Why Badminton is Fun to Play

Badminton is the fastest sport in the world. The fastest speed of a shuttlecock hit by a professional badminton player during a game is just under 500 km/h.

There are very few strokes to learn in badminton: drop, drive, smash, clear, lift and netting. In addition, you must also learn how to return or block these shots from your opponent(s). Although there isn’t much online sports betting for badminton outside of the Olympics, the sport is still growing in popularity and could be added one day.

Footwork is also important in badminton. For these reasons, among others, it is fun to play and also to watch badminton.

All inclusive

A badminton match can be played either in a two-on-one game or in a four-on-two game. Badminton is one of those sports that do not have any special requirements. Children, adults, men, women and even disabled people play this sport.

The equipment for playing badminton is very light. All you need is a racquet and a shuttlecock. A badminton racket is very light and therefore easy to handle even for a child.

makes you happy

During a training session that involves quick reflexes and decision making, the body releases endorphin and dopamine hormones. These are also referred to as the happy hormones or reward system of the brain. This is experienced when you achieve something pleasant.

In a badminton match, you experience so many pleasant moments, such as executing that trick shot that you’ve been practicing for a while or scoring a goal against your opponent. Because of this, badminton is considered a happy sport.

Helps you lose weight and stay fit

Weight control is a very important concept in our lives. More than 39% of the world’s adult population is either obese or overweight. Every fifth child also struggles with weight problems.

Weight gain or loss mainly depends on two things; diet and exercise. The fact remains that most overweight or obese people either struggle to control their diet or exercise.

This type of exercise can either motivate you or make you hate it. Badminton is a lot of fun. Exercising is not only fun, it also helps you lose weight.

About 70% of the game of badminton is aerobic, which helps improve endurance and even strengthen the heart. About 30% of exercise is anaerobic, which builds muscle, burns excess fat, maintains muscle mass, and strengthens bones.

This is achieved because you need to cover an area of ​​about 40m2 alone, considering that badminton is a very fast game.

Good place to meet new people

Badminton is a very social game, especially at club level and in competitions. They don’t play on the pitch all the time. During those times when you’re not playing, you’ll connect with other team members and make new friends.

Learn quick reflexes and agility

If you hold a cat’s legs up and let go, it will always land on its legs, no matter the distance. His agility is very high and therefore he can react to such actions very quickly.

Badminton is a very fast game. You as a player have to learn to react very quickly during a game. This can also be experienced during daily activities where you tend to react very quickly. An example is reacting when something is about to fall off the table and you manage to prevent it due to your quick reflex.

Improves brain function

The brain is an important organ for the functioning of other parts. Therefore, it must be taken care of in health. Training your brain to think quickly and make a decision is one way to achieve this.

Not only is it important to react quickly during a badminton game, but also to make a decision quickly enough about which move to play next.

travel and competition

When you are a member of a club or team, you sometimes compete with each other or against other teams. When it comes to tournaments against other teams, you travel around and it’s fun to gain experience from different parts of the country, if not the world.


Badminton is one of the non-contact sports where the opponents never come into contact during a game. It’s the fastest sport in the world. Badminton has very few moves to learn. Badminton is a lot of fun to play when you know the right move and the right shot at the right time.

If you like playing badminton, you will benefit from other advantages, such as e.g. B. keeping fit, losing excess weight, making new friends and traveling around. Let’s keep enjoying this beautiful sport. If you haven’t played yet, now you know why you should start playing!

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