Raiders hockey club folds into SAMHA

St. Albert’s elite hockey program, which was officially managed by the Raiders under the umbrella of SAMHA, is now governed by a committee under SAMHA known as the Raiders Hockey Committee.

St Albert Elite Hockey Clubs will no longer play under the Raiders brand after structural changes to local sports organization mean teams will now be managed by the St Albert Minor Hockey Association.

The change has resulted in the Raiders not allowing their branding to be used on elite teams, according to the Raiders website.

In early June, the Board of Directors of the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association (SAMHA) terminated its cooperative agreement with the St. Albert Raiders Hockey Club, which will bring the management of elite hockey back under the SAMHA’s control.

“We know this governance change will help support the overall growth and development of AAA and AA hockey in our community and mitigate the ongoing risk to the Raiders program’s reputation,” the statement said public announcement by the Board of Directors.

St. Albert’s elite hockey program, which was officially managed by the Raiders under the umbrella of SAMHA, is now governed by a committee under SAMHA known as the Raiders Hockey Committee.

As a result of this announcement, Raiders President Kevin Porter released a statement of his own saying the elite clubs would no longer carry Raiders hockey club branding. Porter declined further comment.

“Next year players will use SAMHA jerseys and gear. All branding, use of the Raider name and associated graphics are owned and operated by Raiders Hockey Club. SAMHA may not use any graphics, logos or anything related to the Raiders,” Porter wrote.

Jerseys and team gear will have SAMHA branding rather than Raiders branding, Porter said, adding that the Raiders brand will no longer exist for elite hockey in St. Albert.

The move came days later The newspaper published a story featuring current and former members of the Raiders hockey community who shared their concerns about filing complaints with the Raiders club.

Former coaches, board members and families spoke to them The newspaper and shared their struggles with getting the Raiders board to deal with grievances without having to escalate them to Hockey Alberta

After reporting out The newspaperThe SAMHA board considered but ultimately decided against merging the two companies, the public statement said, as they would then assume responsibility for any future legal action against Raiders Hockey Club.

“Given the seriousness of the recent allegations against a board memberright of Raiders Hockey Club, the SAMHA Board did not feel comfortable taking this ongoing risk,” the online statement said. SAMHA did not want to clarify the nature of the allegations or identify the board member mentioned in the statement.

To date, no allegations have been reported against a Raiders board member gazette Story.

The Raiders name originated in St Albert in 1979 and the latest logo was developed in 2005 under the direction of the then SAMHA President. SAMHA granted the Raiders use of the logo for elite-level AAA and AA hockey in St. Albert.

“We trusted that you would never withhold this name from the Raiders players in our community,” SAMHA’s public statement said.

“On June 3, 2022, the statement of your membership on the SARHC website indicates that the Board of Directors of Raiders Hockey Club intends to withhold player jerseys, equipment and the logo.”

Porter said the Raiders were shocked and disappointed to learn their contract was terminated and that the Raiders will have no role in hosting elite hockey at St Albert.

Jane Sedo, executive director of SAMHA, declined to be interviewed for the story but emailed a statement to The Official Journale. Sedo said they have made changes to the organizational structure of the Raiders hockey club and that SAMHA will oversee AAA and AA hockey in St. Albert.

“We are working closely with the leadership of the Raiders Hockey Club Society on this transition. For the past 15 years, Raiders Hockey Club has been an important part of our hockey community. Many dedicated volunteers have put countless hours into building the Raiders pride in St. Albert and we look forward to continuing that legacy in our community,” Sedo said in the statement.

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