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BELFAST — The American Legion baseball season is in full swing for young baseball players across the state as two Waldo County teams hope to make their presence felt on the plate, field and bases.

Tidewater Oil will sponsor two teams this season, one in the American Legion Senior League North Division and one in the American Legion Junior League South Division.

In June, the senior team was 1-5 and the junior team was 0-4.

Tidewater Oil teams, which include players from Searsport, Mount View of Thorndike, Belfast, Camden Hills of Rockport and Oceanside of Rockland, play home games at Belfast Area High School.

The senior league consists of players aged 17–19, while the junior league consists of players aged 13–16.

Last year’s junior league national champion, Rock Coast Rip Tide, based in Rockport, did not field a team this season. Some players from this team joined the Tidewater Oil teams this summer.

Placements through June in the divisions where area cadres compete include:

Senior North – Trenton Acadians 5-0, Queen City Athletic Riverdogs 5-1, Quirk Motor City 4-2, Bangor Comrades 4-2, Central Maine 2-3, Sebasticook 2-4, Tidewater Oil 1-5 and Hermon Hawks 0 -6.

Junior South – Augusta 5-1, Franklin County 4-2, Fairfield 3-2, Messalonskee 2-2, Topsham 1-4 and Tidewater Oil 0-4.

Coaches can report match results to sports@villagesoup.com.

The following is a summary of the reported results:


Tidewater Oil 7, Sebasticook 2

On June 30 in Newport, Tidewater Oil won in five heats against Sebasticook. Tidewater hit one run in the first inning and six in the sixth while Sebasticook hit runs in the first and second innings.

Tidewater Oil was led by Alex Bartlett (run), Ben Tohanczyn (singles, run), Jason Bartlett (doubles, run), Tommy Walker (doubles, run, RBI), Liam McConnell (run, RBI) and Nate Ashey (doubles, run, RBI) and Duncan Oakes-Nelsen (run).

For Sebasticook, with unavailable first names, C. Sides (hit, run), O. Upton (2 hits), J. Caruso (hit), N. Scharf (hit, RBI), J. Davis (hit, run), and B. Moore (hit, RBI) accelerated the offensive.

Gage Ellis threw for Tidewater, allowing seven hits and a walk with eight strikeouts. B. Moore, C. Sides and A. Howell played for Sebasticook, allowing five hits and five walks with five strikeouts.

13 Central Maine, Tidewater Oil 3 (6 Inns)

In Belfast on June 29, Central Maine emerged with a mercy-cut victory over the hosts. Central Maine hit five runs in the second inning, two in the third, two in the third, one in the fifth and three in the sixth, while Tidewater Oil hit single runs in the first, fourth and fifth frames.

Tidewater Oil’s offense was led by Gage Ellis (run), Lucas Moody (singles), Pat McConnell (doubles, run), Ben Tohanczyn (doubles), Alex Bartlett (3 singles) and Cody Reynolds (run).

For Central Maine, with first names not available, C. Fitzpatrick (run, stolen base), J. Hamelin (singles, run), E. Bourget (doubles, run), G. Hubbard (2 singles, 2 runs, 2 stolen bases ). ), H Lee (home run, 2 runs), L Carpenter (2 singles, run), C Dostie (2 singles, run), M Santone (single, run), A Trombley (2 singles, 2 runs, stolen base) and G. Murphy (single, run) went up and down on offense.

Reynolds and Cole Ellis lined up for Tidewater Oil, allowing 13 hits and five walks with three strikeouts. Central Maine pitchers allowed six hits and four walks with five strikeouts.

Bangor Comrades 6, Tide Oil 3

On June 28 in Bangor, the Comrades doubled attendances and prevailed by three runs.

Duncan Oakes-Nelsen and Gage Ellis played for Midcoast and combined allowed for seven hits and eight walks with five strikeouts. Matt Holmes and Wyatt Stevens played for the Comrades, allowing four hits and five walks with eight strikeouts.

Tidewater Oil’s offense was determined by Jason Bartlett (2 singles, run), Tommy Walker (doubles, RBI), Pat McConnell (singles, RBI) and Gage Ellis (run).

For comrades Matt Holmes (2 singles, run), Brayden Caron (2 singles, run), Wyatt Stevens (singles), Jack Schuck (singles, 2 RBIs), Brady Hand (doubles, 2 RBIs, run), Luke Misbrenner ( RBI, 2 runs) and Ben Caron (run) went on offense.

Motor City 8 Tide Oil 0

On June 23 in Bangor, Motor City easily defended their home field in a shutout by Tidewater Oil. Motor City scored one run in the second inning, one in the third, one in the fourth, and five in the sixth.

The Tidewater Oil offense was led by Jason Bartlett (2 singles, stolen base) and Nate Ashey (single), while Motor City, with unavailable first names, was led by Seymour (2 singles, 2 runs, stolen base), Mason (single) was led. , Harvey (single), Libby (triple, 2 runs), J. Martin (run), Cahill (2 runs, stolen base), Sewell (double) and K. Robert (run, stolen base).

Cody Reynolds and Ashey lined up for Tidewater Oil, allowing six hits and five walks with six strikeouts. Smith and Harvey played for Motor City, allowing three hits and a walk with 14 strikeouts.

Queen City Athletic Riverdogs 8, Tidewater Oil 0

On June 22 in Belfast, the hosts faded as the ‘Dogs streaked to a shutout victory. The Riverdogs scored four runs in the first and two in the fifth and seventh innings.

Tidewater Oil was led by Pat McConnell (2 singles), Cody Reynolds (single) and Duncan Oakes-Nelsen (single) while the Riverdogs were led offensively by Grady Vanidestine (2 singles), Jed Gilpatrick (triple, single, 2 runs), Logan Levensalor (single, RBI, 2 runs), Logan Burns (single, RBI, run), TJ Lierena (single), Anthony Chiappone (double, RBI, run), Collin Peckham (single, 2 RBIs, run), Kaysen Wildman ( Singles), Michael Desjardins (singles, RBI), Kaden Beloff (singles, RBI), Andrew Cote (RBI) and Garrett Mcleod (running).

Oakes-Nelsen and Franklin Coffey played for Tidewater Oil, allowing 12 hits and four walks with six strikeouts. Kaden Beloff and Jed Kilpatrick played for the Riverdogs, allowing four hits and no walks with 10 strikeouts.

Trenton Acadians 9, Tidewater Oil 0

At Bucksport on June 21, the Acadians prevailed by shutout over Tidewater Oil. The Acadians hit two runs in the second inning, two in the third, three in the fourth, one in the fifth, and one in the sixth.

Tidewater Oil was led by Tommy Walker (single), Cody Reynolds (single) and Franklin Coffey (single), while the Acadians were led by Hunter Curtis (home run, 2 runs, stolen base), Peter Keblinsky (run). , Jake Guty (home run, 2 runs), Ty Giberson (single), David Baugh (3 singles, 2 runs), AJ Lozano (single, run) and M. Palmer (2 singles).

Gage Ellis played for Tidewater Oil, allowing nine hits and three walks with two strikeouts. Curtis lined up for the Acadians, allowing three hits and three walks with 10 strikeouts.

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