THE ONLY ONES: These 5 women have scored vs. USWNT in WCQ

Charmaine Hooper (right), who fought for the ball against Brandi Chastain in 1999, scored against USA in 2002. (Robert Hanashiro – USA TODAY)

By Michael Lewis Editor

To celebrate Independence Day we have a special quiz about the US Women’s National Team.

What do these names have in common?

Delia Des Silva.

Charmaine Hooper.

Rand Hermus.

Maribel Dominik.

And Veronica Perez.

Give up?

They are the only five players in the world to have scored against the Americans in Women’s World Cup qualifiers since 1991.

Yes, that’s a tough question that even the smartest football pundits would struggle to connect the dots on.

That’s pretty amazing.

It’s an exclusive club that the US women’s national team would like to keep at five.

American numbers are pretty impressive.

Entering Monday’s Concacaf W’s Championship — the tournament serving as a qualifying mechanism for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris — the US has participated in 33 qualifiers and conceded just five times.

The USWNT is 32-1-0 in qualifying, losing just one game, losing 2-1 to Mexico in 2010 and keeping 29 games clean.

It should be noted that in accordance with FIFA regulations at the time, matches in the 1991 qualifying tournament lasted only 80 minutes.

Here’s a quick look at the five goals

#1 Delia DeSilva (August 17, 1994)

Delia DeSilva has the distinction of being the first player to score against the then-holders in the 40th minute of an 11-1 win over Trinidad & Tobago in front of 1,900 fans in Montreal, Canada.

Further details about the destination were not known.

By then, the US had achieved a 5-0 lead.

Up until DeSilva’s goal, the Americans had beaten their opponents 63-0 in two tournaments (49-0 in 1991). It also broke his shutout streak after six games and 520 minutes.

However, DeSilva did not see the end of the match. In fact, she saw red in the 73rd minute. The former Florida International University standout lashed out at Carin Gabarra and a scuffle broke out. T&T defender Margaret Andem, DeSilva and US defender Thori Staples received red cards. USWNT assistant coach Tony DiCicco — Anson Dorrance still managed the show — was kicked out over a reported cursed row with Jamaican referee Charles Barrett, whom he accused of running the game out of control.

In case you were wondering, Mia Hamm has overtaken USA by four goals.

#2 – Charmaine Hooper (November 9, 2002)

Canada forward Charmaine Hooper scored in the first half as the Americans earned a 2-1 overtime win in the Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup final in front of a crowd of 6,911 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

Tiffeny Milbrett had given the hosts a 1-0 lead in the 27th minute as she beat goalkeeper Karina LeBlanc before Hooper tied things up against goalkeeper Briana Scurry on a rainy and foggy night.

Hooper’s goal began with a corner kick from Silvana Burtini. Andrea Neil headed the ball to Christine Sinclair, whose shot was deflected into the net by Hooper.

Hamm, who picked up a shin sprain in the second game and played sparingly in the rest of the competition, came on in the second half and scored in overtime to lead USA to victory and the title.

It should be noted that the 2003 World Cup was originally set to be held in China before a SARS outbreak forced the US to host it in a rare emergency.

#3 – Randee Hermus (November 26, 2006)

Randee Hermus’ 45th-minute goal was Canada’s only goal as the USWNT defeated their neighbors to the north via Kristine Lilly’s penalty late in overtime in another Concacaf Gold Cup final in Carson, California.

Leslie Osborne put the hosts ahead in the sixth minute before the Canadians equalized just before half-time in front of a crowd of 6,749. A Melanie Booth free-kick bounced off Marci Miller’s head and Hermus scored from 10 yards.

In case you were wondering, Lilly converted her penalty after Robyn Gayle fouled Carli Lloyd with an elbow a few yards from the net in added time in extra time for the game winner.

#4 and 5 – Maribel Dominquez and Veronica Perez (November 5, 2010)

Maribel Dominquez and Veronica Perez scored in the first half to give the US their only WCQ loss, a 2-1 victory for Mexico in the semifinals in Cancun, Mexico. It was the only time USA had conceded multiple goals in a WCQ match.

To put the defeat in context, the USA had outplayed their opponents in group stage by 18-0 and had beaten Mexico 26-0 in previous qualifiers.

Dominquez stunned the Americans with a goal in the third minute. Forced to catch up, USA equalized in the 25th minute in front of 8,500 fans through Carli Lloyd’s goal.

Just two minutes into the celebration, Perez scored the winner for El Tri as she defeated goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart after a Juana Lopez pass. The Mexicans managed to keep the USA off the scoreboard to secure a place at the 2011 World Cup in Germany and force their rivals into an intercontinental playoff.

The Americans qualified for the tournament with a 1-0 double win over Italy. They finished second behind Japan, who prevailed on penalties in the final.

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