Live A Live preview: Preview of story and gameplay for Square Enix’s remake on Nintendo Switch

An elderly martial artist descends the mountains in search of students who will pass on his teachings. A young ninja invades a palace to free a diplomat from the clutches of a feudal lord. A wandering outlaw must protect a saloon from an invading gang of bandits. And an autonomous service droid opens its eyes for the first time on a return trip to Earth. live one life was an ambitious omnibus when it was first released in Japan in 1994, and while the original may seem dated, it’s never felt as timely as it does in 2022.

Original Director, Tokashi Tokita (Final Fantasy IV, Chrono trigger), is returning as producer and there will be a fully remastered soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura. This combination means that live one life promises not only a remake of a release that would have passed many in the West, but also a reinterpretation of Square Enix’s past works through a modern lens.

Thanks to the success of newer titles such as Octopathic Traveler and triangle strategy in a retro-modern art style, live one life The worldwide re-release seems to pave the way for future remasters of classic JRPGs.

But along with the redesigned graphics for the Nintendo Switch platform, it also seems a clear statement of intent for Square Enix to dive through its SNES-era catalog with an “HD 2D” remake. An exciting prospect for anyone clamoring for a remake of Chrono trigger and early final fantasy games.

before live one life On the Nintendo Switch release date of July 22nd, we got the chance to play early stages of the game with four of its characters. A demo of live one life can also be downloaded from Nintendo eShop, giving players a chance to try the game for themselves before committing to purchase. Additionally, any progress made in the demo can be carried over to a full version of the game upon release.

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Live A Live: £39.99, – Available from 22nd July


  • Release date: July 22, 2022
  • Platforms: Nintendo switch
  • Age rating: 12+

Live A Live preview

live one life Core gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has played a Japanese RPG in the past thirty years. The emphasis is on turn-based combat – taking place on a 7×7 grid – with characters and enemies able to move across rooms to position themselves for attacks.

But while this combat can be fairly rudimentary, it does bring its own unique abilities depending on which character is being played. Since each chapter takes place in a different era of history, the movements of each character are very different.

For example, during the Imperial China chapter, the playable character is already a martial arts master, giving them access to powerful moves. While in feudal Japan, the character is a young shinobi, which means combat encounters can prove more difficult at the beginning.

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Outside of combat, each character also has a unique gimmick. In the case of the Feudal Japan chapter, encounters can be completely avoided through stealth, while in the Distant Future chapter, there is no combat at all outside of a playable arcade machine. During the Wild West portion, much of the action revolves around clearing the town of supplies and hiring locals to set traps for an ambush.

With different directions for each chapter, each offers a unique experience beyond the game’s combat action, with clear influences from other media in different genres. For example, the chapter “Ancient China” is clearly influenced by wuxia films, while “Distant Future” has clear references to science fiction films such as e.g extraterrestrial.

The HD 2D style also gives these cross-genre backdrops plenty of room to breathe. There are tracking shots and an added sense of depth missed by screenshots from the original 1994 release, while still retaining the charm of its sprite characters.

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live one life Width of the timelines gives each genre its own distinct flavor without feeling like it’s dragging on. And since Square Enix has expressed interest in recreating more HD 2D remakes of its back catalogue, live one life already feels like a step in the right direction as a clear blueprint for things to come.

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