10 Marvel Heroes The Joker Would Outsmart

The Joker has the most fearsome reputation there is. There are more powerful villains out there, but few are as unpredictable or have the kind of body count as the Clown Prince of Crime. Even fewer of these powerful villains attempt to rival Batman, and an even smaller number than this have ever outmaneuvered the Dark Knight. Joker is a rare type of villain; One who has earned the respect and fear of everyone he has fought over the years.

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The Joker’s wit is how he carries out his chaotic schemes in Gotham, and his success rate is alarming. If he can fool Batman, he could definitely outsmart some of Marvel’s best heroes.

10 Danny Rand is a great fighter, but Joker will chew him up and spit him out

Danny Rand spent years as Iron Fist, using his martial arts skills and chi control to defeat all challengers. He worked with Luke Cage as Heroes for Hire, impersonated Daredevil for a time, and even joined the Avengers. He’s badass and smart, but that doesn’t mean the Joker can’t surpass him.

Rand is great in a fight, but he’s never seen anything quite like a wild card plan. The Clown Prince of Crime would enjoy breaking someone like Rand, a hero who is reckless and enjoys what he is doing. Joker would put him through the wringer and Danny would be very different afterwards.

9 Kate Pryde wouldn’t even know where to begin with The Joker

Kate Pryde was an X-Man for a significant part of her life. She’s been through a lot with this team, Excalibur, and as the leader of the Marauders, and she’s a smart, skilled heroine with the best defensive power there is – intangibility. Kate has faced everything from supervillains to undead ninjas to interdimensional demons, but the Joker would be a way too far.

The Joker and Sabretooth — someone Kate knows a thing or two about — have a lot in common, but not enough to fully prepare them for a fight against the clown. The Joker knows how to find the right buttons to push and would hit Kate in the only place he could: in her mind.

8th The Joker would push Hawkeye over the edge

Hawkeye is one of the more spirited Avengers, which was a bit of a problem for him. He’s matured a lot over the years, but Clint still jumps in just the same way and attacks without a second thought. Luckily for Hawkeye, he’s very good at what he does, so he’s managed to survive every time so far. However, this tendency will hurt him against the Joker.

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Hawkeye is a person who jumps before he looks, and the Joker loves that. Hawkeye is great at improvising, but Joker is the king of improvisation. Even Clint’s battles with Bullseye didn’t prepare him for what the Joker would do to him.

7 Spider-Man would be too easy for the Joker to play

Spider-Man has to deal with the most terrifying villains imaginable, which makes him good at battling the Joker. He has faced off against all sorts of opponents and has mostly triumphed, although sometimes he has resorted to his powers. The problem is that Spider-Man’s sense of responsibility is easy to exploit.

Joker knows exactly how to handle someone like Spider-Man, and would use deception, bluffs, and his various other tricks to exploit the wall-crawler’s heroism. Spider-Man is smarter than the Joker in many ways, but the clown would still play him like a violin.

6 Captain America will not outsmart the Joker

Steve Rogers has done amazing things in his long career as a superhero. He is considered one of the greats, having led Earth’s heroes into the most desperate of battles. Cap has carried her to the other side every time and has been able to face off against all sorts of villains. He’s the best of the best, but he’s never faced anyone like Joker.

Steve Rogers has all the physical advantages over the Joker and is obviously a better strategist. However, he’s not exactly the detective type and his heroic nature can be used against him fairly easily. Joker would use both of these factors to his advantage and outwit the Sentinel of Liberty.

5 Daredevil’s mental state will be a no-brainer for Joker to take advantage of

Daredevil has fought some of the most dangerous criminals and villains in his adventures. He’s probably the closest equivalent to Batman in the Marvel Universe, which would make him and the Joker natural enemies. While Daredevil was able to outperform Kingpin, Bullseye, and Owl, Joker would quickly figure out how to play him.

Much like Batman, Daredevil has some personal issues that the Joker could take advantage of. Daredevil has been exploited in this way several times throughout his career, but nobody is as good at it as the Joker. Using this strategy, Joker would easily outsmart the hero of Hell’s Kitchen.

4 Thor wouldn’t stand a chance in a battle of wits with the Joker

Thor has faced the most dangerous villains in the universe. Usually, these battles are won through displays of might, with Thor reaching deep and finding new reserves of strength and skill. The Odinson can be a cunning fighter and smarter than he’s given credit for, but he’s not exactly one to be known for outsmarting others.

There is no doubt that once Thor gets his hands on Joker, he will smash the Clown Prince of Crime. A big reason for this will be how angry the Joker made him. The Joker would outsmart Thor at every turn, making Loki look like a little league in comparison.

3 The beast’s arrogance means that Joker has all the cards

One of the smartest mutants on the planet, the Beast has recently adopted a much more amoral way of doing things. The biggest problem with this is that he’s not as good at things like this as he likes to think he is. Beast is arrogant, and most of the time that arrogance is completely undeserved. That will cost him against the Joker.

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The Joker loves finding someone who believes they will do anything to win and will test them to their breaking point. The Beast’s arrogance will make it even easier for the Joker; By the time Beast realizes he was never in control, it will be far too late.

2 The Joker is a problem Reed Richards cannot solve

The Fantastic Four have faced some unlikely situations together, and Reed Richards has been a big part of their success. His stretching powers are great, but it’s his wits that made the difference. Reed is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Universe, and he’s faced things that would chill most heroes.

However, the Joker is something Reed and his rational mind have never faced before. The Joker will feint at Richard’s analytical mind, drawing the scientist deeper and deeper until Reed can’t get out, trapped in the Joker’s madness.

1 The Joker requires different skills than Iron Man

Iron Man is very smart, but he’s also bad at making decisions. He is an engineer by training, so for him everything is a problem that needs to be solved in an orderly manner. Iron Man is the embodiment of the expression “If you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Therefore, the Joker would outsmart him.

Iron Man isn’t used to facing someone like the Joker. He’s great against enemies that need an armor upgrade to beat them, but that’s not the wild card at all. Iron Man is too logical all round to deal with what the Joker is about to throw at him, and he just doesn’t have the skills to overcome the Joker’s mind games.

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