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Collin Lovell likes to be on the hill and to dominate.

But what the Windom pitching star really enjoys is watching his little brother pitch the baseball out of the blue.

Last Sunday was a terrific double game for the pirates and their ball-playing brothers.

First, 27-year-old Collin hit 12 in six dominant innings as Windom’s City Extraordinary team beat Lakefield 8-1.

Then 21-year-old Kobe Lovell threw a seven-inning shutout and fanned out 10 as the Pirates beat Heron Lake 2-0.

“It’s really fun to sit back and watch him pitch,” Collin said. “He’s grown a lot in the last few years and throws really well.”

Kobe also had a run-scoring single against Heron Lake.

“He hits a lot better than me,” Collin said with a chuckle.

There are few pitchers in our area as talented as right-hander Collin, a former star contributor at Augustana (SD) University. Hard-throwing Collin said he didn’t have his best stuff against Lakefield.

But it was certainly good enough.

“I didn’t think I was as smart as I used to be,” said Collin, who has led the Pirates to two state tournaments and has been drafted by state tournament teams from Jackson, Hadley and Fairmont during his illustrious career. “I know you’re not going to be at your best every day and you have to work through that.”

Luke Gilbertson had three hits and Alex Fink and Nick Christensen had two each for the Pirates against Lakefield.

Kobe Lovell, who plays in the state of Southwest Minnesota, is a left-hander who is following in his brother’s big footsteps. And that can be a disheartening claim.

“I tell Kobe to just be himself,” Collin said. “I would really rather see him doing well than me.”

Kobe allowed four hits and three walks against Heron Lake, outclassing the Lakers’ fine young pitcher Logan Knutson. Ross Ackerman had a hit RBI single for the Pirates.

“Kobe has finally started his transformation,” Collin said. “He was smooth and consistent.”

The Lovell brothers are the sons of Gene and Shelley (Becker) Lovell. Gene used to play a little baseball at his hometown of Storden-Jeffers High, while Shelley is remembered as a star athlete at Ellsworth.

“We’re having a lot of fun this summer,” said Collin, whose Pirates are 12-3 in the First Nite League. “We hope that our team will come back to the state tournament.”

At other amateur baseball games this past weekend involving First Nite and Gopher League teams, it was:

Hadley 7, Heron Lake 6

HERON LAKE — Justin Benda had two hits and two RBIs for the Buttermakers on Sunday, who clinched the win by throwing the potential tie for the final game on the plate.

Heron Lake was 7-2 down going into the last inning. The Lakers made a pair and had the bases loaded with two outs when Juan Sermo cracked one down the line for a double that scored two. The Buttermakers made two powerful, accurate throws to record the finale on the plate.

Max Zwart had two hits and Eric Wieneke had an RBI double for Hadley.

Hector Castro had three hits for the Lakers while Gabriel Robles added two. Jonathon Curry had a double.

Milroy Irish 7, Hadley 2

MIRROY — Nick Bruning had two hits and a home run for Hadley.

The Irish leaders in the Gopher League have won 12 in a row.

Milroy 12, Ruthton 8

MIRROY — Derek Smith went 4-for-4 with a home run and three RBIs.

Fuchssee 5, Adrian 4

TRUMAN — Payton Anderson’s RBI single in the seventh round capped a two-run rally and gave the Foxes a win.

Luverne 7, Fairmont 4

FAIRMONT — Newt Johnson hit a homered and Derek Lundgren won the pitching triumph for Luverne.

Luverne 10, Fox Lake 1

TRUMAN — Cade Wenninger earned the pitching win for the Redbirds, who are 12-2 in the Gopher League game.

Worthington wins by surrender

The Cubs were credited with a win when Pipestone retired due to a lack of players.

Adrian 8, mountain lake 0

ADRIAN — Nick Harder had three hits as Adrian picked up an out-of-conference win over Mountain Lake last Wednesday.

Jake Stamer had two hits and scored eight shutout innings for the winning A’s.

Jackson 11, Heron Lake 1 (8)

Lefty Gavin Jacobsen batted 14 in eight full innings for Jackson last Wednesday.

Ryan Rasche had a two-run double and Alex Bretzman contributed two hits for Jackson.

Hector Castro and Alexis Rodriguez had the only hits for Heron Lake.

Fairmont 8, Windom 5

WINDOM — Spencer Chirpich pitched seven strong innings for Fairmont.

Hadley 12, Lakefield 4

LAKEFIELD — Winning pitcher Sam Erickson had three hits for the Buttermakers last Wednesday. He pitched nine innings, fanned out 12 and allowed just one deserved run.

Jacob Van Dam, Joe Larson and Nick Bruning each had two hits, with Bruning driving in four runs.

Taylor Christopher, Bryce Christopher and Ryan Christopher each had two hits for Lakefield.


(league games only)

First Night – 1, Windom 12-3; 2, Jackson 12-5; 3, Fairmont 6-4; 4, Fuchssee 4-7; 5, Seefeld 3-9; 6, mountain lake 2-6; 7, Heron Lake 2-12

Gopher – 1, Milroy 12-0; 2, Lucerne 12-2; 3, Hadley 8-4; 4, Adrian 5-6; 5, Ruthton 4-9; 6, pipe stone 3-8; 7, Worthington 1-11


Wednesday, June 29: Adrian in Worthington, 7:30; Hadley at Pipestone, 7:30; Luverne at Milroy Irish, 7:30; Fairmont at Bergsee, 7:30; Heron Lake near Lakefield, 7:30 a.m

Friday, July 1: Pipestone in Lakefield, 7:30 a.m

Sunday, July 3: Luverne at Adrian’s, 2:00; Windom at Heron Lake, 2:00; Fox Lake near Ruthton, 2:00; Worthington at Hadley, 5:00; Fox Lake at Pipestone, 5:00 p.m

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