Queensland MMA fighter Viktor Lyall takes on two men in street brawl in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley

The MMA fighter takes on two men in a wild street brawl while being cheered on by a glamorous female fighter – while nearby guests enjoy the free show

  • Ranked MMA fighter engaged in wild street brawl with two men in Brisbane
  • Video footage shows Viktor Lyall repeatedly grappling with two antagonists
  • A shirtless man is brought down by a roundhouse kick that touches his chin
  • The confrontation occurred meters away from outside guests in outdoor areas

Footage has emerged of a mixed martial artist landing brutal kicks and punches as he takes on two men during a wild Brisbane street brawl.

In the video, which was posted to the Instagram account of bare-knuckle world champion Bec Rodriguez, the muscular figure of MMA fighter Viktor Lyall is engaged in a chaotic, screaming three-person fight early in the footage .

He can be seen walking steadily towards two men, one shirtless and one in a red hoodie, who are yelling expletives, while a woman in a revealing pink dress yells from the sidelines.

MMA fighter Viktor Lyall confronts the men he accuses of following him and trying to surround him

The man in the red sweater takes a chair and holds it over his head as if about to punch Lyall, 32, who takes up an MMA-style defensive stance with his hands raised and threatens to kick him.

The trio continue to form with a series of feints until the red-clad man slams the chair onto the floor.

After looking around, they left the scene and the trio picked up the bat again, tailing Lyall and the woman with the camera a short distance away.

As the pair circle around him, Viktor Lyall gives one of them a light nudge in the chest

Viktor Lyall punched the man in the head with an open hand after accusing him of trying to get behind him

At one point, the woman in the pink dress stands in front of Lyall and yells, “My dad is a bodybuilder, he’s going to flatten you.”

The two men keep shouting obscenities and threats while clearly determined to surround Lyall.

This results in him placing a hand on the shirtless man’s chest twice and giving him a gentle shove while telling the group to stop following me.

The confrontation in downtown Brisbane happened in close proximity to guests enjoying an evening out

Lyall blocks the shirtless man he accuses of trying to get behind him.

He then delivers a violent blow to the man’s head, but the man appears to recover quickly and they face each other again.

After the shirtless man appeared to spit at Viktor Lyall, the trio exchanged a series of punches

Lyall unleashes a stunning roundhouse kick that appears to connect with another man’s chin, knocking him over.

At this point one can hear what appears to be appreciative noises from onlookers.

The woman with the camera is very impressed and says “f**k yeah”.

The confrontation eventually ended with the intercession of a woman in a black top and green skirt

Even this demonstration of Lyall’s skill does not end the incident.

The male couple again approach Lyall to shout insults.

At this stage, the shirtless man appears to be spitting on him.

This causes all three to exchange a series of punches, with Lyall again knocking the shirtless man over with a punch to the head.

Viktor Lyall is Australia's third-ranked welterweight amateur MMA fighter

Viktor Lyall is Australia’s third-ranked welterweight amateur MMA fighter

Diners enjoying an al fresco meal in Fortitude Valley, a Brisbane suburb, casually watched the commotion from about a meter away.

Finally, the antagonists separate through the intervention of another woman in a black top and green pants.

Commenting on the video, Rodriguez claimed the “backstory” was that Lyall intervened in a personal matter to “get them some justice on the street.”

“Not all heroes wear capes,” she wrote.

Lyall is the third ranked amateur MMA welterweight in Australia and has a record of eight wins and three losses at this level.

He fights as part of the Brisbane-based XFC promotion and trains at Brisbane’s Gamebred Academy under trainers Ryan Dunstan, Simon Clough and Jason Lonergan.

Rodriguez, who was known as Bec Rawlings before he married former Australian boxing champion Adrian Rodriguez, has won two prestigious US championship belts in bareknuckle fighting.

The police declined to comment on the video.


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