Why The Trilogy Belongs Among the Best Action Franchises

In 2014 we were treated to the groundbreaking action flick John Wick, which has turned a low-budget action film into one of the most successful action franchises of all time. The success of the first film immediately spawned a sequel that expanded the world and lore, leaving audiences wanting more from this sleek action franchise. It wasn’t long before a third film in the franchise was greenlit, doubling the action and leading to it John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum It’s one of the highest-grossing films of 2019 and it’s knocking out Shazam! and Aquaman. Currently in production, the fourth film in the franchise is set for release in 2023, with promises of more action, more world building, and more Keanu Reeves. What’s not to look forward to?


The action genre is packed with many iconic franchises, and with the franchises’ jaw-dropping action and immersive world-building, supported by an amazing cast, John Wick has established itself as one of the best franchises in the action genre. So let’s take a deeper look at why we think John Wick is one of the best franchises in the genre.

The action

John Wick achieved its greatest success through its groundbreaking and stunning impact. The film’s many action scenes have been hailed as some of cinema’s best and most well-known action scenes, with the Red Circle Shootout and Knife Room Fight being among the best of the series.

With many styles of martial arts such as Judo, Karate, Kali and the invented style of Gun-Fu, John Wicks Action goes beyond diversity. The franchise’s action has been largely praised for the amazing and fast-paced gun-fu that emerged in the ’80s by John Woo with films like A better tomorrow and The killer. Gun-Fu is a blend of fast-paced martial arts that uses firearms to create a unique and cohesive combat system. The fighting style eventually made its way to the United States with films such as Bulletproof Monk and Great, but it wasn’t until 2014 with the release of John Wick that Gun-Fu was given the recognition and exposure it deserved.

The action scenes pride themselves on being realistic, with director and creator Chad Stahelski collaborating with choreographer Jonathan Eusebio to make the action as realistic as possible. Although John is an assassin not to start a fight with, he is still human and we see him being shot, stabbed and we see the famous boogeyman exhausted from all that fighting, shooting and running . We can also witness John reloading many times in the middle of a shootout, often getting interrupted and having to find an alternate way to finish off the henchmen, adding more realism to any set piece situation.

The cinematography of each scene is incredibly impressive, focusing on burst shots that allow the action to breathe and flow. This also allows the audience to see the action and keep track of what is happening. The 2000s and 2010s were full of action movies with shaky cameras and a bewildering amount of cuts in their plots. But instead, John Wick breathed new life into the genre, applying many of the tricks we see in Eastern martial arts films, resulting in an action that has an unmatched rhythm and pace. Each action scene is cleverly planned, resulting in action that feels like a dance and makes for a glorious watch.

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The character of John Wick

John Wick is a character that fans quickly fell in love with, with his cool and sophisticated design, no-nonsense attitude and motive for revenge that we can all relate to. As the world’s most notorious assassin, everyone in the assassin game knows who he is and what he was capable of, which adds depth to his character and immediately immerses us in his story. John Wick is perhaps one of the coolest assassins in cinema. He wears a sleek black suit and kills numerous enemies like it’s nothing. Making John Wick a legend in this universe was a brilliant decision by Chad Stahelski. Many characters would tell spine-tingling stories about the Baba Yaga, creating some of the best and coolest monologues in recent cinematic history. The infamous line “He killed three guys in a bar with a pencil” cemented John Wick as a legend and as one of cinema’s deadliest hit men.

But as cool and calculated as John Wick is, he still has an emotional and heartbreaking backstory that humanizes his character. The loss of his wife and puppy leads John on a mission of revenge and brings him back to the life he was trying to escape. Making John’s backstory tragic and relatable made us immediately sympathize and root for him.

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Keanu Reeves

As much as we can praise John Wick’s characterization, the character of John Wick wouldn’t be as iconic without the legendary Keanu Reeves in the role. Reeves had extensive training for the role, with every firearm used in the films, as well as plenty of martial arts training for the hand-to-hand combat scenes. Carrying out all of the action that we see in the film added a sense of realism and authenticity to the franchise. Not many actors did that back then, though John Wick has since led to many action films in which the main actors performed their own stunts, such as B. Charlize Theron in atomic blonde, and Bob Odenkirk in the unofficial spin-off, No one. When it came to dialogue, there was only one man who could pull off the effortless, matter-of-fact, and at times cheesy but perfect performance of John Wick, and that, of course, was Keanu Reeves.

The Supporting Actors

That John Wick Franchise has seen many great and surprising actors in leading and supporting roles, with Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Willem Dafoe, Common, Halle Berry, Angelica Houston and Mark Dacascos standing out. But perhaps the most exciting addition is Reeves’ matrix Co-star Laurence Fishburne delivers an over-the-top performance as Bowery King that only Fishburne could pull off.

The star-studded cast adds a layer of fun and excitement to the films, with each performer delivering exceptionally fun and cool performances. It’s really exciting to see so many famous faces appear in this action-packed franchise, and there’s an infectious amount of fun that the cast has with each installment in the franchise.

The world building

The mythology in John Wick is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We introduce ourselves to an assassin underworld with strict rules, outdated technology and strange currency. Chapter one introduced us to The Continental, a safe haven for assassins with strict rules and harsh penalties. Fans were so excited about the idea of ​​The Continental that Lionsgate announced a prequel series about The Continental Hotel. While chapter one didn’t delve very deeply into the mythology, chapters two and three introduced the audience to blood oaths and showed how big and important the assassin underworld is in the universe of John Wick. Chapters two and three went international, with the franchise taking us to Rome and Morocco, both of which have their own continental hotels and underworlds. The world building of John Wick is so unique, captivating and captivating that we want to learn more and more about the universe with each episode.

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