Under the radar 2022 All-Star candidates 

There are obvious all-star candidates. Mike Trout? Good bet. Aaron Richter? Yes, you will see him there. Mookie Betts? It would be downright weird if he wasn’t chosen!

But there are other candidates you can make solid arguments for. Players who aren’t the obvious choice from every team. Some of them work in teams that people don’t pay attention to. Some have great years but are overshadowed by teammates. But they are legitimate all-star opportunities. They are your sleeping all-star candidates. Here’s one from each team.

Blue Jay: Alek Manoah, RHP
Key Stats: MLB-leading 9 wins (tied with two others) and 2.05 ERA

The Blue Jays dominate All-Star voting, so there aren’t many “stealth” candidates here. Manoah is having a breakout year, and not only should he make it to ASG, you can argue he should start it.

Orioles: Jorge Lopez, RHP
Key Stats: 0.75 ERA

His 13 saves are likely to get him in the game – selectors love closers on less-than-stellar teams – but “Saves” is the least interesting of his numbers. It is a blueprint for the Orioles’ forward movement.

Rays: Ji-Man Choi, 1B
Key Stats: 155 OPS+

First base is stacked and everyone pays more attention to the Rays pitching. But Choi has never done an ASG, and he’s never had a better year than now.

Red Sox: Michael Wacha, RHP
Key Stats: 6-1, 2.34 ERA

Wacha hasn’t made an All-Star game since 2015, but the 2013 NLCS MVP is delivering the kind of numbers that made the Cardinals think he could be the next Chris Carpenter. It was an incredible comeback after several years in the wild.

Yankees: Gleyber Torres, 2B
Key Stats: 13 HR, .487 SLG

It’s hard to find a Yankee who isn’t having an All-Star season right now, but it really shouldn’t be overstated what a turnaround Torres has pulled off. His slugging is a full 120 points higher than last year; He looks like the guy who did the first two seasons of his career for ASG.

Guardian: Josh Naylor, OV
Key stats: .278/.340/.497 slash

José Ramírez has the MVP season, but Naylor is the hitting running mate Ramírez has been looking for for several years.

Royals: Andrew Benintendi, OF
Key Stats: 0.365 OBP

Eventually, Bobby Witt Jr. will be the All-Star for the Royals every year, so how about shouting out to Benintendi, who has never made an ASG but may have been Kansas City’s top hitter thus far.

Tiger: Wily Peralta, RHP
Key Stats: 2-0, 2.15 ERA

In the midst of a mediocre season in Detroit, Wily Peralta of all people is having the quietest career year possible.

Twins: Sonny Gray, RHP
Key Stats: 3-1, 2.53 ERA

Gray missed some time with an injury which helped detract from the fact that when he served he was great.

White Sox: Michael Kopech, RHP
Key Stats: 141 ERA+

With everything else going on in the White Sox, Kopech has finally become the starter White Sox fans have been waiting for and has slipped between the cracks.

Angels: Patrick Sandoval, LHP
Key Stats: 3-2, 2.63 ERA

There are so many other high-quality Angels that there’s certainly no room for him – this is a sub-500 team, after all – but Sandoval did everything he could to improve the pitching of this team.

Astros: Michael Brantley, OF
Key Stats: .288/.370/.416

In an uncertain world, almost silently putting together another season near .300 at the plate, Brantley feels as comfortable as an old shoe.

Athletics: AJ Puk, LHP
Key Stats: 2.12 ERA

Puk has always been an announced prospect. It may have hung around just long enough to be traded by the deadline.

Sailors: Logan Gilbert, RHP
Key Stats: 8-3, 2.44 ERA

Did you know Gilbert is among the top 10 qualified AL pitchers in WHIP? Well he is.

Rangers: Dennis Santana, RHP
Key Stats: 1.59 ERA, 245 ERA+

You know, Dennis Santana. Right? Everyone knows Dennis Santana. (He’s actually a former Dodgers prospect.)

Braves: Kyle Wright, RHP
Key Stats: 8-4, 3.18 ERA

Wright was best known up until this year as the guy who took over in Game 5 of the World Series last year. Now he’s a co-ace on that staff alongside Max Fried.

Marlin: Anthony Bass, RHP
Key Stats: 1 hr in 30 IP

It can seem like every helper has their day at some point, and that’s certainly true of Bass, who posts career-best numbers in every possible category.

Mets: Mark Canha, OF
Key Stats: .364 OBP

There are so many Mets to choose from it’s hard to get to Canha, but he has the third highest OBP on the team and one of the top 15 grades in the National League.

Nationals: Josh Bell, 1B
Key stats: 11 HR, 0.390 OBP

Do you think Juan Soto will be lost after Washington’s lost season? No one has mentioned Bell’s name in weeks … although that could change in the trading season.

Phillies: Seranthony Dominguez, RHP
Key Stats: 4-1, 1.63 ERA

The Phillies were obviously desperate for any bullpen arm they could find, so Domínguez matured just in time for them.

Brewer: Eric Lauer, LHP
Key Stats: 6-3, 3.89 ERA

The Brewers likely won’t have room for additional All-Stars, but Lauer is their #2 seed at this point and maybe their saving grace.

Cardinals: Tommy Edman, SS
Key Stats: 4.1 bWAR

According to the Baseball Reference, Edman – who made a seamless move to shortstop – is baseball’s best positional player so far this year.

Boys: Ian Happ, OF
Key stats: .279/.376/.459 slash

The guy who came to Chicago right after winning the World Series has matured into an absolutely amazing hitter.

Pirates: David Bednar, RHP
Key Stats: 11 saves, 1.78 ERA

All in all…not sure if there’s anyone else in baseball I would trust right now to complete the All-Star Game?

Red: Alexis Diaz
Key Stats: 2-0, 2.40 ERA

He’s on the injured list right now but should be back soon and Edwin’s little brother has been almost as good as his big brother this year.

Diamond markers: Joe Mantiply, LHP
Key Stats: 1.29 ERA in 30 appearances

He also has an ERA+ of 325. And no, I didn’t make a typo there.

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, LHP
Key Stats: 5-1, 2.00 ERA

I mean, who is possibly a “sleeper” in the Dodgers right now, specifically this Castle first-choice Hall of Famer? But with all the attention Julio Urías, Tony Gonsolin and Tyler Anderson have received, did you know that Kershaw has the best FIP ​​of them all?

Giants: Mike Yastrzemski, OV
Key Stats: .347 OBP

Do you remember how surprised you were originally by Little Yaz? It’s not really a surprise anymore, but he’s packing on… and it would be nice to see that name in an all-star roster again.

Padres: Nabil Crismatt, RHP
Key Stats: 4-1, 1.98 ERA

The scruffy right-hander has done pretty much everything the Padres have asked of him this year: started games, finished games, saved games.

Rockies: Daniel Bard, RHP
Key Stats: 1.88 ERA, 15 saves

The wonderful comeback story of 2020 took a nosedive last year…but this year he’s bounced back to become one of the best closers in baseball.

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