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New Delhi [India] July 5 (ANI/SRV): Driven by the revolutionary idea of ​​creating a sports-centric activity hub, Sportyze has been shaping the personality of young people through its flagship center in Ghaziabad and online fitness programs for over 6 years. To ensure the vision extends beyond the lives of more children and touches them, Sportyze is now poised to expand its centers in Delhi NCR in the Noida and Gurgaon areas.

In today’s fast-paced world, with a greater surge in robotics and programming classes, and the unavailability of playgrounds, IF is increased screen time pushing your kids to lead a sedentary lifestyle? They should be healthy, hearty and full of energy?

The order of the day is to introduce young minds to fitness and sports, which are not primarily about winning or losing, but about the core of holistic development in order to make children fit for the future.

By the age of 4 or 5, our children may not be quite ready for full-fledged sports such as cricket, football, badminton or hockey, but they are definitely ready to begin their learning journey through the development of gross motor skills which are integral to their overall physical and mental abilities contributes to growth.

Sportyze: The Kids Gym envisions the idea revolving around the future of healthier bodies and healthier minds and believes in strengthening the roots of the early physical education system. Through the effective medium of sport and physical activity, Sportyze offers a blended platform that creates imaginative individuals out of naïve children.

Studies show that one in five children in India lack the fundamentals of movement such as agility, balance, coordination and speed, which in turn impacts their confidence, brain power, intellectual abilities, overall health and immune system. Through fundamental principles of fitness training and motor skill development, Sportyze instills the wisdom that leads children to appreciate fitness and incorporate its principles into their daily lives.

With such qualities contained within them, children as young as 4 are bound to get up, wake up, climb to greater heights and a greater tomorrow.

Unique features include – Talent development report, Time-bound assessment of fundamental movement skills, Focus on overall child development (physical and mental), Regular interaction with parents, Child-centred, healthy and safe environment, NIS qualified and trained coaches in athletic development and gymnastics.

Safety and hygiene play an important role – safety is not only physical, but also emotional. Children’s social/emotional development includes the way they think about themselves, their understanding and ability to regulate emotions and express them appropriately, along with their ability to relate and form relationships with their peers. All of this gradually thrives when children have a close, supportive and trusting environment that fully contributes to their overall growth, with an essence of the feel-good factor added through play and sport.

Benefits of Early Morning Exercise – Engaging a preschooler in youth athletic activities and engaging them in sports relevant to their choice and interest is extremely important and highly recommended for a child’s social, emotional and physical development.

Developing Gross Motor Skills – Running, jumping, skipping, and other gross motor skills develop through the work of the body’s major muscles. When children play an organized sport, outside or indoors, they develop these all-important gross motor, balance, and coordination skills.

Learning Sense and Discipline – When 3-year-olds participate in a team sport, they learn how to take turns. This may seem easy, but it is not for a 3-year-old. Children also learn to wait, follow their trainer’s orders, and learn rules.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Build – Being part of a team is great for preschoolers to build self-esteem, which leads to more confidence on and off the field.

“Involving your child in physical activity as a preschooler provides many physical, social, and emotional benefits. If your child continues to exercise, the benefits remain,” says Richa Mamgain Pant, co-founder of Sportyze. “Sportyze is a one-stop shop for an age-appropriate sports activity center for parents who are struggling to motivate their children to channel their energies in an effective and productive way,” she added.

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