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As a kid, one of my favorite hobbies was collecting baseball cards.

I still have a 5 gallon storage tub filled with what I’ve amassed over the years, along with a special notebook for those select cards I thought would one day make me a millionaire .

This year’s All-T&D region baseball and softball honors collection was not only the best in the region, it was among the best in the state.

Clarendon Hall’s Mandy Wells (.673) and Orangeburg Prep’s Forrest Sutcliff (.567) led SCISA in batting averages this season. Calhoun Academy’s Matt Layton led SCISA with nine wins on the mound and 82 strikeouts.

Many of the names on these lists will continue their careers at the college level, including Bamberg-Ehrhardt shortstop Amanda Ahlin, who signed with the University of Tennessee.

Ahlin helped lead the Lady Red Raiders to their first-ever Class A state softball championship. The T&D region also had champions in SCISA Class A softball (Clarendon Hall) and baseball (Andrew Jackson Academy).

Each of these players was selected as an all-region player by either their coach or state coaches.

All-T&D Region Baseball Player

Bamberg-Ehrhardt: Turner Davis (.354 batting average, 2-2 record as a pitcher), Jerome Simmons (.519 batting average, four homers), Chandler Brown (.370 batting average, 4-2 record as a pitcher with 2.07 ERA), Gage Boykin (.438 batting average, two homers), Trot Sutton (.317 batting average, 3.32 ERA)

Branchville: Blake Connor (.418 batting average, 19 RBIs and 34 runs scored), Bubba Lytle (.408 batting average, eight doubles, two homers, 35 RBIs), Jonathan Looper (6-1 record with a 4.30 ERA and 61 strikeouts)

Edisto: Pryce Wisher (2-2 record with 2.80 ERA and 29 strikeouts), Hayden McGugan (.373 batting average, 17 RBIs, 11 runs scored and three homers)

north: Josiah Jackson, Stetson Stack

Forest: Jake Herndon (SCBCA South Select All-Star, Region Player of the Year), Toby Troutman (Class 2A All-State), Surarian Harrison (Class 2A All-State)

Andrew Jackson Academy: Bug Brunson (.382 batting average, four homers, 41 runs made and 21 stolen bases), Landen Johnson (.462 batting average, 37 hits, 33 RBIs, 11 doubles, three homers, 4-2 record with a 3.17 ERA and 36 strikeouts), Houston Crews (.372 batting average, 29 hits, 28 RBIs, four homers, 6-1 record with a 1.45 ERA and 38 strikeouts)

Calhoun Academy: Matt Layton (SCISA Region I-AA Player of the Year, North/South All-Star, .421 batting average, 26 RBIs, 34 runs scored, 18 stolen bases, 9-1 record with 1.44 ERA and 87 strikeouts) , Connor Hayes (All-Region, North/South All-Star, .352 batting average, 12 RBIs, 25 runs scored, four stolen bases, 3-1 with a 3.75 ERA, 42 strikeouts and three saves), Mason Polin (All – Region, North/South All-Star, .320 batting average, 13 RBIs, 24 runs scored, eight stolen bases), William Felder (.296 batting average, 17 RBIs, 15 runs scored, four stolen bases, 1-0 record with a 2 .17 ERA and one save), Mac Felder (.286 batting average, six RBIs, 16 runs scored and five stolen bases)

Clarendon Hall: Kylic Horton (.394 batting average, 26 hits, 17 RBIs, 24 runs made), Brock Mathis (.324 batting average, 23 hits, 21 RBIs, five doubles, 3-0 record with a 3.05 ERA and 29 strikeouts), Aiden Ragland (.419 batting average, 26 hits, 20 runs scored, 16 RBIs, five doubles), Jon McIntosh (.323 batting average, 21 hits, 11 RBIs, seven doubles)

Dorchester Academy: Ben Singletary (North/South All-Star), Hunter Hartzog (North/South All-Star), Hayden Hartzog (North/South All-Star)

Holly Hill Academy: Tyler Wright (North/South All-Star), Mason Rudd (North/South All-Star)

Orangeburg preparation: John Mack (.261 batting average, six hits, eight carries, five RBIs, seven stolen bases, 1-0 record with 29 strikeouts), Charlie McCutchen (.267 batting average, eight hits, six RBIs, eight runs scored), Forrest Sutcliff (.567 batting average, 17 hits, seven RBIs, three doubles, 10 stolen bases, 3.39 ERA with 42 strikeouts and one save.

