that Dube and Bombardier helped him. That includes the focus on increasing Lamoureux’s upper body strength after building his lower body over the past few off-seasons.

“He knows it’s a long-term process,” Dube said. “He knows it’s part of what he needs to do, what he needs to improve to get to the next level. He’s aware of all of this by eating right, but he’s a hardgainer so it’s going to be difficult. He’ll need a lot of training to get there, but he’ll do it.”

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