All-T&D Region softball player

Bamberg-Ehrhardt: Amanda Ahlin (.575 batting average), Riley Johnson (15-3 record with 1.24 ERA and 165 strikeouts), Mikayla Hallman (.385 batting average), Elaney Sanders (.351 batting average), Wallis Rutland (.375 batting average). average), Maddie Hutto (.333 batting average)

Branchville: Kylie Starnes (.400 batting average, 22 hits, 22 runs scored, 22 RBIs, three homers, four triples, five doubles, 11 stolen bases, 7-4 record with a 2.87 ERA and 172 strikeouts), Lauren Shaw (. 443 batting average, 27 hits, 27 RBIs, 11 runs scored)

Lake Marion: Quanaisha Myers (Class 2A All-State)

Andrew Jackson Academy: Avery Peak (North/South All-Star), Elena Mathys (North/South All-Star)

Calhoun Academy: Blakeley Kingsmore (co-region player of the year, .469 batting average, 38 hits, nine homers, 41 stolen bases, 25 RBIs), Alexis Heirs (co-region player of the year, .373 batting average, 31 hits). , six homers, 13 stolen bases, 30 RBIs, 16-1 record with 182 strikeouts), Paige Bronson (.309 batting average, 25 hits, 12 stolen bases, 14 RBIs), Kailee Shannon (.405 batting average, 30 hits , 17 stolen bases , 22 RBIs), Ava Cuttino (.310 batting average, 26 hits, 13 stolen bases, 21 RBIs), Coker Carson (.300 batting average, 24 hits, 18 stolen bases, 14 RBIs), Reagan Kizer (.259 batting average, 21 hits, two homers , 17 stolen bases, 23 RBIs)

Clarendon Hall: Mandy Wells (.674 batting average, six homers, 15 stolen bases, 33 hits, 35 runs scored, 19 RBIs, eight doubles, 4-1 record with 4.90 ERA and 17 strikeouts), McKenley Wells (.386 batting average, 17 hits , 21 RBIs, 16 runs scored, 12 stolen bases), Maggie Harrington (.462 batting average, 24 hits, 21 runs scored, 12 RBIs, six doubles, 15 stolen bases), Colleen McIntosh (.452 batting average, 19 hits, 15 RBIs, 23 runs scored, 5-0 record with 1.77 ERA and 28 strikeouts), Calli Yount (.429 batting average, 12 hits, 12 RBIs, nine runs, 1-0 record with 2.55 ERA and 47 strikeouts)

Dorchester Academy: Paige Shelton (.414 batting average, 12 hits, 16 RBIs, four homers, 14 runs scored), Briar Mros (.480 batting average, 12 hits, two triples, eight RBIs, 16 runs scored, 2-3 record with 4.50 ERA and 41 strikeouts), Abigail Weathers (.345 batting average, 10 hits, four doubles, nine RBIs, six runs scored)

Holly Hill Academy: Kayley Bell (North/South All-Star)

Jefferson Davis Academy: Reagan Still (.340 batting average, 17 hits, 15 RBIs, 11 runs scored, 7-5 record with 2.50 ERA and 81 strikeouts), Natalie Creech (.472 batting average, 25 hits, 23 carries, 16 RBIs, six doubles) , Alyssa Phillips (.458 batting average, 22 hits, 24 runs scored, eight RBIs)

Orangeburg Preparation: Katherine Lambrecht (All-Region, North/South All-Star, .414 batting average, 18 stolen bases), Payton Schurlknight (All-Region, North/South All-Star, .351 batting average, 23 runs scored, 3.50 ERA and 69 strikeouts ), Ryn Grubbs (All-Region, North/South All-Star, .259 batting average, 18 RBIs, three homers), Prestan Schurlknight (.377 batting average, 13 RBIs), Lauren Ballew (.382 batting average, 12 RBIs)

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